Do all countries have the letter A?

“A” is a common letter that appears in most of the countries’ names. In fact, only 32 countries of the world are without the letter A in their names.

How many countries have no letter A?

Several countries with four-letter names have no “a”: Fiji, Niue, Peru, and Togo. Several countries with five letters also have no “a”: Benin, Egypt, Niger, and Yemen. Africa has the most countries lacking the letter “a” with a total of 12.

Countries Without An A 2021.
Country 2021 Population
Seychelles 98,908
Liechtenstein 38,250

What country has the letter A?

Countries that start with “A”
# Country Density (P/Km²)
1 Argentina 17
2 Algeria 18
3 Afghanistan 60
4 Angola 26

Is Scotland still a country?

Scotland is the second-largest country in the United Kingdom, and accounted for 8.3% of the population in 2012. The Kingdom of Scotland emerged as an independent sovereign state in the 9th century and continued to exist until 1707.

Scotland Scotland (Scots) Alba (Scottish Gaelic)
ISO 3166 code GB-SCT
Internet TLD .scot

Is there a country that starts with K?

  • Kazakhstan.
  • Kenya.
  • Kingdom of Serbia/Yugoslavia*
  • Kiribati.
  • Korea.
  • Kosovo.
  • Kuwait.
  • Kyrgyzstan.

What country has 3 A in it?

Countries with three A’s Quiz Stats
Country % Correct
Australia 56.7%
Albania 45.6%
Afghanistan 41.2%
United States of America 34.4%

What country has 4 A’s in its name?

Technically Andorra la Vella has four A’s in its name.

What country starts with Z?

Countries that start with “Z”
# Country Population (2020)
1 Zambia 18,383,955
2 Zimbabwe 14,862,924

Is Afghanistan a country?

Afghanistan, landlocked multiethnic country located in the heart of south-central Asia.

Is Antarctica a country?

Antarctica is the only continent with no permanent human habitation. … Antarctica is a unique continent in that it does not have a native population. There are no countries in Antarctica, although seven nations claim different parts of it: New Zealand, Australia, France, Norway, the United Kingdom, Chile, and Argentina.

What country starts with F?

Countries that start with “F”
# Country Population (2020)
1 France 65,273,511
2 Finland 5,540,720
3 Fiji 896,445

What country starts with H?

Countries that start with “H”
# Country Area (Km²)
1 Haiti 27,560
2 Honduras 111,890
3 Hungary 90,530
4 Holy See 0

Which country starts with Y?

Countries that start with “Y”
# Country Area (Km²)
1 Yemen 527,970

What country starts with letter G?

Countries that start with “G”
# Country Density (P/Km²)
1 Germany 240
2 Ghana 137
3 Guatemala 167
4 Guinea 53

What are countries that start with V?

Countries that start with “V”
# Country Area (Km²)
1 Vietnam 310,070
2 Venezuela 882,050
3 Vanuatu 12,190

What is a country that starts with D?

Democratic Republic of the Congo
Countries that start with “D”
# Country Area (Km²)
1 Democratic Republic of the Congo 2,267,050
2 Dominican Republic 48,320
3 Denmark 42,430
4 Djibouti 23,180

Are there 256 countries in the world?

Countries in the World:

There are 195 countries in the world today. This total comprises 193 countries that are member states of the United Nations and 2 countries that are non-member observer states: the Holy See and the State of Palestine.

Is France a country?

France, officially French Republic, French France or République Française, country of northwestern Europe. Historically and culturally among the most important nations in the Western world, France has also played a highly significant role in international affairs, with former colonies in every corner of the globe.

Is the UK a country?

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK) is an island country that sits north-west of mainland Europe. It is made up of mainland Great Britain (England, Wales and Scotland) and the northern part of the island of Ireland (Northern Ireland). It has numerous smaller islands.

Which country is No 1 in world?

For the first time, Canada takes the top overall spot as the number one country in the world in the 2021 Best Countries Report. After ranking second in 2020, Canada has surpassed Switzerland in the 2021 report followed by Japan, Germany, Switzerland, and Australia.

What is the smallest country in world?

Vatican City
Vatican City (0.44 sq km)

On top of the list is the beautiful Vatican City, the smallest nation in the world! Spread across only 110 acres of land, the country’s population is around 1000 only.

How many continents are in the world?

7 continents of the world
# Continent Population January 2022
1 Asia 4,689,397,900
2 Africa 1,387,393,400
3 Europe 746,129,000
4 North America 597,677,700