How many Pokémon can be caught in HeartGold?

The number of catchable Pokemon in Pokemon Heartgold is 216.

Are there GEN 4 Pokémon in HeartGold?

Pokemon Heartgold and Soulsilver are in the same generation as Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, which is gen 4. it may help for you to know that in gen 4, you only need to see every generation 4 Pokemon, not actually catch them, to complete the sinnoh dex.

Is Pokemon HeartGold rare?

Pokemon Soul Silver/Heart Gold

The rarest games in the Pokemon franchise are Soul Silver and Heart Gold, remakes of the second generation of Pokemon games for the Nintendo DS. … It doesn’t make sense why they’re such rare games, as the games aren’t really even that old; perhaps it’s just the product’s quality.

How many regions are in Pokemon HeartGold?

HeartGold and SoulSilver take place across two regions and are enormous in scale. Naturally, Pokémon’s developers have placed hidden secrets for players to discover.

How do you get Charmander in Pokemon HeartGold?

In Pokemon Heart Gold, how can you catch a Charmander? – Quora. You can’t catch one, because the Kanto starters do not appear in the wild. You can, however, receive it from Professor Oak in Pallet Town after getting through Mount Silver and defeating Red.

Can you get all 3 Kanto starters in SoulSilver?

There are only 2 ways to get all starters. You must either migrate them from another game, like Diamond, Pearl, and other previous games. The second option would be to have 2 DS’s, and 2 games.

Can you go to hoenn in HeartGold?

To get Hoenn Pokémon, all you need to do is turn the PokéGear Radio onto the Pokémon March station on a Wednesday. On Wednesdays, the Pokémon March Channel is the “Hoenn Sound” show. If you have this playing while going through the areas and the wild Pokémon may be a Pokémon whom is originally from Hoenn.

What Gen is HeartGold?

The games are part of the fourth generation of the Pokémon video game series and were developed by Game Freak, published by The Pokémon Company and Nintendo for the Nintendo DS.

Can you go to Kanto in HeartGold?

You get to Kanto once you have defeated all the gyms and elite 4 in Johto. Once you defeat the Johto champion you will wake up in your home in New Bark town and then you have to visit Proffeser Oak and he will give your ticket for the S.S Anne. After you board off you will be in Kanto.

Are Sinnoh Pokémon in HeartGold?

Sinnoh Sound is a radio program in HeartGold and SoulSilver that lets you acquire rare Pokémon who are mainly native to the Sinnoh region. Sinnoh Sound is on the Pokémon Music Channel on Thursday.

What is the best starter Pokémon in HeartGold?


Totodile is probably the best choices to start with in Pokemon HG/SS. Totodile’s best stats are attack and defense, followed by average HP and special defense. Because it’s a water type it has less weaknesses.

How do you get mudkip in HeartGold?

1 Answer. Only one at a time. After you collect all 8 kanto badges and defeat Red, you can got see Steven Stone in Silph Co. and get one of the hoenn starters.

Where can I find swarm in Pokemon HeartGold?

Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver

Information on swarms can now be found by listening to Professor Oak’s Pokémon Talk on the Pokégear radio.

What is Shinx hidden ability?

Pokédex data
National № 403
Species Flash Pokémon
Height 0.5 m (1′08″)
Weight 9.5 kg (20.9 lbs)
Abilities 1. Rivalry 2. Intimidate Guts (hidden ability)

Are there GEN 4 Pokémon in SoulSilver?

Image 2. Pokémon HeartGold Version Japanese box art cover. Pokémon HeartGold and Pokémon SoulSilver are Generation IV’s remakes of the original Generation II games, Pokémon Gold and Silver. … The games were released on March 14, 2010 in North America and March 26, 2010 in Europe.

How do you get a Ralts in Heartgold?

Where can I get a lucky egg in Heartgold?

You find it on wild Chanseys, which are very rare and have a 5% chance of holding one. You can find Chansey on Route 13, 14, and 15 (1% chance of finding them unless there is a Swarm) plus the Safari Zone with objects. Also, a Pokemon with the Pickup ability from level 41-60 has a 1% chance of picking up a Lucky Egg.

How often do swarms change BDSP?

The Swarm changes its type of Pokemon and location every single day. You can talk to Lucas/Dawn’s sister to find out exactly which species and where the Swarm is on a specific day.