How much does it cost to paint cement?

Concrete Floor Coating CostsItemCostConcrete Sealer$120-$200 per five-gallon pailConcrete Stain$4 per square footConcrete Paint$4 per square footPolymer Modified Overlay$6 per square foot

Is it worth it to paint concrete?

Painted concrete certainly has its advantages. … Concrete paints and stains help to mask surface discoloration and signs of wear and tear and they extend the life of concrete by preventing further damage. Coating a concrete surface with paint can also make for easier cleaning and maintenance.

How much does it cost to paint a concrete floor?

Painting. When it’s finally time to paint the concrete floors, several thin coats of paint typically results in a better finish than a single thick coat. You should expect to use about two to three coats of paint to complete your job.

How long does paint on concrete last?

However, when correctly carried out and well-maintained, painted concrete can last for around three to five years, depending on the level of footfall or exposure to the elements. It also depends on the brand of paint you use, as some are higher quality than others.

Does painting concrete seal it?

Does painting concrete seal it? No, painting concrete doesn’t seal it. Not completely. It’s important to use a sealant or primer to ensure moisture can’t get trapped inside.

Do I need to seal concrete before painting?

If you are painting interior concrete, it is vital to seal it. This will prevent moisture from seeping in underneath the paint and causing mold. Use a masonry sealer and follow the manufacturer’s directions on how many layers to apply and when.

Is it better to paint or stain concrete?

When properly applied, the paint will last a long time without chipping or peeling and can also help hide imperfections or patch work on top of the concrete. In comparison, acid stain actually permeates the pores of the concrete and interacts with different components of the concrete.

Is painting a concrete patio a good idea?

Concrete outdoor surfaces can face a lot of wear and tear over time, but a fresh coat of paint can provide a welcome makeover. The best concrete paint or stain conceals discolorations and signs of damage while providing a protective coating that extends the life of the surface.

What is a good color for concrete?

Gray – Gray is still the most popular color for concrete. If you’re fine with the color but just want a clean, finished and uniform look, a shade of gray will do the trick.

How long does concrete paint last outside?

How long does concrete paint last? Most brands suggest that you apply a new coat every 3–5 years, depending on use. Some may last much longer if the area is protected from the elements or seldom tread upon.

How much does a gallon of concrete paint cover?

1 Gallon of KILZ Concrete & Garage Floor Paint covers 400-500 square feet on smooth surfaces and 300-400 square feet on rough surfaces.

Should I paint my concrete driveway?

A fresh coat of paint not only gives your driveway a facelift, but also helps prolong its life by slowing down chipping and breaking due to weather exposure. To properly paint a concrete driveway, you must first ensure that it is completely cleared and clean.

Can I paint my concrete patio?

A concrete patio can be painted, but it requires some special attention. Painting concrete can pose some unique problems, but as long as you take the proper precautionary steps to prevent issues, you should have a trouble-free patio painting experience that won’t cost extra time or money.

Can you paint an outside concrete floor?

The first step is to establish whether concrete patios can be painted. The answer is yes, they can be painted, however they cannot be painted using any generic paint. Contrary to popular belief, a standard masonry paint is not suitable to be applied to a concrete patio.

Is painted concrete slippery?

A concrete floor, once painted, can indeed become dangerously slippery, especially when wet. This is because most paints and sealers add a thin and smooth layer, which covers the outer texture of the concrete, getting rid of the grip that it has.

How do you paint an old concrete patio?

How to Paint a Concrete Porch
  1. Pressure wash the porch & let it dry. …
  2. Tape off anything you don’t want painted with painter’s tape. …
  3. Apply 1 coat of Valspar’s Concrete Binding Primer. …
  4. Apply 2 coats of Valspar’s Porch, Floor and Patio latex paint. …
  5. Wait 72 hours before you move your furniture back onto the porch.