How much is Danielle worth of American Pickers?

American Pickers debuted on History in 2010 and began its 18th season in 2017. Danielle runs the office of Antique Archaeology which is Wofle’s business.

Danielle Colby Cushman Net Worth.
Net Worth: $1.5 Million
Date of Birth: Dec 3, 1975 (46 years old)
Gender: Female
Height: 5 ft 8 in (1.75 m)
Nationality: United States of America

What is Mike Wolfe’s net income?

AMERICAN Pickers star Mike Wolfe has invested his show money in real estate, as he has a $3.4million empire featuring four mansions and 11 commercial properties. The Sun can exclusively reveal Mike’s real estate net worth is approximately $3,467,300. 10.

How much is Mike’s brother from American Pickers worth?

What is Robbie Wolfe’s net worth? Robbie is worth around $300,000 according to Biography Tribune. Before pursuing his own business, he started his career in music. Robbie has featured on American Pickers a number of times helping his brother Mike.

How much is Mike and Frank worth?

But it’s estimated that in total, Frank Fritz’s net worth is approximately $4 million dollars, and Mike Wolfe is worth about $5 million dollars. Danielle’s net worth is roughly $1.5 million, and Lauren comes in at a more humble $300,000.

What does Mike Wolfe do for a living?

Mike Wolfe/Professions

Does Mike Wolfe have a wife?

How did Mike Wolfe make his money?

According to Looper, the 57-year-old makes the majority of his income through endeavors other than what viewers see on television. One of the most significant sources of income for this “American Pickers” host is clothing. In 2015, he said that the fame of the show helped make him into a clothing retailer.

How much did Frank Fritz make on American Pickers?

American Pickers earned Frank Fritz a nice chunk of change

Both men make bank on the program, raking in roughly $500,000 per season (via Tickld) — amounting to a total payout of $10.5 million for Fritz for the 21 seasons he appeared on.

Does Mike Wolfe have a child?

Mike Wolfe American Pickers Wife, Is he married? Mike is married to Jodi Faeth. The couple tied the knot on September 8, 2012, in Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee in a beautiful wedding attended by friends and family. They are blessed with one daughter, Charlie Faeth Wolfe who is eight years as of 2020.

Did Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz split?

“American Pickers” star Mike Wolfe has spoken out after his former co-host Frank Fritz exposed their strained relationship. In July, Fritz, 55, told The Sun he has left the series and is no longer in contact with Wolfe, 57. … “We all do care about Frank and we want him back on the show,” the star insisted.

Why did Frank leave American Pickers?

Frank Fritz from History channel’s American Pickers revealed on social media in 2013 that he was battling Crohn’s disease. Frank had taken a break during seasons 8 and 9 and took to Facebook to explain his absence, writing: “A lot of you have been wondering about my health and my weight loss.

Who is Mike Wolfe partner?

What does Danielle Colby do now?

What does Danielle Colby do now? It is believed that the Iowa native Colby is living in Puerto Rico. According to the History Channel, she is helping the rebuild of the island while dedicating much of her time to orphanages and animal shelters.

Did Frank get fired from American Pickers?

Finally, in July 2021, Frank Fritz emerged and broke his silence, explaining why he was no longer part of the show that had made him a reality TV superstar. According to an interview with The Sun, Fritz claims he didn’t leave “American Pickers,” but rather ceased to participate in the new batch of episodes.

Who is Danielle Colby married to?

How old is Dave Ohrt American Pickers?

David Ohrt age 82 life-long resident of Hudson died Wednesday, July 15, 2015 at Regions Hospital in St. Paul. He was born the son of Martin and Edna (Meyer) Ohrt on April 1, 1933 in Hudson.

Do they still make American Pickers?

American Pickers is currently in production on its 11th year and airing new episodes Mondays at 9 PM ET/PT on History Channel.