You don’t have to doubt that GIFs are one of the exciting and funny ways that you can use to tell stories and jokes on the internet as well as breaking the news. Furthermore, GIF’s creates a new way for you to demonstrate certain emotions that you can’t demonstrate using emoticons or words.

There are easy ways that you can use to add text to gifs. Here’s how to add text to a gif.

Step 1: Search for GIPHY

On your favorite web browser, visit, then search for a phrase or a keyword. This can be either a movie, a TV show, a general verb, a character, or a noun. Each GIF has a few phrases or words that explain what the animation comes from. When searching for the words of keyword, you’ll see GIF’s pop up displayed in a tile format. Tap on one of the GIF’s to have a look at a bigger version.

When using, ensure you cite the source properly.

Step 2: Right-Click, Then Select “Save Image As…”

Immediately you get the best GIF, right-click the image, then choose “Save Image As…” immediately, a screen pops up where you can use to name the file then save it on your computer.

Step 3: Open the GIF using Photoshop.

After saving the GIF, use Photoshop to open the file. If you lack Photoshop software on your PC, you can add text to the GIF with GIMP. This is a downloadable program that you can use to manipulate your images.

Step 4: Display Your Timeline.

Once you open the GIF on Photoshop, a set of layers will be displayed on the right-side panel of the computer. However, the photo won’t be animated.

To gain access to this animation, tap on “Window” > “Timeline” to display the range of image sequences in a linear motion. You can check on the animation by clicking on any frame within the timeline then hit on the space bar.

Step 5: Select The Top Layer On the Right-Side Panel, Then Add Text to The Gif

This is a vital step if you wish the text to appear through the whole animation. To add text to the gif, choose the text tool found on the left part of the toolbar, then drag a box on the image. Then begin typing your message. If you want to change the size, font, weight, alignment, and color of the text, check on the top text bar.

In case you did this process properly, you’ll find your text appear on the upper side of your layer panel. When the text is not the top layer, you might have messed during the previous step. Therefore, continue with the procedure, then drag the text layer to be displayed at the top.

If you want to check the GIF and see how it’s working, move down to your timeline, tap on a Frame, then click on the space bar to see it.

Step 6: Choose “File” > “Save for Web…”

Immediately you finish creating text to your GIF and the final product pleases you, ensure you save it in a .gif format. For this to be successful, tap on “File” > “Save for Web…”

When you choose the “File” > “Save As…” option, your GIF shall remain as an immovable photo and won’t animate. After that, confirm your setting, then tap on “Save…”

Immediately you click File > “Save for Web…” an option will appear on the screen. If you wish to change the sizing or color settings, do that at this time. Or just click “Save…”

After that, name the file then choose the folder under which you wish to save this file. Once done with all these, click “Save.”

How to Add Text to a Gif On Android

  1. Go to the Google Play Store then download and install the PicsArt app
  2. Launch the app. Before you do that, you’ll be requested to sign in or register. But in case you have an existing account, log in using your credentials.
  3. Immediately after the account creation process is done, the PicsArtApp home screen greets you. Next, click on the “Add” option found at the lower side in the middle followed by “Edit”. there are four options there – Edit, Collage, Draw, and Camera.
  • Then you will be requested to choose the background for the text GIF. at this point, you can select an existing picture from your gallery or simply capture a new picture.
  • You are now navigated to the editor screen after selecting your image. you will then find numerous options on the lower side of the screen along the swipeable menu bar. Click on the Text” icon if you want to add more text to the picture. Furthermore, you can enhance the text appearance if you wish by changing its opacity, font, orientation, and color.
  • You can also add numerous texts similarly. But make sure you add the texts in the manner that you want then to look in the corner. At this point, you can enhance the text GIF further by adding lens flare, photos, stickers, and filters.
  1. Once ready with the imminent groovy GIF, click on the arrow at the upper right corner to produce the GIF. Immediately after that, the share and save screen appears. If you want to save your project as a photo, simply tap the Save “Private” button on the lower side of the screen.
  2. Click on the small GIF icon to produce the GIF. immediately you finish that, click the GIF to play it. To sum it up, you will find more options to control the speed of the photos on the GIF. you can also remove the frames that you don’t want.
  3. Lastly, click on the check icon on the right corner to come up with your final GIF. if you wish to save the GIF on your gallery, click on tap “Save Private” then the gallery option. The GIF is synced with your PicsArt account but other people can’t view it. Additionally, you can post it on any social media platform. Those are the steps involved in creating a fascinating and delightful text on GIF.