What makes a baller?

The original definition in urbandictionary.com says a baller is a thug who escaped the mean streets to become a multimillionaire athlete, typically as a basketball star. The expanded definition includes anyone with a highly developed skill set, plus a “proficiency at the game of life.” Call it style, panache, cool.

How do you dress like a baller?

What is a baller money?

Balling is someone who is spending high amounts of cash in various locations at one day or night experience or more. “Baller” can be a singular noun or as an adjective describing an experience that entails enjoying the good life. ig.

What is a baller girl?

1. The Fantasy Girl – That can be anyone from a Vixen to a curvacious BBW. Like all men, Ballers have fetishes and fantasies. Some love light skin, some love dark skin, some love full figured women, some want white women. These are the women that they’ve likely been attracted to long before the money.

How do you become a baller on a budget?

In fact, here’s our guide to being a total baller on a very small budget.
  1. Order classy at takeaways.
  2. Get your style on point.
  3. Drink smart.
  4. Be pally with bouncers.
  5. Tell people all about your glamorous life.

Is baller a bad word?

It’s usually used to refer to exceptionally skilled players. By extension, in casual conversation a person who is skilled at any task may be considered a baller. Thanks to its association with skill, baller has further evolved as a slang term for “excellent,” much like the term badass.

Does baller mean rich?

a person who makes large sums of money. Jim’s a High Baller. He produces more than the rest of us put together. See more words with the same meaning: wealthy, rich.

What’s a baller breakfast?

It’s usually used to refer to exceptionally skilled players. Breakfast in Bed for your Baller! May 8, 2008 Definition of baller in the Definitions.net dictionary.

What does baller mean on Snapchat?

BALLER means “Successful ball player

What does Big Baller mean?

A big baller means that you make a lot of money and are able to buy any luxury that you desire.

What does baller status mean?

by Dorthy FlakeReport definition Baller Status is defined as having achieved a superlative amount of ballerdom, it is known you have acheived baller status. This usually goes hand in hand with very early retirement & being a guy of leisure (or woman of leisure).

What does straight up baller mean?

@Tati801 It means that she’s doing better than amazing in the game. you could use “pro”, “a natural”, or “OG (Original Gangster)” as substitutes as well.

How do you use baller in a sentence?

A highly curated, multigenerational and interdisciplinary dining experience for 8-15 people. Ballers believe in action over talk, humility over arrogance and inclusion over exclusion. (

What does the word mean in slang?

A: ‘Baller’ is a slang way to describe something as ‘cool’ or ‘awesome’ or ‘very good‘. Example: “Wow! These French Fries are baller!”

What’s another word for baller?

‘Word’ in slang is a word one would use to indicate acknowledgement, approval, recognition or affirmation, of something somebody else just said.

What does Big Baller Shot Caller mean?

What is another word for baller?
rainmaker achiever
celebrity somebody
star success
triumph winner