Stories of pirates are very popular among the kids throughout the world.

The adventurous life of the pirates and the stories of battle with the modern world are the main theme of many popular novelsHere we will know about the causes and techniques of being a pirate in real life.

How does Someone become a Pirate?

Piracy is nowadays a very lucrative job to earn a livelihood. People often wonder about the fact that how some people get into the pirate team? Actually, pirates don’t recruit people in their gang. Some people who have frustration in their life or have some grudge against their employers become pirates. In the past, the rulers used to behave very rudely and inhuman with their servants. Some of them were very cruel and thus they used to kill the servants every now and then. This had brought a thought of mutiny against the rulers and the masters. This is why they used to join the pirates’ team to take revenge for the cruelties of their masters.

  • In some cases, the poor citizens of the coastal area make the pirates’ group protect their land from the greedy paws of the modern and rich countries. This is the reason why the people of Somalia have formed the pirate gang to protect the natural resources of that area.
  • Some of the fishing ships of bog countries started intensive fishing in that area which was disrupting the ecological balance of the sea. This is why they started capturing the fishing ships and extorting money from them.

History of Pirates

The word Pirate is a cause of fear for the marine sailors. These people are very much dangerous in nature and don’t hesitate to kill people at once. They are experts in guerrilla warfare in the sea to loot all the valuables from the commercial ships. Though the stories of the pirates are very old, still there are some tribes who earn their livelihood by this. They held commercial ships and their crew and asked for ransoms from the governments of the respective country.

  • The pirates got to hold in different areas of the sea approximately from the 17th century they started robbing the ships of the civilized countries and used to loot all the materials and money from the ships.
  • Sometimes they used to kill the crew members and damage the ships to sink. This is why the civilized countries kept small army troops with them to fight with the pirates. But as they were the regular inhabitants of the sea area, that’s why they knew the sea better than their enemies.
  • So beating them in the sea war was not very easy. Ancient documents claim that they damaged thousands of ships to sink in a different part of the sea route from one continent to another. In the modern era, the pirates have captured the South African coastal areas and they held ships now and then to claim ransoms.

Pirate Story

  • In most of the pirate stories, we find the struggles of the common people who earn their livelihood through trading. They collect things on which they trade and sell them to countries that are far away from their native land.
  • In most of the cases, some of these people arrange for a ship together and start their journey to trade from one continent to another. These pirates eventually surround them in the sea and loot all their valuable things.
  • In some of the pirate stories, there are love stories within. mostly the king or the prince of the kingdom falls in love with a pirate lady or the princes of the pirate land and eventually, the love story gets a happy ending or it may finish with a tragedy.
  • Most of the pirate stories are based on real incidents, though some of them are imaginary. The most popular story on these pirates is ‘The Pirates of The Caribbean’. A series of films are there in Hollywood based on this story and it is a very popular movie too.

Somali Pirates

Though there were several pirate groups in the sea routes till the 19th century, in the modern world also there are some gangs who use it to earn their livelihood through piracy. The Somali Pirates are one of the most dangerous groups among them. Somalia is a small country located on the southeastern coast of the African continent. It looks like a horn stretched out from the landmass.

  • The boundaries of the Somali pirates are stretched to the Gulf of Aden, Somalia Sea and Guardafui Channel. In the year 2000, Somalia went through a civil war which cost them the collapse of their Government, and their navy was disbanded.
  • Since the security of the Somali Sea was broken, many other countries started fishing in that area. Due to the intensive fishing of the large boats, the livelihood of the coastal community came in danger. They started forming small groups of armed people and started the duty to guard their sea coast.
  • The men are experts to drive small boats and to save them from the ammunition of the bigger ships and as a result, they are almost unbeatable in the Somali Sea. They hold the fishing vessels and the crew members and extort money from them.

Income Source

  • They don’t have to work very hard for this. In other words, piracy has become a very good source of income for them. Now they have started hijacking the commercial vessels too where they can get more money.
  • Piracy has brought some sunshine into their poor lifestyle.  Similarly, they blame modern civilization for disturbing the natural ecosystem of the Somali Sea by throwing the harmful waste of their industry.
  • Though the Somali government claims to police the area, some of the countries blame them too to make collaboration with the pirate gangs to earn ransoms from the rich countries. In the year 2000, 33 different nations joined their hands and made a combined task Force 150 to ensure the security of the Gulf of Aden area.

Is being a Pirate Illegal?

Doing any kind of job where you are extorting money from the other party is illegal. In other words, being a pirate is also illegal. You can get capital punishment for this kind of crime.

Is Jack Sparrow Based on a Real Pirate?

Jack Sparrow is actually a character that has a real-life base. The name of the real man was Jack Ward. He was born in a poor family and was a professional fisherman by profession. Spending his childhood like this, he became a famous sailor and started pirating in the Mediterranean Sea.

What do You Call a Pirate Gun?

Pirates use so many different types of weapons to fight with their enemies. However, they use one special type of gun which was common among the pirates is Blunderbuss. It has a flared muzzle and it fires with small lead balls.


  • Pirates are small groups of poor coastal tribal people.
  • They hold the commercial and fishing ships to extort ransom.
  • Jack Sparrow is a character based on Jack Ward, a famous sailor and pirate of England.

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