What is the code for Riddle school 3 locker?

In Riddle School 3, Richy is found locked inside his own locker. As he doesn’t remember its password, Phil needs to get Mrs. Oddverb out of the teacher’s lounge so she can open her classroom where the paper with Richy’s password was left in. It reads “BLOBBLES,” “53788078” upside down.

How do you get the secret ending in Riddle school 3?

How do you get the gum in Riddle school 3?

Click on the ruler to add it to your inventory, then look to the teacher’s desk. To its side, a globe is positioned. Click twice on the globe to spin it until a pink wad of gum becomes available. Then click on the chewing gum to add it to your inventory.

Is there a riddle school 4?

Riddle School 4 is a 2010 game that was made by JonBro (Jonochrome) and is the 4th installment of the Riddle School series. It was made as an April Fools joke because JonBro (Jonochrome) said He felt like he didn’t want to make another game of Phil escaping.

What happens if you beat Riddle School twice?

After the credits roll, the time is listed. ALTERNATE ENDING: This will occur if you beat the game two times. On a rather creepy and dark tone, words will say that you have been possessed by the monkey doll.

How many riddle school games are there?

Riddle School Riddle School 2 Riddle School 3
Riddle School 5 Riddle Transfer Riddle Transfer 2

How do you activate the portal in Riddle Transfer 2?

Use the Power Room keycard on the slot. Exit the power box and click on the circuit box. Click the down button on the first one, down button once on the second one, up button twice on the third, and up button once on the fifth. Exit the circuit box and click on the portal.

How do you get past Chubb in Riddle School 2?

In Riddle School, Chubb Munch is found blocking the way to the teacher’s lounge. The only way to make him move out of the way is by giving him a dollar so he can buy a cookie in the cafeteria’s (unbeknownst to him, broken) machine.

Is Riddle School inappropriate?

Rated E10: Fantasy Violence, Crude Humor. Riddle School 4 has a Mild Blood Reference along with a scene where two of the characters die. Some of these images (for example: Yeddy’s scary face) may not appeal to younger children.

Will there ever be a riddle transfer 3?

Riddle Transfer 3,4 and 5

The first two games were finished, but the remaining three were canceled for a number of different reasons. In addition to the reasons for discontinuing the series, JonBro also says, “No one has permission to continue the series”, implying that the series is best left as-is.

Who is Phil Eggtree?

Phil Eggtree is the main protagonist of the Riddle School series. He serves as the protagonist of all entries. He is the very intelligent child that always finds a way to escape from, whether it be a school, alien mothership, alien study sight for humans, or a world getting destroyed.

Is Riddle School a horror game?

The game has some semi-scary imagery and themes, but no blood or gore.

How do you get cookies in Riddle school?

Who is JonBro?

Jonochrome (Aka: JonBro.) is the creator of Riddle School and One Night at Flumpty’s. … He, now 27, has since made multiple animations and games.

Is Riddle school based off of Picos school?

Riddle School is a point and clicks Adventure game by JonBro. It is a tribute to the Newgrounds classic, Pico’s School.

How do you get the cookie in Riddle School 2?

Collect it and revisit the teacher’s lounge. Then click at the back of the cookie machine. Plug in the wire next. Click the cookie machine to buy a cookie.

Who made riddle school?

Riddle School is a 2006 flash based puzzle-solving game created by Jonochrome (formerly known as JonBro).

Who is the main character in Riddle school?

Phil Eggtree
Phil Eggtree is the main protagonist of the Riddle School series. He is a student who escapes various different buildings, normally the schools he attends, by solving puzzles.

Who made Phil Eggtree?

Phil Eggtree is the main character in the Riddle School series, by Jonochrome.

Is Riddle School on steam?

A point-and-click adventure taking place in a school. Riddle School on Steam Games.

Where do you put the steak in Riddle School 5?

Place the potted dirtflower on the Living Thing counter. Combine the steak and the tray of dirt. Place the steak in the tray on the deceased Animal counter.

What happened to 5 in Riddle school?

5 was put in jail for the next five years, and not once for the rest of his life did he have enough money to sue them back.” These descriptions are not considered canon, however.

What is Riddle School inspired by?

The game is inspired by Tom Fulp’s Pico’s School, which is the reason the first game is a point-and-click adventure game which takes place in an elementary school, Though there are considerably less guns here; Riddle School opts to follow a relatively less extreme story by having the main character not shoot up the …