How do I buy a BART ticket?

Can I buy a BART ticket online?

High-value Discount (HVD)

HVD applies only to BART rides. You can only purchase an HVD ticket online by setting up Autoload or through a transit benefit program.

How do you pay for BART?

Can you buy BART tickets with cash?

All BART Stations have Clipper vending machines which accept cash, credit cards and debit cards as payment. You can add cash value to Clipper cards at all BART ticket machines.

How much are BART tickets?

Why is BART so expensive?

The fares start at $1.95 for short rides, up to $15 or more for the longest rides that include airports. These machines (shown in the picture on the left) take cash (in $1, $5, $10, and $20 increments), ATM/debit cards, as well as credit cards. Once you pay for your ticket, you’ll have to get to the train itself.

Do Clipper cards expire?

BART actually has a pretty high farebox recovery, higher than NYC, Washington, and Paris. It’s expensive because relatively less of the operating costs are paid from tax revenue so user revenue has to make up for it. The London Underground is higher (over 100%), but it’s also expensive.

Does BART still take paper tickets?

Cash on your card won’t expire; time-limited passes and tickets will expire. To load a Monthly Pass or cash, customers with Clipper cards (Adult, Youth, Senior, Disabled) can load their products immediately by going to: Participating transit agencies.

Do BART cards expire?

BART has been eliminating the sales of paper tickets since August of 2019 when a 4-station pilot program was launched. The conversion was accelerated during the pandemic with one or more stations transitioned each week throughout 2020. Systemwide conversion was fully completed the week of December 7th.

Can 2 people use the same clipper card?

You can obtain a Senior Clipper card at your local transit agency. The card is free and does not expire.

How much money can you put on a clipper card?

To clarify – a Clipper Card is agnostic of the person using it, but two people can’t use it at the same time.

What happens if you forget to tag off clipper card?

What is the maximum amount of cash value I can load on my Clipper card? You can load up to $300 on a Clipper card. The most you can load online at any one time is $255.

Can I get a Clipper card at Walgreens?

If you forget to tag off, that’s the fare you will pay. But if you tag off, Clipper will return the difference of $6 to your card. The other reason to tag off is to take advantage of eligible free or discounted rides when you transfer from one transit agency to another.

How do I pay my Clipper card?

Clipper cards can be purchased at, one of Clipper’s retailers such as Walgreens or at the Caltrain office in San Carlos. Adult cards cost $3.

Is Muni free now?

How much does a Senior Clipper card cost?

Open the Clipper app and sign in to your Clipper account. Tap the “Cards” tab at the bottom of your screen and select the card you want to add value to. Select “Load Cash Value or Passes” Select “Cash Value” to pay for rides on all transit services or “Transit Pass” if you want to purchase a pass.

How do I get a Clipper card for Bart?

Provides free access to Muni services for low and moderate income youth, ages 5 to 18, residing in San Francisco. Effective August 15, 2021 the Free Muni program will be extended to all youth under the age of 19.

How do I get my money back from Clipper card?

Fares & Passes
Clipper Passes Passes are only available on Clipper
31-Day Express Pass $70
Senior (65+)/Disabled
Day Pass* $1.75
* Daily fares are automatically capped at this amount