How do you get the Nintendo badge arcade?

What happens if you delete Nintendo badge arcade?

First-time players begin the game with five free plays, after which they must purchase additional plays via the Nintendo eShop. Special themes for the HOME Menu, and one set of badges based on Arcade Bunny, can also be unlocked by purchasing enough plays during certain periods.

How many badges are in Nintendo badge arcade?

You keep all your badges if the data is deleted. All the badges are tied to your NNID, so if you choose to delete the data, you will only have to go through all of the starting dialogue, such as the short tutorials of what each crane does when you switch tables, for example.

Does Nintendo badge arcade still work?

The game ceased its addition of new badges in Japan on May 25th 2017 with the last ever Pokémon badges, bringing the total of Pokémon badges up to 2,084 badges.

Is Nintendo badge Arcade free?

What happened Nintendo video?

Now, please don’t be too upset, but the thing is the Nintendo Badge Arcade has actually closed down! All our badge catchers have been packed up. There’re none to play. You can still change your badge box’s categories and stuff, though.