Modern vehicles have numerous electronics, and a key fob is among them. The interior part of the key fob has an electronic chip that functions as a transmitter. This feature transmits signals immediately you dial the button to either close or open the door. And the key fob has a little battery that powers it.

The battery can last for three years in a Honda smart key fob and up to 6 years in a standard fob with the key. The main difference for this is smart Honda key fob has a receiver that communicates with your vehicle when you are close to the car. Unfortunately, it is not possible to charge a key fob, and you must change it immediately it loses the charge.

The changing process is simple, and you can do it at home

  1. Determine the Battery Type

Different Honda cars use different types of batteries. The common ones are CR 2032 and CR2025 3-volt batteries. But you will find the exact type of battery on your Honda remote fob on the owner’s manual. Such batteries are sold on a dealership shop or in any electronics store.

In most Honda cars, the key fob features a tiny LED light that lights up when you press any button, and when nothing happens, the battery is deceased.

Turn over the keyless entry remote then check on the type of battery on the key fob that’s written on the back. If your Honda’s battery type is illegible, no need to worry. Immediately you open the key fob, the car key battery type displays on the battery.

  1. Open the key fob

Most keyless entry remotes are secured with screws, so if yours has a screw, ensure you remove it with a jeweler’s screwdriver. Divide the two halves of the remote with a small flathead screw as you hold the fob tightly together to safeguard the external and internal buttons from getting lost. Ensure you exert a little pressure to prevent further damages to the key.

  1. Take out the deceased Battery

Take out the battery using a screwdriver as the battery resembles a tiny, silver coin positioned on the fob’s center. Alternatively, you can remove it by sliding it away with your fingers. If this fails, lift it using the end side of a paperclip to remove it gently.

Some Honda fobs come with clips located over the battery. Lift the clips gently with a screwdriver to release the battery.

It would be best if you took proper precautions not to touch the terminals of the battery using your fingers as the water and oils on your skin can end up destroying the battery terminals, thus shortening the lifespan of the remote.

  1. Fix the New Battery on the Remote

Place the new battery on the position where the old battery was. But before you do this, have a closer look at the fob’s plastic diagram that shows you how you can install the battery. Mostly, the battery fits with the positive section facing up.

  1. Reassemble the Halves of the Honda Keyless Remote

Once you are through with fixing the new battery, align the two fob halves then apply some mild pressure until the remote snap back.

In case the key fob falls apart and the battery gets pried out without properly holding it back, there is an excellent chance that the key fob contents, including its external contents, will fall. Here’s what to do:

  • Take the Honda spare key fob then use it as a reference to reassemble back the fob.
  • After that, line all the buttons close to the key fob plate exactly how they should be positioned on the key fob.
  • Then flip the key fob faceplate over then position the buttons back to their correct slots.
  • Attach the crossbar between the spaces of the upper two buttons. As you do this, ensure that the crossbar’s curvature is facing in the outside direction.
  • Place back the battery on the motherboard, and the positive sign must face out.
  • Insert the motherboard on the key fob, and the rubber film must be positioned in an upward manner against the buttons.
  • Finally, line the backside of the key fob with the front side then press the two sides together, and you’ll hear a snap sound.
  1. Test the Fob to Check Whether It’s Working

Close to the vehicle, press all buttons to confirm that they are working correctly. Make sure you point it directly to the car, and it must work immediately. If it fails to work, probably you may have fixed the battery upside-down. You’ll have to open the fob once again to rectify this. If it fails again, the key fob may be broken, and you should look for a replacement.

In case you purchased many batteries, make sure you store the remaining ones properly. Leave them on the packaging then tape them on the glovebox if you have one. Never apply tape straight on them as the tape adhesive can affect the conductivity.