Can you pressure wash EIFS stucco?

A: First of all, do not use a pressure washer on a synthetic stucco surface. This type of finish, known as an exterior insulation finish system or EIFS, is a barrier-type system. So if water gets in (for example by getting forced in by a pressure washer), it can’t get out and will eventually lead to rot and mildew.

What can be the problem with exterior insulation and finish systems EIFS )?

How do you clean EFUS?

Face-sealed exterior insulation and finishing systems (EIFS) are inherently defective and unfit for use as an exterior cladding system where moisture sensitive components are used without a provision for drainage or in locations and assemblies without adequate drying.

How do you remove mold from EIFS?

Why is EIFS bad?

We mist the walls, gently scrub the wall with a soft bristle brush and rinse with clean water. A wall that is very soiled or stained may take several applications (not all stains can be removed). The TSP and bleach act in concert to both eliminate the mildew and remove its characteristic stains and remove dirt.

How long does EIFS last?

The problems with barrier EIFS cladding all stem from water intrusion. These problems include moisture accumulation in the wall cavity, subsequent wood damage and, in more advanced cases, mold growth and the infestation of pests such as carpenter ants or termites.

What is the difference between Dryvit and EIFS?

‘” He added that, like masonry walls, the life expectancy for EIFS is “generally accepted to be 60 years.”

Should you Dryvit paint?

How do I restore EIFS?

Having a house with EIFS, also known as Dryvit, isn’t the end of the world. EIFS isn’t a disease; it’s synthetic stucco. And even though your house may have been built using it, with knowledge and proper maintenance everything can be just fine. EIFS is an Exterior Insulation and Finish System.

What is the best paint for Dryvit?

Dryvit finishes provide an excellent base for paint. After thoroughly cleaning the surface to remove dirt and mildew, Demandit® (a high quality paint/coating by Dryvit) should be applied using a brush, roller or spray gun (the preferred method). Oil-based paints should never be used.

When did they stop using EIFS?

Can you pressure wash Dryvit?

Acrylic Latex Paint

What kind of paint do you use on EIFS?

Acrylic Latex Paint:

Acrylic latex paint is the best for using on Dryvit stucco as it is easy to apply and you can clean the same by using water and a mild detergent. When used properly, acrylic latex paint provide the stucco surface with a good gloss and color.

Should EIFS be painted?

Despite the water intrusion issues that occurred in the fall of 1995, EIFS industry sales (including commercial and residential sales) peaked in 1996. However, the overall business continued to drop until 2002.

What is elastomeric paint?

Pressure washing is not advised for cleaning Dryvit surfaces, which is why our Dryvit cleaning specialist will use a mild chemical solution to carefully remove stains.

How do you seal EIFS?

acrylic latex paints

How do you care for EIFS?

On a side note, EIFS can be painted just like traditional stucco. Depending on the characteristics and appearance wanted, our professional commercial paint contractors use either top-quality acrylic latex paints or elastomeric coating systems.

Can you power wash EIFS?

Unlike wood, stucco and other siding materials, EIFS rarely need painting. Most EIFS systems are specifically formulated with 100% acrylic binder, which gives EIFS superior resistance to fading, chalking and yellowing. As a result, the systems tend to maintain their original appearance over time.