If you think that perhaps closing your Etsy shop isn’t your thing, then you can close it anytime you feel like.

Immediately you close it, all your listings will disappear, and no one can see them anymoreIn case someone tries to check on your shop, he will be redirected to see your profileFurthermore, the person will only see a “Page Not Found” when trying to view your listings.

However, closing your Etsy shop is easier said than done and for the process to be successful, simply follow these steps:

How to Close and Open Etsy Shop

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  • Start by visiting the Etsy Sign In page then log in using the credentials linked with your account.
  • Tap on “your account link” on the top corner of the Etsy page.
  • Then under the Shop Settings found on the left area of the page, tap the options link.
  • Having done that, hit on the close shop tab. doing this opens the “Close Your Shop page.”
  • Next, tap on the Close Shop button. Immediately Etsy will prompt you to make a confirmation concerning the closure.
  • Again click the Close Shop button. Etsy will close your shop. This will take about 30 minutes or more for the whole process to be successful. Remember, your account will now be for purchases only.
  • You can’t close your Etsy shop account when there are any outstanding fees or open non-deliveries. If you can’t access this feature on your Etsy account, then visit the Etsy contact page to get help concerning your problem from Etsy.

Voila! That’s how to close the Etsy account. But you can also open an Etsy shop account after closing. To do that, follow the steps below:

  • Visit etsy.com, then hit on Your Account on the Etsy page. Alternatively, you can hit on your shop name on the Shop Manager.
  • After that, tap Sign out.
  • Then again hit on Sign in.
  • With that done, click on Register.
  • Type an email address that you wish, type your name then create a password. After that, tap on Register.
  • Tap Sell on Etsy
  • Then finally click on Open your Etsy shop.

How to Close Etsy Shop on Vacation

Vacations are essential in making you relieve stress and have some rest; in other words, vacations boost creativity, which is essential when the Etsy shop depends on your ability to be creative.

The critical thing towards receiving the best out of a vacation is putting aside your commitments while you are far. The good news is, Etsy allows you to set the Etsy shop on a vacation mode, but all your listings won’t be available to people trying to visit your shop.

Follow these steps to close your Etsy shop on vacation:

  • Visit the Etsy page, then under your account, tap on Your Shop button that is displayed on top of the Etsy page.
  • Having done that, hit on the Vacation Mode tab, and doing this opens the Vacation Mode page.
  • On the page, tap on “Your Shop Is on Vacation” button beneath the Vacation Mode.
  • Add the text you wish—the period under which you’ll be away, and the day you’ll be back. Do this on the Vacation Announcement field. This information will replace your Etsy shop announcement.
  • Then in the conversation Auto-Reply field, write the message that you wish your customers to get if they visit your shop when you are far.
  • Then hit on the Save button.
  • Finally, Etsy will place your shop on Vacation Mode.

Closing your shop on Vacation mode will let you put the shop on hold for some time and its essential when:

  • You are sick or traveling
  • You want a quick break to be on the same line with up to date order.
  •  Emergencies that make you unable to manage the shop arise.
  • You can’t run the shop temporarily.

However, you can also set an auto-reply system that shall be sent to respond to any messages you get when you close your shop on vacation.

How to Close Your Etsy Shop Temporary

There are three options you can use to close your Etsy shop temporarily.

  1. Deactivate The Current Listings

To cancel all your current listings, move to listings. After that, navigate to the Listing Manager on your Etsy administration area. Once you are prepared to reactivate the listings, reactivate them on the Listing Manager. You won’t pay for reactivating listings since they won’t expire when they are deactivated.

Furthermore, you can change your profile picture and the shop header to show that you’ve closed and you’ll open the shop on a certain date.

  1. Place It On A Vacation Mode

If you want to place your Etsy shop on a vacation mode:

Go to Shop Settings, then options. After that, click on the Vacation mode button. Doing this allows you to fix a temporary Shop Announcement with an auto responder to assist in responding to all the messages. Visit the Etsy page to reopen it once more.

  1. Leave The Shop Then Change The Shipping Time To A Later Date

If probably you’ll have easy access to Etsy messages, make sure you change the shipping sessions to a date that you’ll be back to your shop. Also, it’s a nice idea to update the shop’s profile and header to alert people that you are far until a further date.

You can also give your customers a coupon code to appreciate them for their patience. Doing this will help you get more orders.

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