How do I put Echo Dot in Bluetooth pairing mode?

Open the Alexa app and select Settings. 3. Select your device, and then select Bluetooth > Pair a New Device. Your Echo Dot enters pairing mode.

Can Echo Dot be used as Bluetooth speaker?

You can use Echo as a Bluetooth speaker for any media you have on your phone, including your personal music library, Pandora, Spotify, or even audio books. … Here’s how: Say “Alexa, pair Bluetooth.” She’ll then respond with instructions, telling you to go to the Bluetooth settings on your phone or tablet.

Why can’t I connect my Echo Dot to Bluetooth?

Alexa won’t connect to my Bluetooth devices

Open the Alexa app and hit Settings. Tap on your Echo device, select Bluetooth and Clear all paired devices. To re-pair the devices, say “Pair” around Alexa to place the Echo in discovery mode. … Alexa will confirm the connection.

Can echo dot connect to Bluetooth without app?

Tell Alexa to pair

Now’s the time to use your Amazon Echo’s smart skills. Just say “Alexa, pair” or “Alexa, Bluetooth on”, and it should start pulsing its blue light and searching. Once you’ve done this, the Echo should appear in the list on your phone screen. Tap on its name in the list, and confirm pairing.

How do I pair echo dot to Echo?

Amazon Echo Show/Echo Dot WiFi Connection & Bluetooth Pairing
  1. In the Alexa app, open the left panel menu and then select Settings.
  2. Select Device Settings.
  3. Choose your device.
  4. Select Change next to WiFi Network and follow the prompts in the app.

Why won’t my Alexa Bluetooth connect to my phone?

To resolve most issues with Bluetooth connectivity, force close the Alexa app and restart your Echo Auto. … For iOS phones: Turn off Bluetooth on your phone and then turn it on. Restart your smartphone. Go to your Echo Auto settings in the Alexa app and forget the device.

Why is my Amazon Echo not pairing?

Try the following steps to resolve issues with your Echo Connect not connecting to Wi-Fi or your Echo device. … Restart your Echo Connect by unplugging the power adapter from the back of the device, then plugging it back in. Check that your Wi-Fi credentials are correct. Force close the Alexa app and try setup again.

How do I sync all devices with Alexa?

In the Alexa app, tap Devices, select the plus (+) button, and choose the Combine speakers option. The next screen tells you that there are three ways to combine your speakers: multi-room music, home theater, and stereo pair/subwoofer.