Does Alexa work with Lutron?

Lutron brings the convenience of smart lighting control to your home while working seamlessly with Alexa to provide control of your Caséta, RA2 Select, or HomeWorks system with your voice. You — or anyone in your family — can tell Alexa to turn lights and fans on, off, or adjust them to your favorite level.

How do I connect my Lutron?

Tap on the Lutron Connect app in the search results. Tap on the Install button and then choose to Accept the access request. The Lutron Connect app will then begin to download onto the device. Make sure that the mobile device is connected to the local Wi-Fi network that the Lutron Connect Bridge resides on.

Can Alexa control Lutron shades?

Shade Commands

When using Amazon Alexa to control Lutron Shades (Serena and wireless Sivoia) here are the commands you can use. Open Shade: “Alexa, open Bedroom shade.” Close Shade: “Alexa, close Bedroom Shade.”

Does Echo Plus work with Lutron Caseta?

To integrate Caseta Wireless with Amazon Echo products, the Lutron Smart Bridge, model L-BDG2-WH, will be needed. Do you find this helpful? Yes.

How do I setup my Lutron bridge?

How do I reset my Lutron Connect bridge?

Step 1: Quickly triple tap and hold the Test or Light button on the Sensor. DO NOT release after third tap. Step 2: Keep the button pressed after the third tap for a few seconds until the dome LED begins to flash slowly (approximately once per second). The Sensor has now been returned to Factory Default Settings.

Is Alexa a smart bridge?

Make Your Voice Heard

A hands-free Smart Home begins with an Amazon Alexa-enabled device connected to a Caséta Smart Bridge, turning your voice into a Smart Home command center.

Do I need the Lutron bridge?

A bridge is required if you wish to monitor or operate your Caséta products via a smart device or to integrate your system with other connected products such as smart speakers and thermostats. It is also required to create scenes or utilize timeclock scheduling of daily events.

Is Alexa a smart Hub?

Alexa works as a smart-home controller, so it can recognize and work with multiple devices from multiple manufacturers. Using apps on smart phones or simple voice commands from Alexa, you can control light bulbs, thermostats, garage door openers, security cameras, and so much more.

What is the difference between Lutron Smart bridge and Smart Bridge Pro?

1. Shades Control. In terms of shade control, both devices support the Serena shade control but the Smart Bridge pro offers more shade control options. If you want to get more advanced shades like the Sivoia QS Triathlon or Sivoia QS Wireless Shade then you should buy Pro because Smart Bridge doesn’t support it.

Can you use Philips Hue with Alexa without bridge?

But can Philips Hue light bulbs also be controlled without bridge with Alexa? Yes! With the Philips Hue Dimmer Switch you can control up to 10 Philips Hue bulbs and the two Alexa devices Echo Plus and Echo Show even have a built-in Zigbee Hub.

How many smart lights can Alexa control?

The Echo can control all 20 or so lights I have, however, when using groups to control multiple switches with a single command I have found 4-5 are all that will respond instead of all of them.

Can you use Lutron Caseta without bridge?

Caséta dimmers & switches are able to communicate directly to Lutron Pico remotes and do not require a bridge or wifi to function.

How many devices can Lutron Smart Bridge?

You can add up to 50 devices (Smart Bridge counts as one) as long as they are within 30 feet. If you need to exceed the 30 foot range or 50 device limit then a RadioRA 2 system is recommended. Each shade/dimmer may not need an individual Pico remote depending on the design and location.

What is the range of the Lutron Smart Bridge?

30 feet

Do you need a hub for Lutron Caseta?

The RF range of the Caseta Bridge is 30 feet in all directions (Up, Down, Left, Right). In some homes there are devices that will extend beyond this range where in there will be a need for a Caseta Repeater or the use of a Caseta Plug in Lamp dimmer as a range extender.

What does the Lutron smart bridge do?

Since Caseta devices use Lutron’s proprietary Clear Connect RF wireless protocol, the hub is required in order to connect the switches to your network. This is pretty easy. Just take the included power and ethernet cables and connect them to the hub.

Can Caseta work without Wi-Fi?

The Smart Bridge ensures your lights react instantly every time you adjust them from the app, Pico Smart Remote, or voice assistant. It’s just like flipping a switch. The Smart Bridge can do that because it doesn’t use your home’s Wi-Fi network.