Hair loss is one of the major issues that people face nowadays and it’s more common in men.

Hair loss or bald spots can be either permanent or temporaryThere can be different reasons for it and may include hormonal changes, heredity, and other medical conditionsSome people don’t consider it a major issue while others undergo a treatment to hide their bald spotsA study previously conducted showed that when people compared the photos of the ones having full hair with those having bald spots, the men having full hair seemed more attractive and dominant.

Most people say that losing hair affects self-esteem in men while on the other hand, some say that losing hair makes men attractive. However, losing hair and having bald spots is more devastating for women, but this issue is more commonly seen in men.

The various things that we can do to prevent our hair from getting thinner are: using less heat (in the form or straighteners and curling irons), not over-processing our hair, washing hair less frequently, and using the correct products. Another major reason for hair getting thinner and getting bald spots is the age factor; as we age, our scalp starts producing less hair, and hair strands themselves get thinner.

A study previously conducted shows that if you go through any emotional or physical loss, you could start losing your hair. You notice chunks of hair falling out when you brush with a comb; however, this is temporary. Average hair fall per day of an average human is 50-100 hairs and this is not even noticeable as the new growth of hair is continuously taking place.

This post specifically targets the hair fall issue and provides you with solutions and methods you can adopt to prevent or at least slow it down.


There are various ways to cover the bald spots that may include using different sprays and concealers. Here are a few options you can choose from to make your hair look thicker:

Using Concealers

Men widely use concealers to cover the bald spots on their heads. Different brands sell hair loss concealers like Caboki, Samson, Boldify, and Bosley. Hair loss concealers work so quickly and effectively and this is primarily why they’re our first recommendation. Spray the concealer onto your hair and let the droplets stick to the hair. This will certainly make your hair look much thicker than usual.

Now, due to the success of such concealers, top brands have started manufacturing waterproof products to further facilitate their customers.

Mineral Makeup

This is another popular trick that is used for covering the bald spots. It is mainly used when there is a bald patch that makes your scalp is easily noticeable. This is where the mineral face powder is used primarily because of the inorganic nature that allows it to stick even better.

The main focus while using mineral powder is to select the one that matches your hair color. If the exact color is not readily accessible, go for the darker shade. You can apply the powder directly on the bald spot using a sponge or puff. Make sure that powder sticks to the scalp and is not much noticeable.

Temporary Dye Sprays

A great alternative to concealers and minerals powders is temporary dye sprays. This is a cosmetic method of hiding the grey spots. However, these sprays hide the bald sports for a particular time period.

You will need to buy the shade of the spray that matches your hair color. Apply the spray where you notice hair getting thin. The spray only stays on for a day; you’ll have to re-do it the next day as well.

Hair Extensions

Buying hair extensions is also a great solution for covering bald spots. To make sure they’re effective in their purpose, you’ll have to get just the right length of extensions and clip them at just the right place.

Waterproof Mascara

Applying waterproof mascaras is another top way to cover up the bald patches. Just take the mascara you already have lying in your drawer and apply it on the bald spots. Remove any excess powder.

 Shadow Primer

Men also greatly use shadow primers to fill in the gaps in their heads. Take your eye shadow and start rubbing it on the area of your scalp where the bald patches are. Blend the shadow with the brush so that it looks even.

We know how embarrassing some men find bald spots to be, and this is why we’ve listed some of the best ways to cover up bald patches. No matter what method you choose to follow, make sure to go all the way, following all the details, to get the best results.

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