Bruises can be irritating sometimes, especially when you are stepping out of your home or standing in front of the camera.

It might lower down your confidence.

Bruises can occur anywhere in your body and are most offensive when appearing at the body parts that are clearly visible such as arms, legs, face, neck, etc. But we can hide them by using various techniques. Let’s explore.

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How to Cover up a Bruise on Your Body?

We all want to have clear skin but sometimes these bruises occur and the problem begins. So, no more worries, we can hide up a bruise on our body using the following trick.

1.  Skip the Body Lotion/ Body Butter

Most of us are very fond of applying lotions just after we take a shower. Well, if you want to cover up the bruise, it is very important to skip your lotion.

  • The reason behind this is when we apply lotion before the foundation, the skin feels sticky and the foundation might not fix properly. Therefore, it would be best if you skip the lotion.
  • And if you are thinking that my skin is very dry I cannot go without lotion, then apply a very thin layer of moisturizer or you can use a matte finish moisturizer or a cream on that affected area, you can see here.

2.  Apply the Heavy Foundation Matching Your Skin Tone

This is a crucial step, in this we need to apply a heavy foundation that matches our skin tone. If we apply any shade lighter or darker to our skin tone then it would be clearly visible.

So, just go for the heavy foundation and blend it using your fingertips. You can add one more layer if required.

3.  Apply Concealer for Darker Bruises

If your skin is affected with a darker bruise and is not able to be covered with foundation then go for concealer. For this step, go for a concealer that is a shade lighter than your original skin tone.

Just take a drop of concealer and put it on the top of the bruise and blend it/ dab it using your fingertips or a beauty blender.

4.  Add a Little Pinkish Tone to the Concealer

You can also try to add a little lipstick that is red or orange to provide a peach or pinkish tone to your concealer. And after that, you can add a layer or two of concealer on it. And then your bruise will completely cover-up.

How to Cover up a Facial Bruise using Makeup?

Previously, we have seen how to cover up a bruise on the body. Now, in this section, let’s discuss the trick of hiding a facial bruise using makeup.

1.  Using a Concealer

This is an initial step; here you need to take a concealer which is a shade lighter than your original skin tone. You can also prefer a yellowish undertone concealer as it can help you to cover the bluish color of the bruise. If your bruise is of any other color, then you can definitely opt for any other concealer.

  • Apply the concealer on the bruise and dab it with fingertips and after that, you can blend it using a brush or a sponge.
  • Some of you might be amazed that the concealing step comes after applying the foundation but if you reverse the steps, this will lead to better coverage.

2.  Apply Foundation

In this step, apply a layer of foundation to your whole face. This will provide you better results. You can apply it using fingertips, brush, or a blender.

But it is highly recommended to make sure that the brush or sponge you are using is neat and clean; otherwise, this will result in another breakout.

3.  Dust Some Translucent Powder onto Your Face

When you apply translucent powder on your face, all the layers of makeup you have applied are just fixed to that particular position. And this will also lead to better coverage.

  • Powder your whole face such that there is an even look on your face. You will need to reapply the powder so carry a compact powder along with you.
  • You can reapply every 2-3 hours. And this is how you can cover up the bruise on the face by using makeup.
  • Let’s have a glance at what other things we could do to cover up a bruise.

What are the Other Techniques to Cover up a Bruise?

Besides using makeup, what other tricks are there to cover up a bruise? Let’s explore them in this section.

Use Clothing & Accessories

We can use full-sleeved clothing or any type of accessories to physically cover up the bruise. We must check our wardrobe and we will find something or the other to hide the bruise on the body. Obviously, this can be only possible to cover the bruise on the body.

We cannot wear any clothing or accessory on the face. But these days it is possible, we can probably wear face masks and all the bruises will hide.

Wear a Strong Eye and Lip Makeup

Wearing strong eye makeup and lip colors will not hide the bruise but it will definitely help us to distract others. Your eyes and lips will gain people’s attention instead of the bruise.

This can be done by applying bold eye makeup and bright colored lipstick.

Put on Attractive Accessory

Not only bright makeup can distract people while you can also take the help of interesting accessories to attract people and cover up the bruise.

You can wear long earrings or a trendy necklace with a large pendant. This will work and you will get your confidence back.

Does Toothpaste Get Rid of Bruises?

The answer to the above question is yes. Toothpaste actually helps our skin to recover and fades away the bruise quickly.

  • The reason behind fading away from the bruise with the help of toothpaste is simple. Toothpaste helps to increase the blood circulation and due to this, the blood clots break away easily.
  • After applying the toothpaste overnight you will see that the bruise is much lighter. Now let’s see how we can apply the toothpaste to heal the bruise.
  • For this, you need to apply toothpaste to the affected area and cover it with a bandage to avoid staining the clothes. Leave it overnight and repeat the process for 2-3 nights. And the bruise will fade away.

How to Get Rid of a Bruise Fast?

There are so many methods to get rid of a bruise. These are listed below.

  • Ice pack
  • Hirudoid cream or gel
  • Heating pad/ hot water bottle
  • Vitamin K cream
  • Aloe vera
  • Parsley
  • Ginger
  • Sugar/ honey
  • Arnica ointment (bruise cream)
  • Vanilla extract
  • Witch hazel

These are some of the methods by which you can quickly heal the bruise. You can opt for any of them accordingly.

All the listed methods are for the application purpose. Nothing needs to be consumed. We can apply any of them on a bruise and leave it overnight.


  • Make sure that you do not apply makeup to the open wounds. If you have a bruise that is completely covered by skin then only go for applying makeup otherwise this can be harmful to your skin.
  • And just think why you need to cover up bruises. If they are caused due to an accident or something then it is okay. But if they are physically caused by someone then it is considered as physical abuse and you need to get rid of that person who has done this to you.
  • If you are any victim of physical abuse then you need to take the help of your loved ones and get rid out of that situation.
  • Take good care of yourself so that you don’t need to hide any bruise in the future.

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