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How to Cut a Pineapple Boat

  • Take your pineapple and place it on the kitchen counter. Be sure to take a large, sharp knife, and cut in the middle of the pineapple, all the way through its bushy top. You will obtain two halves of the pineapple. Slice it further from the middle to result in a total of 4 quarters of one pineapple.
  • Take one quarter of the pineapple and place it in front of you. Take your knife and cut into the far ends of the pineapple – about half inch deep. This will pe a partial cut and not go into the pineapple all the way through.
  • Next, remove the top strip of pineapple between the two cuts made.
  • Take your knife and begin to cut the remaining pineapple from below the cuts made, all the way to the peel of the fruit. You can think of this as scooping out the pineapple within.
  • Do not remove the interior of the pineapple you have just cut.
  • Take your knife and cut slices in the interior of the pineapple. These can be about ½ inch in width for an average pineapple. However, they vary with each sized pineapple.
  • Begin to displace the slices within the peel of the pineapple. Move one piece ahead, and the next consecutive one a little back. Continue doing this for each piece in the given pattern, to develop an alternated design.
  • Ensure each alternate piece is aligned with each other so that there is a straight line forming in the middle.
  • Your pineapple boat is ready. Serve it at a party at home or make it for your family. The boat makes it easier to eat pineapple; simply slide out a piece and enjoy the ripe flavor!

How to Cut a Pineapple into Cubes

  • Place your pineapple by its side, on the kitchen table counter.
  • Grab a sharp knife and slide through to cut the top crown of the pineapple. To ensure the entire crown is off, begin to cut at a distance of ½ inch from the crown. This will give you a flat surface on one side of the pineapple. You can store the crown for a garnish on the dinner table.
  • Cut the bottom of the pineapple at the same ½ inch distance to ensure a flat bottom. Your pineapple shall have two flat ends now.
  • Place the pineapple upright and with the same knife, begin stripping the pineapple off from its skin and spikes.
  • You may see some remnants as ‘eyes’ in the pineapple even after you have stripped the skin off. Take a smaller knife, and remove any such remaining ‘eyes’ to ensure beautiful, skin-free pineapple flesh.
  • Next, take you the core of the pineapple. The core has a lot of fiber, which the human body is unable to take – thus it is better to discard the core. However, removing the core is difficult so we cut around the core instead.
  • Cut around the center core in 4 lengthwise slices. This would leave a cuboid-shaped core in the middle. Discard the core.
  • Pick up one of the lengthwise slices and place it flat on the counter. Make lengthwise cuts again to result in thinner strips of pineapple. Next, dice each strip into cubes by cutting through at a distance – resulting in bite-sized wedges.

The size of the cube will differ with the way you want to use and present the pineapple. While a salsa would need smaller cubes, a 1-2inch could easily work for regular raw eating.

  • Add the pineapple cubes to a bowl, and they are ready to eat!

How to Cut a Pineapple into Rings

  • Place the pineapple by its side on your cutting board. Cut off the top and bottom of the pineapple with a large, sharp knife. This will result in a pineapple with 2 flat sides.
  • Place the pineapple upright and remove the skin by peeling lengthwise. Discard the skin.
  • There might be some inner-spikes remaining in the pineapple that appear as ‘eyes’. Remove these with the help of a smaller paring knife.
  • Place your pineapple flesh horizontal on the cutting board.
  • Grab your knife and begin to slice it crosswise. You can choose the thickness of your liking. While some prefer thinner slices for easier eating, if your desire for pineapple rings is for garnishing purpose; thicker slices might be more appropriate.
  • Take each circular slice and remove the tough core. This can be done easily by using a circular cookie cutter, to result in gorgeous, rather symmetric rings. If you don’t have a cookie cutter, you can use your paring knife to cut in a circular shape within the pineapple slice to remove the core.
  • Repeat this for all slices and voila! – your pineapple rings are ready.

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