Now cutting glass tile can be tricky if you are doing it for the first time.

You need to be careful while cutting glass tiles as one small mistake can have a negative effect on the entire process or even make the tile useless.

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You need a certain set of tools to make the process easier. There are different ways through which you can cut the glass tile.

Some of the tools that you might need to cut a glass tile are:

  • Wet Saw
  • Bar Cutter
  • Tile pliers
  • Wheeled tile nippers

Before starting the procedure of cutting glass tiles it is recommended to wear safety goggles and have access to the right equipment necessary including first aid kit as it is better to be prepared beforehand.

It is also recommended to have someone else nearby as well who can help in case of an emergency. As there are different ways through which you can cut a glass tile with the equipment mentioned above understanding the steps is very important.

So here are 4 ways through which you can cut a glass tile easily.

Method to Cut a Glass Tile:

  • Method 1: The wet saw

One of the ways through which you can cut a glass tile is with the help of a wet saw. a wet saw can be categorized as an ideal tool for cutting glass tiles.

So the first thing to do is to mark the tile with a marker to assist in the process. Mark it in such a way that you also would have an understanding of what type of cut you are going to be making.

Slowly and carefully start pushing the tile against the cutter does not push too hard as there is a chance that it might end up chipping. A wet saw gives very clear and precise cuts if done carefully and diligently.

After cutting the saw make sure to turn off the machine and smooth the edges with the help of a rubbing stone and cleaning the excess dirt with the help of a cloth.

  • Method 2: The bar cutter to cut glass tile

Usually, a bar cutter is much easily available at home or in hardware stores at a much cheaper rate so if you would rather buy a bar cutter than a wet saw then you need to understand how to use it.

Similar to the previous method draw a line with the help of a marker so that you know where to make the cut. Place the tile in the bar cutter supporting the tile with one hand and the cutter with another.

Press the cutting wheel on the line marked with enough pressure to make a precise cut. Then press harder on the marked line to snap the tile along the line which was marked.

This is a slightly tricky procedure that h first one. Once the cut has been made smooth edges o0f the cut with a rubbing stone to give an even finish and look.

  • Method 3: The Pliers

For this, it is recommended to have someone help you out as it is more complex than the previous two procedures. Mark the tile with the help of a marker as this where the tile will be scored.

With the help of pliers score the marked line while supporting the tile with one hand and keeping it in one place to avoid messing up.

A straightedge would be needed if the cut that is needed to be made is going to be longer. Center align the tile over the marked line and the line that has been treated.

Now with force squeeze the pliers to make the tile snap along the edges. Once the glass tile has been cut clean the surface and smooth the edges with the help of a rubbing stone to give a more even finish.

  • Method 4: Wheeled tile nippers to cut a glass tile

This is probably the easiest way with which you can cut your glass tile with the help of a very handy tool.

Simply mark the surface of the tile where you are supposed to making a cut. Then with the help of the wheeled nipper place the tile underneath the tool between the jaws of the nippers.

With pressure squeeze the nipper to make the tile snap. Be extra careful of the little bits and pieces of the tile that might fly past you therefore safety goggles as a must for all the methods mentioned.

Here are four methods through which you can cut a glass tile. Some methods are more complex than others and some are easier to use the method which you think would suit you the most.

You might not have access to all these tools so look for the one that is more easily available and the one that you can handle easily as well.

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