Delete a Comment On Instagram On Android

  • Find the Instagram app icon in your app drawer and tap on it. If you’re already logged in, the app will load into your Instagram homepage Feed. If already on Instagram home, head straight to the next step.
  • After that, navigate to the post on which you want to delete a comment. You can do that by either scrolling through the posts in the Feed or by searching for a specific username. If you’re searching for a known username, the post on which you posted a comment.
  • When you find the post, tap on the speech bubble-like comment icon to get to the comment box.
  • In the comment box, find your comment, among other people’s comments. If the user has a huge follower base, getting to your comment might be an uphill task. But in the end, you’ll get the comment deleted.
  • When you get to your comment, tap and hold on it for a second or two and then lift off your finger above the screen. By doing so, highlight your comment and prompt a blue trash bin to appear on the top right corner of the screen.
  • With that done, tap on the blue trash bin icon located on the upper right corner of the screen. This deletes your comment from the comment section.
  • Repeat steps 5&6 if you want to delete other comments.

Delete a Comment On Instagram On iPhone, Or iPad

  • Locate the Instagram app icon on the home screen of your iPhone. It’s a multicolored camera-like icon.
  • Launch the Instagram app by tapping on the Instagram icon. This loads into your Instagram home Feed if you had already logged in to your account. If not yet, enter the required login credentials in the provided field and then tap on the blue “Log In” button to get to your home Feed.
  • With that done, navigate the post containing your comment. You can do this by scrolling through the post or by searching the username that posted the content.
  • When you find the post, swipe to the left, over your comment. This prompts a red trash bin to appear on the screen.
  • Tap on the red trash icon to get the comment deleted. By doing that, your comment will be permanently removed. If you’d wish to delete other comments, you can repeat steps 4 and 5 to delete individual comments.

Delete a Comment On Instagram On PC And Mac Computer

  • Start by launching your favorite browser on Mac or PC.
  • After that, visit the Instagram website through
  • Log in with your details if not logged in automatically. To log in manually, enter your details in the provided field and then hit on the “Log In” button. This takes you your Instagram account home.
  • Now, locate the post on which you dropped a comment. You can do this by searching the name of the account on which the comment was posted. Alternatively, you can comb through the posts in the Feed until you find your targeted post.
  • When you find the post, click on the bubble icon located at the bottom left of the screen. This opens the comment box.
  • Locate your comment in the comment section. This can be challenging, especially when tons of comments were added after you had posted yours.
  • Click on the three-dotted icon next to your comment. Doing so prompts a pop-up menu to appear.
  • From the pop-up menu, select the red “Delete” option. By doing so, your comment will be permanently deleted from the list of comments that appear under the post.
  • Refresh or reload the Instagram page and confirm if the comment is really deleted. Sometimes you can remove the comment but later find it, and that’s why it would be wise to confirm before leaving the site. Or else, you might find your comment present, you know they’re no more.

How do I delete a comment I made on Instagram?

Click on the post, then hover your cursor over the comment (you should see three dots appear in the right corner of the comment). 3. Click those three dots and select “Delete.”

Why can’t I delete comments on Instagram?

If you keep getting an error message that a comment can’t be deleted, it may be because the comment was already deleted in our system. The comment may still appear because you’re viewing an old version of the page.

How do I delete a comment I posted on someone else’s Instagram?

To delete a comment on your own post or someone else’s, tap the comment button, then swipe left on your comment. You can then hit the trash can symbol to delete your comment. As for editing, you can edit your comment on your own posts.

Can I delete my comment on someone else’s post?

If you’re a personal user and you made a post, and someone else left a comment on that post that you want to remove, you can remove it the same way you can remove a post you left. You will need to find the specific post you want to remove, but from there, just hover over it and look for the … icon again.

What happens if you delete a comment on Instagram?

What happens when you delete a comment on Instagram? When you delete a comment on Instagram, it simply disappears. Nobody gets a notification, so if you have a spammy comment on one of your posts, the only way that the spammer will notice it’s gone is if they go back and look for it.

Does deleting an Instagram comment delete the replies?

Yes, they will. When you delete a comment, the replies become “orphans” meaning that they’re replying to no one now. Since the replies are now orphans, they’re no longer associated to another reply and the best option that Instagram thinks of is that they cascade a delete to all the replaces.

Should I delete a comment on Instagram?

Most people just want an apology to make them feel heard. When you delete a comment before resolving the issue, the commenter will only take more offense to the situation and either: Continue speaking negatively about your brand on social media. Stop buying and can prevent others from buying from you.

How do you delete old comments on Instagram?

Tap a comment, then tap the dotted icon in the top-right corner of the screen. Select Manage Comments. Choose up to 25 comments to delete at once. Tap Delete, or tap More Options to block or restrict accounts in bulk.

Will someone know if I delete their comment on Instagram?

Will the person get notified when you delete their comment? No. Instagram does not send out a notification when you delete a person’s comment on your post. However, nothing is preventing them from revisiting the post and noticing that their comment has been removed.

Can you delete all comments on Instagram?

Can I delete all my comments posted on Instagram? Yes, you can delete all your comments, but unfortunately, you will have to delete them one by one. So far, there’s no way to delete all of your comments at once using Instagram.

How do you delete a comment?

If you want to delete a comment you left on a post, you can remove it.

Delete a comment

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Currents app .
  2. Find the post you commented on and tap your comment.
  3. Tap Delete comment. Ok.

Can you delete a post on Instagram?

How do I delete photos or videos I‘ve posted on Instagram? (Android) above your post and then tap Delete. Tap Delete again to confirm. You can also archive posts to hide them from your profile and make it so your followers and other people on Instagram can‘t see it.

How do I delete a comment on Tiktok?

What happens when you delete a comment on youtube?

Simple answer, yes, we do get notified, in fact, you deleting it doesn’t stop us seeing it. Longer answer, you don’t even need to necessarily comment on our video, if you so much as reply to a comment someone is following, they‘ll get the notification and if they get an email, you‘ll forever have that comment recorded.

How do I permanently delete YouTube comments?

Navigate to the “Comments” tab. This will bring up your entire comment history. You can delete any or all comments by using the drop down menu at the right side of each comment and clicking delete. This will engage a confirmation prompt asking if you really want to delete the comment.

How do you know if someone deleted your comment on YouTube?

No you do not get notified as it is their channel therefore they do not need to notify you or give permission to you after it is deleted.

Can we delete a comment on YouTube?

Go to Comment History. Next to the comment, click or tap More . Select Edit or Delete.

How do I remove my name from YouTube comment?

How to change my name on YouTube comments?
  1. When signed in, click on your avatar in the top-right corner.
  2. Click “Settings” in the menus.
  3. Next, click “Edit on Google” in the “Account” section.
  4. There click “Name” and type your alternative first and last names.