Can I cancel my photobucket account?

You can cancel your Photobucket subscription at any time by emailing our support team at If you cancel your subscription, you will not be charged for any future terms of service.

Does Photobucket delete inactive accounts?

Please note, if your account has been inactive for more than two years, there is a chance that it has been removed from our system.

How do I delete Photobucket pictures?

How to Delete Images
  1. Click to select the image(s) you want to delete, then click on the Delete icon in the toolbar.
  2. You will be prompted to confirm that you want to delete the selected image(s).

How do you mass delete on Photobucket?

To bulk move or delete photos, open “Photobucket” app on your Android phone and tap “3 vertical dots” located at the top right corner on the screen. You will see multiple bulk action to perform i.e “Download Album”, “Delete Album”, “Move/Delete Photos” and “Upload Photos”.

Did Photobucket delete my pictures?

The company prides itself on how it’s stuck around for the past 16 years as a reliable time capsule for people to revisit their memories. Last month, it introduced a “Bill of Rights” that promises that Photobucket will never delete its users’ photos, provided the photos don’t violate its terms of service.

Why are my Photobucket pictures gone?

Go to the link towards the bottom that says “Get more extensions.” In the search box, type “Photobucket Fix,” and hit enter. I installed “Photobucket Hotlink Fix” from the top of the list, but there are others. Click the install button and once it’s done, you should be able to see photobucket pictures again.

Why is my photobucket empty?

These are the first steps you should take when you have problems or are getting an error on Clear out your browser’s cache and cookies. Then make sure Javascript is enabled. You may want to disable browser add-ons to see if that solves your problem.

How can I get my old photobucket back?

Recovering Your Photobucket Password
  1. On the login page, click on the option ‘I don’t know my password.
  2. Enter your email address.
  3. You will receive an email from Photobucket. Follow the prompts to reset your password.
  4. Use your new password to access your account. Your new password must be strong and unique.

How do I download my entire Photobucket library?

How to download albums
  1. From My Bucket page, select the album you wish to download.
  2. Click the Download icon to download your album. A . zip file of your album contents will be downloaded to your computer.
  3. To download multiple albums, select the albums first before clicking the Download icon.

How can I log into my old Photobucket?

Try using Google! Visit Google and search your suspected username + “Photobucket” or your first and last name + “Photobucket.” Check the standard search results and Google images. Once you find your image, click on it and this should take you to your Photobucket profile.

Where are all my old Photobucket pictures?

Getting Photo Links

Head over and log into your Photobucket account. When you are in the folder, click on the check mark in the lower right corner of any photo in this folder. Next, click on every check mark of the photos in that album go to the top of the page and click on that Select All button.

How do I view blocked pictures on Photobucket?

If you want to see a blocked PB picture right click on the picture and you will get a list of options. Select ‘View image info’. In this information there will be ‘Location’ after which there will be the PB address of the picture. Copy and paste this into your browser and go to this location.

Is Photobucket still free?

Photobucket is back! And so are all of the photos that disappeared after the Denver company decided last summer to charge up to $399 for hosting images. Last June, the company began telling its 100 million registered users that it would soon begin charging $60 to $399 a year to those using the site to host photos.

Why does Photobucket charge now?

The company stuck to its new policy to charge up to $400 a year to people using Photobucket to host a large number of images. “This path to a more sustainable business model allows us to develop an even more robust product to meet our customers’ needs,” Photobucket chief executive John Corpus said in a statement.

Is Photobucket deceased?

Ted, @photobucket is a total sham. The brand is dead to 99% of people. Who could ever trust the service that ransomed millions of photos and destroyed untold blogs and internet posts.

Is Photobucket safe?

Photobucket has a consumer rating of 1.25 stars from 197 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about Photobucket most frequently mention 3rd party, free account and pop ups problems. Photobucket ranks 47th among Photo Sharing sites.