When performing house clean up, you end up throwing all the trash in the garbage. In most case, you are at peace, and you don’t have to worry about what happens afterwards. However, when you want to dispose of the spray paint can, you should be extra cautious.

How to Dispose of Spray Paint Can

This is because spray paint can is not the normal trash you know. The contents of the spray paint can are typically under high pressure. This means that it can explode when exposed to heat.  Even though you can throw an empty spray paint can into the garbage bin there are places that fine this behavior.

  1. Check Out the Guidelines Laid Down by the Municipality

Before anything else, check out the information laid down by the municipal council of your area. There must be guidelines set aside in dealing with spray paint cans. Visit the garbage dump to find out whether they hold periodic hazardous household waste pick up where you can throw spray paint cans. If you find out there are no set guidelines on how to dispose of the spray paint can there is no cause to worry. You can choose other ways discussed in this article.

  1. Empty the Can

As discussed earlier, you should never dispose of the spray paint can when it contains some liquid inside.  This is because it can explode anytime it’s exposed to heat.  In areas where there are no well-laid regulations of disposing of the spray paint can. You can always empty the spray paint can and throw it away on the garbage. However, you must be sure that the can does not contain any liquid. Here is the recommended procedure of removing any contents inside the can;

  • Choose a suitable room that is well ventilated. We recommend that you perform this procedure in an open area. Completely seal off the area you will be working on. Ensure you place a No smoking placard to keep away smokers from making access around this site.
  • Get newspapers and lay them on the ground. Take the spray paint can and let the nozzle face the newspaper. Depress the button. If you find out that there is no paint coming out or no hissing sound, then you are good to go since the can is empty. If there is some paint coming out, spray the paint onto the newspaper until the can is empty.
  • Once you are sure that nothing is left in the can you can now throw it in your regular trash.

It is always recommended to use the contents inside the can until it is completely exhausted. This is the best way of emptying the spray paint can. But in cases where you no longer use the content inside, you can choose the method we have put forward. At all times, remember that you cannot dispose of spray paint can when it contains any amounts of liquid inside.

  1. Do Not Make any Modifications to the Spray Paint Can

It is not safe to make any modifications to the can before you throw it away. Do not hit it or remove spray nozzle. The can may have a plastic lid which you can remove for recycling purposes. Therefore, do not crush, pierce, or flatten the spray paint can. This is because doing this increases the chances of an explosion. If you find any loose parts of the can such as the plastic lid, remove it and dispose of it separately.

  1. Take a Closer Look At The Contents of the Can

Spray paints can are not the same. Some contain hazardous materials making it impossible to throw them in a regular trash bin. It is, for this reason, we stress the need to check the can to see whether it contains hazardous material. Some of the notable keywords used when the product in the can is hazardous they include; flammable, corrosive, and toxic.

In most cases, the can may have specific directions on how to dispose of it. Some of the signal words that should help you make a decision they include; caution, warning, danger, and poison. Take your time to familiarize yourself with the guidelines provided to ensure you do it right. If there are no directions on the can just call the manufacturer for more directions.

  1. Keep the Can Away From Children

As you plan to throw away the can make sure that small children do not come into contact with it. Spray paint cans should never be taken as toys for children to play with. This is because unprofessional handling of cans may lead to serious casualties. You should be the person to handle it and dispose of it after use.  Mishandling of these cans may have serious consequences to the user. Therefore, you should take a lot of care when dealing with empty spray paint cans so as they don’t end up with young ones.

Can I throw away spray paint?

The contents of spray paint cans are under high pressure, which is why you can‘t just throw them in the garbage. While empty cans can be disposed of in your household garbage, cans with even a small amount of paint left unused can be a safety and environmental hazard.

Does Home Depot take old spray paint?

But can I dispose of paint at Home Depot? Unfortunately, many paint products are classified as hazardous material and therefore Home Depot does not offer paint recycling services.

How do you dispose of aerosol cans not empty?

Aerosol cans that are completely empty (i.e., no product or propellant remains in can) may be disposed of in the trash. Cans that have any product or propellant remaining inside must be labeled as hazardous waste and must be kept closed at all times.

How should you dispose of an empty can of spray paint?

Empty paint tins or those containing completely dry paint can be safely disposed of in the garbage (general collection or recycling, depending on your council’s preference) or recycled for scrap metal after removing the lid.

Can I put empty paint tins in the bin?

Only empty metal paint cans are widely accepted for recycling at most household waste recycling centres. Currently, plastic paint cans are not widely accepted for recycling, although your local recycling facility will likely still accept them and ensure they are disposed of responsibly.

How do you dispose of wd40?

The best chance with aerosols is to completely use up the contents of the can, including the propellant. If this cannot be safely done, the product should be disposed at your local household hazardous waste (HHW) collection site or at a locally sponsored HHW event.

How do you dispose of nail polish remover?

Acetone disposal needs to be handled according to how much is being used. If you are using acetone for a small item, like removing nail polish, you can dispose them in a metal container lined with a plastic garbage bag; this bag can then be placed with regular garbage.

How do I dispose of unused paint?

California residents and businesses can now recycle leftover paint for free at local retail stores. For locations and program details, visit www.PaintCare.org or call 855-724-6809.

Can I put aerosols in the bin?

This item is hazardous and should not be put in your rubbish bin. However, most aerosols can be stored for a long time, so there’s no need to throw away a half empty can. However, if you do need to dispose of it, you can take it to your nearest community recycling centre and ask a member of staff where to put it.

What bin does deodorant cans go in?

If it is completely empty, your aerosol can may go into the normal recycling for cans/tins. Aerosol cans that are either partially or completely full need to be separated from your other recyclables and general waste as they are considered hazardous waste.

How do you dispose of aerosols?

Dispose of the empty cans using your curbside pick up service or by visiting your local drop off centers. It is best to touch base with your local centers to be sure they accept this type of product for recycling. NEVER throw aerosol cans in roadside dumps or trash fires.

Can deodorant containers be recycled?

Dear Earl: Standard deodorant containers are generally made of plastics like polyethylene and polypropylene, which in and of themselves are recyclable in many areas. You may be able to disassemble the tube and salvage at least some parts for recycling.

How do you dispose of old deodorant containers?

Check the Plastic

Keep in mind that some parts of the container might be recyclable, while others aren’t. If this is the case, you can disassemble the empty deodorant tube and recycle the parts that your local facility accepts.

What will you do with old deodorant containers?

The plastic used to make the balls and the caps is usually different from the actual bottle, so no matter what you do with the bottle, always put the caps and balls in the trash. If you can‘t remove the ball, toss the entire container in the trash.

How do you dispose of empty toothpaste tubes?

And you shouldn’t throw your toothpaste tube in the bin either. But you can mail them to a specialized recycling center for free, with a program from Colgate and TerraCycle. The recycling program accepts brushes, tubes, packaging, and floss containers of any brand.

What can you do with used toothpaste tubes?

Through TerraCycle’s free Oral Care Recycling Program, consumers can fill a box with any brand of toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes and caps, toothpaste cartons, toothbrush outer packaging, and floss containers and mail it back to TerraCycle for recycling.

Are empty toothpaste tubes recyclable?

You can collect your empty toothpaste tubes (as well as old toothbrushes and floss containers) and ship them for free to TerraCycle to be recycled into new products. Until more companies use recyclable packaging for their toothpaste, the majority of toothpaste tubes will continue to end up in landfills.

How do you dispose of a rechargeable toothbrush?

You can always make contact with the brush manufacturer to see if they have any return programs as in many states it is their responsibility to collect and recycle electronic products. Failing that, take it to a local electronic waste collection site.