There are a number of people who prefer adventure and they use their vehicles to fulfill their adventure passion.

However, burnout in vehicles is one such activityMost youngsters prefer to burnout and it represents their expertise to handle their vehiclesSo, before moving ahead, it is important to know how to burn out with a vehicle and once you’ll know the tricks, you can easily do it.

How to Burnout a Vehicle?

If you are going to burn out a vehicle, make sure that you have the right kind of car and it can easily make the burnout process easy.

  • Without a proper vehicle, your attempt to burnout the vehicle will invite an accident. Always put the vehicle in the first gear and depress the clutch. In this way, you have to revving the engine.
  • You shouldn’t start moving unless you have the clutch. In this way, you have to increase the RPM of your tires. Lock the hand brake and now free the clutch.
  • The tires will spin at great speed and you’ll experience burnout.

How to do a Burnout in an Automatic Truck?

Before going to perform the burnout, make sure that you have a proper vehicle that can easily assist you to perform this job. Put the truck in first gear and make sure that the clutch is properly depressed.

  • You don’t have to move in this condition and all you need to do is, to rev the engine. After getting the desirable RPM, now time to lock the hand brake, and after that, you have to release the clutch.
  • You can see the tires of the truck are spinning at great speed and they will cause smoke after spinning. In this way, you can easily do a burnout job with your vehicle.

How to do a Burnout in an Automatic Pickup Truck?

Pickup trucks are ideal vehicles for burnout. They will give you maximum pleasure while burning out. Before going to burnout, make sure that the pickup truck is empty and it has no external stress.

  • Make sure that you are going to burnout with a plane road or field. First, make sure that your pickup truck is in the right condition for burnout. Start the engine and press clutch and accelerator. The engine will rev.
  • After doing this, you can lock your handbrake. Once it is applied properly, now you can go to release the clutch.
  • After releasing the clutch, the tires will spin at great speed and the smoke will come out from them.

How to do a Burnout in an Automatic Mustang?

A burnout with a mustang will really be enjoyable. First, start your car with a key or push button. Keep your foot on the brake pedal. Make sure that your wheels are pointing correctly and keep the hand brake on. Now move the selector to 1 and release the hand brake. This is the right time to turn off the traction control. If you are not doing this, it is highly possible that the burnout process will be unsuccessful. The problem with traction control is that the electronic control unit gradually tries to gain traction and it gets the way to execute a burnout.

How to do a Burnout in an Automatic BMW?

If you want to do a burnout with automatic BMW, you should select loose gravel. This is because; loose gravel helps to lose the traction rightly. Make sure that, your braking system is in perfect condition. You can add water to the tires and in this way, they will become a sleeper. First, start the engine and rev it to a certain speed. Press the clutches and put the handbrake on lock. After gaining a certain speed, now you can depress the clutch. In this way, the wheels will spin and smoke will come out from the wheels. So, in this way, you can easily experience burnout.

How to do a Burnout in a Mercedes?

If you want to do a burnout with Mercedes, it is important to know the steps that you can follow in order to properly complete the burnout process.

  • Start the car and keep your left foot strolling on the brake pedal. Point the wheels directly forward and move the selector to 1.
  • Switch off the traction control. If you won’t switch off the ECU will keep trying to regain the traction and it will obstruct burnout.
  • Press and hold the brake and gas pedals as much as you can. Then come to rev the engine and disengage the brake slowly to make the tires burn.

How to do a Burnout in an Automatic Honda Civic?

If you are going to do a burnout with Honda Civic, it is important to come with the right kind of information to perform this. Without following the proper steps, you may put yourself in danger. So, before performing these risky stunts, make sure that the car is in the right condition. After starting the engine, you have to rev it. Make sure that you have moved the selector to 1. Lock your handbrake. Now depress the clutch and after doing that, your wheels will spin and smoke will come out. Once you come to this position, you can easily experience the burnout smoothly.

Are Burnouts Bad for an Automatic Car?

When you are performing any burnouts, the tires heat up, and smoke comes out from them and keeps the car immobile while spinning the wheels.

  • In this way, the vehicle creates lots of friction; this is the main reason for the smoke. Burnout in an automatic car is not so difficult. But, one thing is to keep in mind that it is an illegal act and properly needs safety cautions.
  • If there will be a small mistake, it can lead to accidents and injury. So, it is important to come with the right kind of permission before going for a burnout. It also damages tires in the future.

Are Burnouts Bad for Your Brakes?

When you are doing any burnout, the brake pads are rubbing against the rotating wheel spinning at similar speeds. They are doing it because; the brake system has this function. So, it is obvious that they have to apply reverse force on the wheels while stopping them from rotation. In this way, it will shorten the life of the pads no. However, the loss is less than the heavy breaking in stop-and-go traffic. So, it is important to come to a conclusion that brake systems are perfect before going to do any burnout performance.

How to Drift an Automatic Car?

It is quite easy to drive an automatic car. You can drive the car to a large area with no traffic.

  • First, you have to start the car and accelerate while moving the gear with room to rev. Most of the time people use second gear for drift which is not a smart way to go.
  • So, it is important to use 1 gear for drifting the car. Properly push in the lock-up clutch of the torque converter and move the steering properly inside the turn.
  • While doing all these actions, you need to apply a handbrake at the same time.


  • Always follow the safety tips while going to burnout a car.
  • Never bend your wheels while performing this burnout stunt. Always keep the wheels straight while doing it.
  • Make sure that the brakes and the clutch are in perfect condition to keep you and your vehicle safe. They need to be applied at the right time to avoid any kind of accidents.
  • If your car is inefficient, you shouldn’t try this stunt. This is because; there is a possibility to face accidents.
  • Always follow the expert’s safety tips while performing this solo.

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