Drawing is one of the talents that can be learned by constant practice. With time, you can draw different types of things with intricate details.

If you are into guns and like how detailed they are, then this guide will help you draw one with ease.

How To Draw a Gun:

There is a vast variety of types when it comes to guns. Some have intricate details; some are big and heavy while some are handy and pocket-friendly.

Here are some simple steps on how you can draw one of those guns with ease and precision.

Step #1:

The first thing you must do before you start drawing anything is to gather all the necessary tools and stationery that you might need while drawing the gun.

It is better to collect all of it at once before you start so that you won’t have to interrupt the process to go grab something that isn’t present on your working station.

Step #2:

Once all the necessities are gathered, clear your work station so that your paper does not get damaged in any way.

Lay all your papers and other necessities down just where you can easily reach them.

Step #3:

Next, find a comfortable spot for yourself as all the details and precision can take a bit of time.

To get just the right details, you might have to redo some steps.

Step #4:

Once you are all settled and comfortable, start by searching a picture of a gun from a book, a magazine, or just online.

As there are hundreds and thousands of guns, you will have a variety to choose from. Choose the gun that you prefer drawing and set the picture right beside your papers.

Step #5:

Start the drawing by precisely sketching out the outline of the gun.

Take the help of a ruler to draw the perfectly straight lines that you require. Try to use the ruler as much as you can to draw the precise details of the chosen gun.

Step #6:

Once the outline is done, set the ruler aside and start working on the tiny details that give the gun a more realistic touch such as the trigger, hammer, or the disassembly lever.

Take a proper look at the picture that you chose to see if you have covered all of the spots of the gun and are done drawing all of its parts. Keep an eraser in your reach in case you mess anything up.

Step #7:

Now that you are done with both the outlines and the details, it’s time for the finishing touches. Go ahead and fix all of the imperfections in the drawing like the curvy lines or the unfinished spots. Pay attention to the areas where you need to add a bit of texture or design.

Step #8:

The last thing that you will have to do is finish off the drawing with some shading or coloring, just according to your preference. And voila! There you have it, the perfect drawing of a gun in just a couple of minutes.

Types of Gun Drawings:

Here are a few ways to draw a gun in different styles and designs.

Realistic Sketches:

You can draw a realistic sketch of a gun with details so precise that it looks like it’s an actual gun. You can achieve a realistic look with the help of shading and the exact details that you can see on a picture.

Inside Details:

One of the unique ideas to draw a gun is to draw what the gun looks like from the inside. As the inside of a gun is full of unique and complicated mechanisms, you can amaze everyone with your précised details and hard work.

Illustrative Drawings:

Other than that, you can draw a cartoonic or comical looking gun for pop art or comics. Give the gun a funky touch to it with cartoonic details and designs.

Water Guns:

Water guns are usually different from what normal guns look like, so this can be something different for you to try. A water gun has different details and inner mechanisms compared to the real guns.

Take Your Drawing Up a Notch:

Once you have drawn a gun with all the right details, if you are still not satisfied with how it looks, just add a personal touch to it.

There are different ways that you can add life to your drawing. If you draw a hand gripping the gun, it will give your drawing a realistic touch.

Or you can add movement your drawing by drawing a bullet coming out of the gun. You can even fill in the gun with watercolors or simple pencil colors to make it look bright and eye-catching.

We hope that this guide will help you draw the gun that you have in mind with ease and simplicity.