A must-have summer essential or fashion accessory while on holidays is a hat specifically a fedora hat. It just adds something extra to the overall look one might be going for.

Probably a hat might be the easiest thing one can draw. However, it can become a bit tricky when you are not so good at drawing. So we are going to learn how to draw a hat by following some simple and easy steps.

How to start drawing a hat

Essentials required for making the hat of your dreams:

  • A pen or a pencil
  • An eraser to erase all traces of any mistakes made
  • A piece of paper on which you will be illustrating your masterpiece
  • An idea of what actually you are trying to achieve
  • And lastly a bowl full of patience

Step 1: Lets Begin

The first thing that you need to do is that you need to lay out all your tools that will be used to draw a hat.

Clear out the surface on which you will be drawing and set your paper down.

It is recommended to play some soft music in the background to add to the overall environment that you have created.

Step 2: Ovals big and small

Now start off by drawing two ovals one big and one small parallel to each other.

The small oval will be placed at the start of the page. The big oval will form the surface and it will be at the end of the page.

The small oval will form the top of the hat and big oval will form the surface.

Step 3: Lines

The next step is to draw lines.

Start off by drawing a line running through the middle of both the ovals and joining them together.

Then draw a curvaceous horizontal line right in the middle of the line previously drawn running through both the oval shapes drawn.

Step 4: Outline

Now in this step, we will be drawing an outline with the help of the curvy line we had drawn in the previous step.

Draw a “U” that will join the top small oval with a curvy line.

Make sure these lines are being drawn roughly as they would be erased roughly because they are just helping us to create a foundation for our hat.

Step 5: Another outline

Now, this might be a tricky part so tread carefully.

Start off by drawing an outline of the big oval from one side. Now as you are moving to the front draw a rough line extending outside of the oval in a pointy shape.

Replicate the exact same thing from the other side of the big oval as well.

Step 6: All your edges

Let’s start drawing out all the edges to give more definition to the hat we are drawing.

It would start looking more like a hat when it is put together.

Once the edges are all drawn it is time to start adding some details. Which brings us to our next step.

Step 7: The necessary details should be added

Start by adding more lines and drawing more circles to the hat.

Try to give it more definition and add more tiny details. Imagine what a hat looks like and start adding details. It can be in the form of tiny folds that are present in the actual hat or the slightly crumpled material around the edges.

These tiny details would add something extra to your drawing of a hat-making it looks more realistic in some way.

Step 8: Finishing touches

We have almost come to the end of the drawing. Just some finishing touches need to be added to complete your drawing of a hat.

Erase the traces of all the helping lines we had made to formulate the structure of the hat.

Add some rough details if necessary.

Step 9: Add some color if you want to

Ideally, by adding some colors the imperfections of the drawing would be hidden. It would add more character to your drawing.

Add whatever color you want to your hat. You can opt for some light summery colors or the classic black as an option. However, if black is selected it is recommended to lightly shade the drawing with the color.

Painting it all black would hide all the tiny details you have added to the drawing.

Step 10: Sit back and admire your artwork

Now that you have completed your drawing just sit back and look at the drawing that you have made and appreciate your creativity.

Not everyone can make a hat but you did. Give yourself a pat on the back.  You can even frame the drawing that you have made to show everyone the masterpiece that you have created.

Even if it might not have turned out the way you had imagined but you still made the effort.

Draw a hat with all steps mentioned above. The outcome is truly going to be amazing. All you need is a pencil and motivation to try at least till the time you reach perfection.

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