Drawing can be a great way to get your creative juices flowing. While drawing cartoon figures, there are many unique elements that one should know how to draw.

One such icon is the sign of lightning bolts. These come in handy whether you are using it to indicate a weather scenario or to complete the superhero Flash’s outfit.


Before you start, it is important to keep some essential supplies on hand. It can be quite annoying if you are not prepared. Look down to get a list of all the things you might need.

  • Pencils
  • Eraser
  • Sharpener
  • Rulers
  • Color pencils (optional)

These are some of the basic things you need to have on hand. The drawing for lightning bolts is a very simple one. It mainly consists of drawing straight lines and then joining them.

For this purpose, you need to have a ruler while drawing. The ruler will help you avoid any sloppy lines and make the bolt look sharp.

The color pencils are also optional; instead, you can choose to shade all the edges of your bolt as well. People often use shading techniques when they want to add a 3D effect to the drawing. You can paint it as well.

Following are the key Instructions to Draw a Lightning Bolt:

Straight Lines

  • First off, start by making sure that your pencil is in good shape. A pencil with a broken lead nib or edges can lead to a dirtier and messier drawing. Firstly sharpen your pencils with the help of a sharpener. You can also write a little on a spare paper to make sure that the pencil is working fine.
  • The one figure that we will repeatedly make throughout the drawing is an L.  The only difference will be that these Ls will be a little slanted.
  • As we start drawing, first you will two straight lines. First, draw a slanted vertical straight line. This line should be slanted a little towards the left. Make sure that the line is big but not long because you will have to draw a few more of the same size underneath in the next few steps. Once your first vertical slanted straight line is drawn, draw a small horizontal line right where it ends. This will give you a slanted L.
  • Next up is to draw another exactly same slanted L. the only thing you have to be particular about is the placement of this next L. Pout your pencil right on the edge of where the small horizontal line ended. From there draw another slanted vertical line. This line should be the same size as the one you drew previously. Once again draw a small horizontal line where the vertical line ends. This will give you another slanted L right under the one you drew before.
  • You are almost done now that you have a vertical zig-zag of straight lines. Draw one more slanted vertical line under the second slanted L. Here the left side of your bolt is completed.

Other Side

  • Next, draw the same line on the right-hand side. This end will start from the bottom of the where the last straight line ended. Extend it upwards and make an opposite slanted L.
  • Repeat the same L for the one drawn above. This will give you another slanted L on top of the one you just made.
  • The trick to drawing the right-hand side of the bolt is to just replicate the left-hand side but make it opposite. It is also necessary to make each straight line on the right-hand side to be a little longer than the one on the left-hand side. After extending it a little, you can make the horizontal line.
  • The bolt will be triangular at the bottom. This means basically you will have a pointed edge down at the bottom and as you move upwards the bolt will start to get broader.
  •  Draw a straight horizontal line and join both sides together. The straight horizontal line will work as the head of the lightning bolt. This will complete the drawing of your lightning bolt.
  • Lastly, you can choose to color it with color pencils, crayons, or even paint. This one step is optional as you can choose to shade in it as well.  If you opt for color pencils, be sure to color in the same direction for a refined look.

Tip: Don’t draw too hard or you might not be able to erase it properly. Keep a light hand while drawing. Keep a close eye on the measurements. Having a ruler on hand can be very beneficial for the final look. You can also use a dark colored marker or gel pen to outline the bolt. Once you outline the bolt it will be relatively easier for you to color in it.

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