Snake is one of the most common animals that kids and young at heart like to draw.

It is fun and easy to draw.  With these easy to follow steps, you can draw a snake effortlessly.

  • The first step is for you to draw a squiggly line. Then add an oval shape at the end of the squiggly line.
  • Second, draw the head outline using the oval shape. Inside the pear-shape head draw a small single arch in the middle. Add two (2) small way lines on the left and right side of the pear shape for the snake eyes.
  • Draw two (2) lines for the body. Start from the left side base of the head following the original squiggly line. End this line on the second bend of the original curvy line. Do the same steps on the right side and end the right line in the middle of the first bend of the body.
  • Draw in the eyes on the two small wavy lines. Then add two (2) dots at the tip of the head for the nostrils.
  • Complete the body by finishing the left side drawing up to the tail. Do the same for the right side of the continuing through the tail creating a point.
  • Now let us add the snake’s forked tongue. Draw a line down from the middle part of the tip of the nose. Add a “V” shape at the end of the line. The “V” shape completes the snake’s forked tongue.
  • Now that the drawing is complete, you can add some patterns. Or you can add a spiral pattern on the tail of your drawing to make it a rattlesnake.
  • Or you can color your drawing using crayons or colored pencils to add more character to your drawing.

How to Draw a Snake (for kids)

  • Draw a thin “J” shaped hook and add a dot at the tip of the head for an eye.
  • Continue drawing the “J” shape all through the back of the body; make sure the body width is the same as the head of the snake.
  • Add another curve on the left side of the body with the same width as the head. Do the same on the right side of the body. Then, make the end of the body by creating a thin pointy tail.
  • Add the “U” shape patters along the body by using a colored pen or pencil.

Here’s another way to draw a snake for kids

  • Start by drawing an oval for the snake’s head.
  • Add mouth, an eye, and a tongue. The tongue should be slithery.
  • Then, draw a thin long line downwards. Make the body appear like it’s a bit of a curl or the snake is can wrap a prey.
  • Add another line on the other side of the first thin long line to complete the body.
  • Lastly, add another line to separate the back of the snake’s body from its belly. Draw in lines or patterns to add texture to that separator.
  • Complete your drawing by adding small ovals or “U” patters along the body. Then, add some colors to it more attractive.

How to Draw a Baby Snake

  • Draw an oval with curves on top (like the inward curves of a heart). And then add two (2) dots on the upper part of the oval for eyes. Then, a curve below the eyes for the snout, two (2) curved lines for the mouth. Add two (2) little dots below the snout for the nose.
  • Draw two (2) lines from the base of the face for the body. Continue the lines and sweep it to the right, then to the left, behind the snake, then back around. Finish the body by adding a pointy tail.
  • The baby snake drawing is done. Finish off by adding your favorite color using colored pens, colored pencils, or crayons.

How to Draw a Snake Face

  • Start by drawing a shape the same as a broken paper clip. Or a thin oval shape with one open end.
  • Draw a small circle in the middle of the face. Add a vertical line inside the circle to complete the eye.
  • Add a dot on the closed upper right side of the face for a nostril.
  • On the open side of the face, draw the lower jaw by connecting a line from the lower right to the upper left side of the face. Lastly, add a tongue.
  • Complete your drawing by adding colors.

How to Draw a Snake Head

  • In the middle part of your drawing paper, start by drawing an arch for the head.
  • Next, add the tongue of the snake by adding an upside down thin “V”.
  • Draw an additional line for the snake jaw. Then, add a round shape for the eye.
  • Add two (2) vertical lines below the jawline for the snake’s long neck. Add stripes or horizontal lines to the lines to add texture.
  • Complete your drawing by adding lines starting from the jaw and the other line from the head. These lines represent the thickness of the snake’s body.
  • Add some colors or you can leave the drawing as is.

How to Draw a Striking Snake

  • Start by drawing two (2) ovals at 90 degrees. Figures should overlap each other on one end.
  • Then draw an “S” curve starting from the end where the two (2) ovals intersect. Draw the “S’ line downwards.
  • Draw the upper and lower jaw of the snake using the two (2) ovals as a guide. Then, draw an arch line towards the left, starting halfway down the jaw. The line should stop before the“S” part of the original line created from step 2.
  • Now, draw the second line starting from the bend of the “S” line down to 45 degrees.
  • This time draw the lines of the mouth. First, draw a single line from the top of the jaw down to the bottom. Then, on the other side, draw on the top tip of the jaw down to the bottom of the lower jaw (tip of the second oval).
  • Add other details of the face by drawing a small circle at the top of the oval for the eye. Then, add a dot in the middle of the eye for pupil and small arc above the eye for the eye ridge.
  • Complete the body by adding two (2) lines. Start the first line at the back of the section where the two (2) ovals intersect. This line must follow the original “S” pattern towards the bottom of the jaw. This line should like a sideway , left in “U.”
  • The second line starts at the bottom of the jaw following the “S” line downwards.
  • Add the fangs by drawing two (2) sharped curves below the eye and the tip near the nose.
  • Feel free to add colors and patterns on your drawing to make it unique and more attractive.

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