• Place your marker/pencil on the left-most side of the paper, and draw a curved, backwards ‘J’ shape. This will be the nose of the unicorn.
  • Make one eye of the unicorn. This should be close to the top of the ‘J’ and can be a closed or open eye. For a closed eye, make a parabola with distanced eyelids. Or, for an open eye, make a circle with two smaller circles inside it; one on the top corner and one on the bottom. Fill in the gap between the two smaller circles, while remaining in the boundary of the larger circle. This will give a gleaming eye look to the unicorn.
  • Draw another curve beginning from the tip of the ‘J’ to just a bit below from the top of the eye. This will be the chin of the unicorn.
  • Make the ear of the unicorn like a pointed, inverted ‘V’ – a little away from the top of the head.
  • For the mane, draw a curve connecting the end of the ear to the top of the ‘J’. Draw another curve which goes the opposite way too; from the stem of the ‘J’ to the back of the ear.
  • Make another small triangle behind the opposite curve – this will be the second ear of the unicorn.
  • Now, for the important part; the horn of the unicorn. Make a longer inverted ‘V’ shape right beside the second ear. You can fill the horn with curves/diagonal lines going from one side to the next to make it more magical.
  • For the neck: Draw a curve from the bottom of the first ear till towards the bottom of the page. Make the curve as long as you want the neck to be. This curve will look just like a question mark (without the dot, of course).
  • Make the front of the neck by drawing another curve from the chin and directing it downwards. Curve it backwards to make the chest of the unicorn.
  • Draw the hair of the unicorn from the back of its head. You can make it any way you want; drape it downwards, or make it spike upwards like distanced inverted ‘V’s.
  • Now to the legs. Make the front leg of the unicorn by drawing a downward straight line from the left side of the belly (chest). Make another line beside it to complete the leg, which flares at the bottom. Connect the two lines at the bottom to make the hoof. Make another curve above it to improve the hoof.
  • For the main body of the unicorn, make a curve which begins from the first line of the neck and stretch it to the right. Curve it backwards and under to make the bottom of the unicorn.
  • For the second leg, from the end of the bottom curve, make a line which goes diagonally to the right for a small distance, and then bring it straight down. Make another similar line at a distance. This completes the second leg. Join the ends and add a curve above for the hoof.
  • Connect the top of the top legs to complete the belly of the unicorn.
  • For the back leg, back another line close to the second leg. Take it diagonally towards the bottom right of the page, and then straight down. Keep the line shorter than the second leg, since the third leg is behind the second leg. Make a line at the bottom of the back leg and connect it to the second leg. Make another curve above it for the hoof.
  • For the front leg, make a sideways ‘V’ beginning from the neck of the unicorn and ending at the middle of its first leg. Make another similar ‘V’ within it. This gives a look that the unicorn is walking.
  • For the completion of the unicorn, it is time to make the tail. Make 2 downwards curves from the bottom of the unicorn. Connect its ends.
  • Your unicorn outline is now complete. Fill it in with the colors of your choice, and stun friends and family with the cutest unicorn ever drawn.

How to Draw a Unicorn Cake

  • To make a unicorn-hued slice of cake, begin by drawing the outline of a cake slice. Draw the first straight line. From the bottom of the line, construct another line angled slightly upwards, and extend it in the direction of the top right of the page.
  • Make a second straight line going upwards from the end of the line angled upwards.
  • Make a 3rd straight line, parallel to this line.
  • Join the ends of the 2nd straight line to the first line straight drawn by making a wavy line. This will form the shape of a tilted curvy rectangle.
  • Next, from the top-left corner of the rectangle, make another straight line at 60-degrees, going in the north-east direction.
  • Begin making the cream balls of the cake slice which begin from the top of the 3rd straight line and go until the end of the 60-degree line. You can fill in the balls with polka dots or sprinkles. This will give you the basic outline of the cake slice to now fill in.
  • For the horn of the unicorn, make an inverted ‘V’ in the middle of the slice. Join its ends by a curve, and add more zig-zag lines within the horn for a pronounced effect.
  • Decorate the top of the cake slice by stars or spots, or anything of your choice.
  • For the layers of the cake slice, make equally distanced lines going from the first straight line to the 2nd.
  • For the eyes of the unicorn, make 2 circles in the front face of the cake slice, right above the layers. Add two smaller circles to it and a curve below. Fill in the gap between the two smaller circles and leave the underside of the curve and smaller circles unfilled. This gives sparkling eyes of the unicorn for a magical gleam.
  • Add a small parabola in the middle of the two eyes for the smile of the unicorn.
  • Fill in each layer with a different color, and color the rest of the cake slice as you wish.

Your magical unicorn cake is ready.

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