Waterfalls are the source of water in the hilly regions. The molten ice flowing from the top of the mountains or the flowing rainwater through the walls of the hills create waterfalls. But one more thing you may not know that the waterfalls increase the beauty of a painting.

How to Draw a Waterfall with a Colored Pencil?

A painting is incomplete until you put colors on it. Colors make the painting seem real as all the objects in the painting get lives due to this. This is why colored pencils are very useful while you are drawing a picture on paper.

  • As I have said earlier that the waterfalls make the paintings lively. But drawing a waterfall properly is not a very easy thing to do. If you want to draw a waterfall you need to draw hills in your painting.
  • Now you need to put attention on the time which you want to portray in your painting. If it is morning, you can easily paint the waterfall with a blue colored pencil. But if you are wishing to portray the scene of evening or dusk, then you have to think about the color combination a bit more.

  • If there is no sun in your painting then you need to portray it as it is just on the opposite side of the waterfall. So you need to put some colors of the sunlight like reddish-yellow or bright yellow to portray the reflection of the sunlight on the waterfall.
  • You then have to put some shades of different colors on it to make it more real. Always drag the colors downwards as the water comes down from the hills to the plane land.

How to Draw a Waterfall on a Map?

Portraying a waterfall on a map is not like drawing or painting a waterfall on a white paper as a natural scene. You need to make it understand that on the particular location there is a waterfall along with the terrain of the area. This is why first of all you need to begin it with a sketch.

  • Take a measurement of the paper and then draw a proportionate measurement of the waterfall as per the measurement of the area.
  • Now draw the hills around it or make the outlines as per your need. Then draw the waterline maintaining the flow of the river.
  • Now put colors on it so that everyone can easily understand that there is a river to cross. Try to mention the depth of the river with the help of the topographic map of that area.

Waterfall Drawing with Watercolor

Waterfalls are the best part of a painting depicting the natural scenery. The waterfalls make them look real as all the other objects get life in the painting. Painting a waterfall with watercolor is comparatively easier than with the color pencils. When you are drawing a waterfall with watercolor, you need to make it clear whether the waterfall is on the top of a hill or it is a flowing river from the plateau.

  • If it is coming down from the top of a hill, then you have to color it with such colors so that it looks frothy. As the water hits the wall of the hill and stones it makes froth.
  • So you should concentrate to make the white froths lively with your use of paints. You can use the color of the sky as mostly we see the water reflecting the color of the sky to draw the waterfall.

  • On the contrary, if the waterfall is a result of a flowing river from the plateau basin, it won’t create so much froth when it will come down through the hill wall.
  • This is why you can simply use the color of the sky or a bit yellow or red to make the water understandable. You have to make the endpoint of the waterfall a bit frothy as there it will create some froth resulting in the friction with the stones.

How to Draw a Simple Waterfall?

  • Make a curved line with your pencil on the paper you are having. Now draw some rectangles with rounded corners side by side as they will depict as the flow of water.
  • Draw some more on the previous ones but they will be shorter in size. It’s time to draw some bushes and trees beside the blocks so that it looks like a bank of a river flowing through the terrain.

  • Now put colors on the drawings. Put a bit darker color so that you can highlight the waters with a bit bright colors.
  • Now put a shallow blue color on the water body and put some shades of white and other colors to make the flow of water understandable.

How do You Draw a 3D Waterfall?

Painting a 3D waterfall is not a very difficult task to do. While you want to paint a 3D waterfall first you need to understand the difference between a simple waterfall and a 3D waterfall.

  • For a simple waterfall, you need to focus on two things only, the length and the width. You can put these two dimensions easily on a paper which itself has two dimensions. But to draw the third dimension on a two-dimensional object, you need to put some extra effort. You need to put shades to the objects in such a way that they look like they have breadth.
  • Also draw some lines, curves, and other things to make them look realistic. You have to put such combinations of colors that look real and flowing.

How to Draw a Waterfall from YouTube?

YouTube is a video streaming platform where you can get several videos on different topics. Drawing a waterfall is really a very much searched topic on YouTube. This is the reason there are several videos on this on YouTube. So you can easily go through them and can learn how to draw a waterfall.


  • Drawing a waterfall gives your painting a new life.
  • Use bright colors to paint the waterfalls.
  • Combine different colors to make it look realistic.

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