The moon is indeed one of the beautiful objects that orbit the planets.  The Sun and stars don’t have any influence on the moon, rather it reflects Sun’s light and shines brightly at night.

Most of us have experienced going outside at night and having a glimpse of the glorious moon whether it’s a crescent or full moon.

Nothing feels peaceful when you’re there alone with your own thoughts and you can’t but help look at the sky and see the beauty through the naked eye. And then suddenly you forget your worries and feel a sense of calmness by looking at the moon.

Without the existence of the moon, there would be a great change in the weather pattern. The earth would simply wobble without the moon.

As the earth and moon are co-dependent on each other, both of them move in sync. You may have seen in pictures that the moon’s surface has crates. It’s due to the hitting of meteors for over millions of years.

Do you know that the age of the moon is 4 and a half billion years old? That’s right. It’s younger than the earth. The moon came into existence because of the collision of a small planet-sized object with the earth.

In 1969, the first-ever mission to the moon took place where two American astronauts landed on the moon. Since 1972, no humans have landed on the moon.

If you’re fascinated by the moon and wish to draw the moon. This guide will help you in drawing the moon step-by-step and that too with few supplies.

Note that this is a very basic tutorial meant for beginners. You can further enhance your drawing through shading pencils and crayons for an in-depth look.

How to Draw the Moon – The Easy Way

You’ll need:

  • Pencil
  • Canvas
  • Paints/Colors
  • Protractor
  • Shading pencils (optional)

Steps to follow:

  • Use a circular object or a protractor to draw a uniform circle on the center of the paper. This will be the outline of the moon.
  • You can shade the background using a shading pencil and blend it gently with a cloth.
  • Divide the circle into four quadrants. You can roughly draw the lines to divide the moon.
  • It’s time to start adding detail to the moon. Use a pencil to draw the crates all over the moon. You can draw irregular shapes and dots that would look like crates. You can look at a real picture of the moon for reference.
  • Draw clouds surrounding the moon. This will definitely compliment your moon and give a fuller look. Either shade or color the clouds.
  • It’s up to you whether you want to use shading pencils or use paints to add colors to the moon. For a sketchy effect, use a pencil to shade some parts of the crates darker while the rest of the crates should have a lighter shade. Use a cloth or tissue to blend the shading.

And you’re done.

How do you draw a moon easy?

Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing the Moon
  1. Begin by drawing a circle. This will outline the moon itself.
  2. Draw a cloud passing in front of the moon.
  3. Completely enclose the shape of the cloud, using short, connected curved lines to outline the bottom of the cloud.
  4. Add another cloud beneath the moon.

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The photographs of the Moon, taken from space are the best true-color views of the Moon. That gray color you see comes from the surface of the Moon which is mostly oxygen, silicon, magnesium, iron, calcium and aluminum. The lighter color rocks are usually plagioclase feldspar, while the darker rocks are pyroxene.

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