How do you get 5 stars on clash of clans?

If a player attacks enough throughout a 24 period to earn 5 stars, they get free Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir. Extra money for actively playing the game. Higher Town Hall players get a bigger Star Bonus with more money, and those in a higher league (based on trophies) get more money as well.

How do you get 2 stars on clash of clans?

How do you earn Star bonus?

You can gain extra resources by winning five stars from multiplayer battles, which will be sent to Treasury. When you complete a Star Bonus, a 24-hour timer begins for a new Star Bonus to become available.

What determines Star bonus in CoC?

How can a th10 2 star a th12?

Star Bonus is a daily reward to players once they achieve 5 stars on multiplayer battles. A new Star Bonus is available every 24 hours. If you don’t complete it in time, the event will last as long as it takes and the stars have already collected will not be lost.

How do you attack a higher town hall?

What happens if Treasury is full in COC?

Where is Star bonus loot?

Treasury Capacity

If your Treasury is full and you are rewarded with more resources, the overflow resources will be lost. If you tap “collect” and your Storages don’t have enough space, the remaining resources will stay on the Treasury; they will not be lost.

How long does 4x Star bonus last?


Can loot in the Treasury be stolen?

When you complete the Star Bonus, your earned loot will be deposited to your Treasury to be safeguarded in your Clan Castle.

Do loot carts disappear?

This period of 4x star bonus in COC is limited for 4 days only. So if u attack after these 4 days u will not be getting those bonus loot. This bonus loot will help u very much in upgrading to higher structures.

What happens to star bonus when Treasury is full?

Which league is best for loot in th11?

Only 3% of loot stored in the Treasury will be stolen if an attacker completely destroys your Clan Castle, and if it’s not destroyed in an attack the attacker will not steal any loot from it at all. You can view your stored loot by tapping “Treasury”. From here you may also collect the stored loot.

What is loot penalty COC?

The number of resources will stop increasing at 90 days of not logging in. Like all resource collectors and the Treasury, if collecting the Loot Cart will make some type of your resources overflow, the excess part will remain in the Loot Cart and won’t be lost.

Is loot safe in treasury or storage?

If you keep your treasury full you will not get further star bonus loot as there is no space for more resources in your treasury, so dont full your treasury just keep it full upto 50% to 70% so there will be space. When full it cannot simply accomodate more loot and all you have to do is collect inorder to refill it.

Where is the best loot in COC?

If you didn’t rush and your troops are good the mid masters is a good place to find deceased th11 bases and make a decent amount of loot.

How do you do the Queen walk TH11?

How can I get higher loot in COC?

Basically what the loot penalty is the percentage of loot that you get off a base in a raid. When raiding the same Town Hall as you get can get 100% of the loot available. Here’s the amount of loot you can get off other Town Hall levels.

Is COC forecaster accurate?

Here is the deal: the safest place to keep resources is the Treasury, but not always: the loot cap is applied only to the regular storages, so the Treasury is the best place only until you reach the cap limit according to your Town Hall. The cap is the maximum loot you can lose from the storages only!

Should I trophy drop COC?

Which league has most deceased bases in COC?

Whether you are talking about storage loot or collector loot, the best loot is in the middle trophy range for your TH level: where ever you’d end up with a normal base layout if you didn’t play for a few weeks. If you drop too many trophies, you’ll end up amongst the loot-desert of goblin-knifers and Barchers.

Is Clash of Clans deceased?