A lost wallet can be the worst nightmare one can ever dream of.

A lost wallet does not only mean losing some of your valuable money, but also some other essentials tooLosing your wallet also means losing your credit cards, debit cards, driving license, your ID, or even your job ID too.

It can be the most difficult time of your life, especially when you are not even sure whether you have lost your wallet or it is stolen, as you dread about it going in the wrong hands.

Before you face a panic attack, it is critically important to maintain your cool, first of all, and then start with the following steps that will help you go through such a tough time, with strength and also help you in finding your lost wallet, sound and safe:

Relax And Maintain You Composure

The foremost, yet the most important step is to maintain your composure, don’t start panicking when you find that you have lost your wallet. If you start shouting and throwing things here and there, it will surely not help but make things much worse. Hence, it makes your lost wallet hunt more complicated. That’s why it is crucial to control your temper and relax first by taking a few deep breaths.

Think where you last placed it

Now once you’ve relaxed and come back to senses, start remembering where you last placed it? What was the place where you last used it? What were you wearing at that time? Because answering these questions by remembering all the tiny details will help you to know where you left your wallet. Sometimes people pay the bill at restaurants and forget to pick them, hence resulting in a lost wallet.

Check every nook of your house thoroughly

Start your search from your house. Check out every corner of your house by carefully looking for it in your wardrobe, drawers, below the bed, or on the sofa. But always keep everything back on its assigned place to avoid creating any kind of a mess. So, you can look through them again if needed, without a headache.

Look out for your lost wallet especially in your laundry basket in the clothes that you’ve changed recently, you might have forgotten the wallet in one of the pockets. Check your office bag, laptop bag, or your car dashboard in case you forget it there.

Retrace your steps

Go and check every place where you have visited recently. It is going to work only if you find out sooner that you are not carrying your wallet with you. Retracing your steps will also help you to rethink where you took out your wallet last time. This will definitely help you to know where you actually lost it.

Place a wallet locator or tracker in your wallet

If you have a wallet tracker card or a Bluetooth finder in your wallet, then the search for your lost wallet would be pretty easier.  There are many device tracking apps that help you to locate your essentials by indicating where you can find them.

Get the app on your phone and link it with any other phone of a family member too, that will help you to locate your essentials like mobile, wallet, keys, etc. when you misplace them.

Inform the police

Once you have checked every possible place to find your lost wallet and still cannot find it, then you must be sure that it’s stolen. Now it is time to inform the police about your lost wallet since it contains some essential information of your identity too and it can cause identity theft or fraud cases, so better safe than sorry.

The cops may not help you with the search but at least your reported case will be enough to save you from any possible identity theft cases. It will help you, in the long run, to avoid any possible false charges in the future.

Deactivate all your cards within 24 hours

You have a timeline of 24 hours to check your house properly for your lost wallet. If you cannot even find it in a day, deactivate all your cards, especially debit and credit cards. Call your bank helpline and inform them about your stolen/ lost wallet.

Also, apply for a new driving license and report the loss of the previous one. Similarly, inform your office about your lost official identity and request for a new one.

Final Word:

A lost wallet with all the essential documents can be the worst thing a person can think of. According to research, Wallet is one of the most common things people lose among phone, keys, glasses, and remote.

Always carry scanned copies of your ID cards rather than carrying the original ones. Also, always make a habit to double-check before leaving your office table, restaurant or even car so that you can be sure you are not leaving your essentials behind. Stay vigilant, stay safe!

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