A student trudging out of the comforts of his home to start a new life in college is filled with emotions.

The most overpowering of them is the feeling to live with a stranger for the next couple of yearsTo choose the right roommate in college is a tricky decision, one that requires due diligence.

Why is it Important to Choose the Correct Roommate?

Among the many challenges, a student faces while going to college include the emotional stress of living away from home. In addition, he or she has to worry about the expenses. But the most intimidating challenge is to fight the right roommate. Since a student has to spend the next couple of years living with this person, it is important one makes the right choice. Therefore, finding the perfect room partner in college can be a daunting task. You must look for a person who has the perfect understanding to live with you. Since it is about sharing space for a couple of years, you must know the importance of looking for the ideal qualities in that person.

  • Choosing the right roommate is a challenge many students face in college.
  • Roommates live for a couple of years together.
  • Therefore, it is important to make the right choice.
  • Look for ideal qualities in a person.

What are the Qualities You Must Look for in a Roommate?

When a student goes about the job of making a choice for a roommate in college he or she must remember that it is with this person that life will be spent for the next couple of years. Therefore, time spent will be more with him or her than anyone else, including other members of the immediate family. Therefore, it is important due diligence is done before the choice is made. Here are some qualities that certainly must be there in a roommate.


Trust is the key to any good relationship. You should be able to trust the other person with your personal material belongings. In addition, ask if you can trust your roommate with sharing emotional secrets.


It is only when disagreements are resolved peacefully that 2 roommates can live happily together. Therefore, mutual respect is important.


Compatibility is important. This includes being compatible with spending quality time together. In addition, look for a person who shares the same taste as you do.

Friendly Nature

Your roommate should be friendly by nature. After all, you would not want to live with someone who is constantly nitpicking and ready to pick up fights not just with you but also with your guests.


Communication is an important key in a healthy relationship. Therefore, look for a roommate who is willing to constantly engage with you as and when required. This quality comes in very handy when differences arise.

For more on the perfect traits in a roommate for college refer to this YouTube video.

How do You Find College Roommates Online?

There are many options available to find the right roommate for college. One of the most popular and easy options is to go log into your computer, register at a site designed specifically for this purpose, and put up your search.

  • In other words, there are numerous websites that provide this service. All one needs to do is to register at the site and start searching. While some websites require payment at the time of registration, there are others that provide this service for free.
  • Among the more popular websites are Roomsurf, Roomie, Reddit, and Diggz. Such sites utilize responses on personal habits and tastes to find the right roommate.

Finally, even as you search on the websites don’t forget to surf other social media platforms like Facebook to look for the right partner.

  • There are many websites designed for this purpose.
  • These sites find partners based on responses to questions about personal habits.
  • Apart from websites, you can always look up on social media platforms to find the right roommate.

Finally, Some Tips to Find a College Roommate

There are always some important tips a student can keep in mind before choosing the right roommate in college. After all, this is a question of spending one’s life away from home for a couple of years, till graduation day.

  • In other words, keep in mind some of the following advice drained down over the years from seniors who have gone through this process.
  • Firstly, reach out to friends for recommendations. Another avenue to scout for a good roommate is social media.
  • In other words, go to social media and join groups that will help give references. In addition, one can join websites designed especially for this purpose.
  • Finally, you can post a flyer on either your social media account like Facebook or twitter or put it up in a newspaper, or on the college notice board.
  • In other words, don’t leave anything to chance, attempt in all possible ways to look for the ideal candidate.


  • Look for recommendations from friends.
  • Join social groups on social media platforms.
  • Register with a website designed for this purpose.
  • Post a flyer in a newspaper or a social media website.

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