Whether we are born with a crooked nose, or it is a resultant of an injury – we are always on the lookout to learn how to fix a crooked nose.

While exercises don’t usually work, there are other surgical and non-surgical ways to go about it.

How to Fix a Crooked Nose with Septoplasty

  • When resorting to any surgical means to fix a crooked nose; first and foremost, make an appointment with the doctor. If the doctor diagnosis the crooked nose as a result of a deviated septum – you qualify for a septoplasty.
  • Ask the doctor for a recommendation for the best surgeon for the task. Another way can be to ask relatives or friends for a suggestion for the best surgeon in town.
  • Next, to learn how to fix a crooked nose, make an appointment with the surgeon. If the deviated septum is causing difficulty breathing, make the appointment as soon as possible to avoid any unpredicted difficulties.
  • When meeting the surgeon, discuss your entire medical history with them. If you have previous experiences of a nose-job, plastic surgeries, or any other surgery – let them know. Also tell the surgeon why you are getting the surgery done. This can provide a form of second opinion to you; whether the surgery is absolutely necessary or can be avoided.
  • Next, ask the doctor about the risks involved in the surgery. A septoplasty can have aftereffects like nosebleeds or infection. Thus, it is essential that you know what you are getting into before you are en route for surgery.
  • The next step; get the surgery done. You will be put under anesthesia. Whether it is general or other anesthesia depends upon the anesthetist’s analysis of the case and your medical history. The surgeon will make a cut in the nasal cavity. Next, the mucosal lining will be carefully separated. First, the surgeon lifts the nasal mucosal lining away from the septum. Then, he also lifts the other mucosal lining away from the septum. He then removes the deviated septum, that had been the cause of the crookedness. The nasal mucosal lining is returned to its place and carefully sutured together, with mostly dissolvable sutures.
  • The septoplasty is done. The last step involves a little after-surgery care. Fillers or packing may be added as support to the septum that has just been adjusted and corrected. These can also be in the form of splints. However, they won’t be applicable for each case.
  • Before leaving the hospital, ask the nurse for tips on maintaining the nose for the next few weeks of recovery. Do not take a bath for the next 24 hours. Clean the nose with Q-tips of need be. You may see some swelling, however, that is normal post-surgery.

Congratulations on having learnt how to fix a crooked nose.

How to Fix a Crooked Nose with Makeup

  • Purchase the right shades (yes, plural) of foundation. One shade should be lighter than your skin tone, and the other a shade darker. If you do not wear foundation, a concealer in such hues can also work.
  • Take the darker shade of foundation and draw straight lines with it on the crooked side of the nose.
  • Grab the lighter shade of foundation. Make downward lines on the opposite side of the nose i.e. the one without the evident bend.
  • Next, grab your beauty blender and it is time to start blending. Dab on the left and right side of the nose to blend the 2 lines into giving coverage for the whole nose.
  • After blending well, grab your highlighter for application on the bridge of the nose. This helps brighten the tip of the nose. Its also reflects light away from the entirety of the nose, thereby distracting others from its crookedness. It is best to get a creamy highlighter. Apply it in a straight line running down the bridge of the nose.
  • Move to the lip color after finishing up on contouring. Keep an array of light, pastels, and nude hued lip colors and stains in front of you. Apply them in a simple manner (not pronouncing the lips a lot) and top it with gloss. When trying to learn how to fix a crooked nose with makeup, ditch bright, dark and bold colored lip sticks. They draw more attention to your nose.
  • Next, go for prominent eye makeup. This diverts attention away from the nose and takes it to the eyes instead. A smokey eye is a good example of what you can do. Pair shades of grey and black eye smudged shadow with a bold, black cat-eye and a noticeable wing. This will definitely leave others glaring at the beauty of your eyes, taking away sight of the crooked nose.
  • Go out and flaunt your makeup skills. You have now successfully learnt how to fix a crooked nose with makeup.

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