There is nothing to celebrate when you have a loose tooth.

This is a clear indication of an underlying medical problemIt can be disheartening if this is happening when you are an adultThis is because a loose tooth is a common phenomenon for young onesIt happens when they are losing milk teeth to give way for permanent teethFor one reason, you might not have access to a professional dentist to handle the problemBut there is no cause to worryThankfully you can fix a loose tooth at home through the use of natural remedies.

How to Fix a Loose Tooth at Home

  1. Pepper and turmeric

This combination works best in strengthening your gums. It can, therefore, work correctly in fixing your loose your tooth. The process of preparing the powder is quite easy and straightforward.  Crush turmeric roots and black pepper in a bowl. Both ingredients should be in an equal amount. Apply the powder you get on your gums. Slowly massage your gums using the powder for at least 2 minutes. Once you’re done, rinse your mouth with clean water. Make sure that you do not eat or drink anything in the next 30 minutes.

  1. Saltwater gargle

Without a doubt, this is one of the oldest ways of fixing a loose tooth. It is a convenient method that you can do it right from your homestead. Saltwater works perfectly in dealing with infected gums. For this particular purpose, here is how to go about it;

  • Mix a tablespoon of salt with 6 ounces of warm water.
  • Take a sip and move the water around your mouth vigorously. Perform this exercise for about a minute, after which you can rinse, spit, and then repeat the process. By doing this, you remove all the hidden bacteria around the gums. This, in turn, strengthens your gums and fixes loose teeth.
  1. Mustard oil and table salt

Mustard oil and table salt can work correctly in strengthening loose teeth. You should mix the two and apply the mixer around your gums.  Take a bowl and put 1/8 of a teaspoon of table salt. Then add two drops of mustard oil. Apply the solution you get on your gums for about two minutes. Religiously repeat this process every day as long as the gums do not irritate.

  1. Amla or Indian gooseberry

Amla fruit works bests in giving support to the connective tissue of the loose teeth. Take a cup and mix equal amounts of amla fruits and clean water. Stir the solution and ensure they combine fully.  Rinse your mouth with the mixture. This will work correctly in strengthening your gum. Ensure you don’t eat or drink anything in an hour after applying the mixture.

  1. Oil pulling

Oil pulling or swishing means you’re entirely moving the oil around your mouth. This works best in eliminating harmful bacteria that may have found residence in your mouth. It also works well in maintaining good oral hygiene. You can use coconut oil or olive oil. So you can perform this exercise each morning for 15- 20 minutes before you brush your teeth. Once 20 minutes have elapsed, brush your teeth as usual. You can perform this procedure before you sleep as well.

  1. Calcium And Vitamin D Supplements

One reason why you could be having shaky or loose teeth could be that you have a deficiency of calcium and vitamin nutrients. These two nutrients play a vital role in both teeth and bone development. To improve your overall dental health, we recommend that you take both calcium and vitamin D supplements.

  1. Garlic

Placing garlic on the loose teeth works best in removing the anti-microbial agents that cause infection to your teeth. Garlic is such a robust anti-microbial agent. Take a garlic clove and slice it into thin slivers. Take one or two pieces and place them in between the infected gum and your inner cheek. Repeat this process two to three times a day.

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide

One of the main reasons for a loose tooth is an infection around the gum. This is caused by bacteria present, but you can eliminate them using hydrogen peroxide. Take a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide and swish it around your mouth for one minute. After that, spit it out and rinse your mouth with clean water. Complete this procedure by brushing your teeth as usual.

  1. Indian Redwood Bark Powder

The bark of this tree contains a resin that has been used for a long time to treat dental ailments. This is because the bark of the tree contains anti-inflammatory properties that aid at this great function. Also, it contains antioxidant properties that help in maintaining overall health properties. Take a small amount of the powder using your finger. Gently massage the affected area. Rinse your mouth with clean water.  For added benefits, you can add black walnut powder. Do this twice a day.

If all these methods prove futile, then you can seek a medical opinion from a professional dentist. But it is always good to try out these methods we have provided before you get there.

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