Everybody loves a fluffy bed to sleep on.

The companies that produce bed mattresses produce these kinds of soft and fluffy mattresses so that you can have a sound and comfortable sleep after the whole day’s workBut a sagging mattress may hamper your comfort due to the discomfort it causes.

What Causes a Sagging Mattress?

Every day we see different advertisements of bed mattresses where the companies claim that they are producing the best and comfortable mattresses for your sound sleep. These mattresses will not let you wake up until you recover fully from your tiredness. In the earlier days, people used to make mattresses with different materials like jute fibers, coconut fibers, and so on. But in the modern days, most of the people like to have a lightweight mattress which you can easily carry from one place to another. The heavy old mattresses are outdated now.

  • Though the mattresses are very comfortable and soft, many of the users face a problem of sagging the mattress at different parts of it. It feels like you are sinking within your mattress. This happens due to the uneven distribution of the mattress materials inside the cover.
  • Sometimes the cotton slips from their place and gather at a particular side. It mainly happens when anything heavy is kept on the mattress. So when you will lie down on the mattress, the cotton fibers may slide out and you may sink into the mattress.
  • We call this a sagging mattress. These conditions are absolutely disgraceful and uncomfortable for anyone who is sleeping on such a mattress. The experts say that these conditions may cause serious health issues, starting from spondylitis to sleep disc of the spinal cord and some other problems too.

Mattress Sagging on One Side

Many of us might have experienced that mattresses sag from one side. This can cause serious accidents while you are sleeping. You may fall down from the bed and it can cause you serious health hazards. Thus you should change the mattress which is sagging from one side. Other than that, there are some more things you can do. You can put a support under the mattress. A firm but thin sheet of plywood will do it for you. Other than that, you have options to put pillows under your mattress so that it can save you from the sagging mattress.

Mattress Sagging on Edges

Many times it may happen that you experience sagging of your mattress at the edges. Now the question is why the sagging occurs on the edges as you don’t put any extra pressure over that place. The answer is, due to faulty handling of the mattresses, you can experience sagging on the edges of your mattress. Basically, sagging occurs due to the pressure put on the cotton fibers while you sleep on them or sit on them. Many a time we put unnecessary pressure on the mattress and thus the sagging occurs. So you need to follow some steps to avoid sagging.

  • You need to rotate your mattress at regular intervals if you want to avoid sagging from the edges. A regular alteration will distribute the pressure on the mattress equally on all the edges and will cause less sagging.
  • Buy a mattress that resembles the size of your bed. This will hold the mattress properly inside the box area and it will fit properly on the bed. Roper fitting will not allow the materials inside the mattress to change their place and then you will experience less sagging on the edges.
  • Most of the companies use box springs so that the large mattresses stay in proper shape. If there will be a problem in the springs, then they will definitely sink when you will get on it for sleep. So if your mattress is sinking, then you should definitely check for the springs that are inside the mattress.

How to Fix Mattress Indentation?

Most of us generally take the decision to change the mattresses when they start sagging. Actually, we never think of fixing them as many of us don’t even know that we can actually fix a saggy mattress. Moreover, you can fix these problems in a really cost-effective manner while replacing the mattress may cost you more. Here we are going to discuss how to fix the indentation of the mattress.

  • If you can give proper support to your mattress then the indentation will be less. Make sure that the supporting material you are placing under the mattress can hold it properly within a particular area like a frame.
  • The frame should neither be larger than the size of the mattress nor very short of it. Then only it will help you to fix the indentation as it will hold the materials inside the mattress in a proper pressure.
  • Being aware of the problem of sagging mattress, many companies who make beds, put slats in place of box springs. This gives better support than that of the box springs to the mattress.
  • It also helps to hold the materials inside properly. If your bed is going to get a new mattress and it contains box springs, then you need to ensure that it can get support from the slats with at least 3’’ gap which is actually good for your mattress.
  • The indentation in the mattresses happens due to constant pressure on a particular place. If you are lying in a particular place every day then you may experience indentation on your mattress.
  • This is why the experts’ advice to change the position where you lay down to sleep and this will help you to avoid indentation of the mattress.

How to Fix a Sagging Mattress with Plywood?

Mostly we use plywood to have a good foundation under the mattress. If you are thinking of buying a king size mattress for your bed, then, first of all, you need to make the foundation of your bed better. You should make such a bed frame that will hold the mattress in its proper place. If there will be no displacement of the mattress, then there will be no chance of sagging in the mattress. Experts in this context, advise to make 6 legs foundation of your bed and after that the more the merrier.

Sagging Mattress Back Pain

A sagging mattress not only causes unsound sleep but it can cause you some serious health issues while you are sleeping on it regularly. Due to the typical shape of our body, we need to sleep on such a surface which will be flat.

  • If you have any indentation on the mattress then your body will get into that and will adjust as per the shape of the indentation. But this is not good for the health of our structure of the skeletal system. Since we have thousands of nerves in our spinal cord we need to take special care of the place where we sleep.
  • Our spinal cord is made of smaller pieces of bones which we call vertebra. Inside these vertebras, there are small discs made of nervous tissues. Due to the typical shape of the vertebral column, it needs a flat surface to stay in calmness.
  • If you will sleep in a sagging mattress then the posture of the vertebra may get hampered and can cause back pain. Not only normal back pain, due to long term use of these faulty mattresses, but you can also acquire diseases like spondylitis, spondylosis, and sleep disc, and so on. You will experience chronic headaches, vertigo if you won’t change your sagging mattress soon.

How to Fix a Sagging Memory Foam Mattress?

Sagging of the mattress generally occurs due to the poor care of memory foams. If you can take proper care of your memory foam then your mattress will never start sagging early. Here we are producing some of the best way-outs to fix a sagging memory foam mattress. Things you need for that are a stiff pillow, mattress pad or topper, mattress helper, and a layer of firm plywood. Now you need to go through the following steps to fix your sagging memory foam mattress.

  • First of all, Place your mattress on the floor of your room or your roof.
  • Get the stiff pillows for the next operation. If the pillows will be smaller in size, they will be more helpful to place directly on the affected area.
  • Put a mattress topper on the mattress which will help you to have a comfortable sleep. It will cover the area where the mattress has sagged.
  • Make a firm base of plywood under your mattress with plywood. Though costly, but one potential solution of the sagging mattress can be a mattress helper.

Will a Mattress Topper Help a Sagging Mattress?

A mattress topper is a thin layer of foam that will cover the area of the sagging of the mattress. Though thinner than the mattress, the sheer thickness of the mattress topper will help you cover the sagging areas of the mattress. It will provide you with a sound sleep.

How do I Stop My Bed from Sinking in the Middle?

Change your position of sleeping on your bed. Constant pressure on a particular place causes sagging of your mattress as the foams slide towards the other sides of your mattress. You can regularly flip your bed mattress too.

How do You Fix a Sagging Bed Frame?

  • Lift your bed mattress up. Shove each side of the mattress at the place of indentation.
  • You can put a pillow instead of the sagged area. Put your mattress back in position.


  • A sagging mattress can always be harmful to your health.
  • Use a mattress topper to cover the areas that are sagging.
  • You can put firm pillows under the sagged areas to fix the problem.

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