The human being is blessed with the power of creativity.

Diamond painting is one such skill that makes different types of craftworks from the other ordinary craft skillsIt contains cross stitch and painting by numbers to make beautiful designsIt is actually a faster and easier alternative to cross-stitch.

How to Seal Diamond Painting?

Diamond stitching came into the circuit for the first time in 2015. The craft masters paste small bits of resin or ‘Diamonds’ with the help of DMC coated adhesive to create a vibrant and colorful mosaic painting. Generally, we get two types of diamonds available in the market. People, who are well aware of the diamond painting crafts, often use a square drill and round drill. ‘Drill’ is nothing but another word to indicate the word diamond.

  • The square drills make the paintings look more complete and compact. They are also easy to line up and paste on the canvas.
  • They are good to fill up the gaps as they can easily fill the shape of the gap between the diamonds. On the other hand, the round diamonds or round drills are easier to stick to the diamond pen and their arrangements look more seamless.
  • Due to the round shape, the gaps between them look even more prominent in comparison to the square drills.
  • When you finish the diamond painting, you need to seal it so that the diamonds don’t come out from the canvas.

How to Give Your Painting a Longer Life?

It also helps you to give your diamond painting a longer life. So here are some techniques with which you can seal your diamond painting.

  • Use the brush on sealers which is an all in one solution to your diamond painting. It will hold the diamonds properly on the canvas and thus it will hold the diamonds for a longer time.
  • You will get the brush on sealers in different finishes and the consistency of the sealer depends on the artist’s preference.
  • The brush on sealer is water-resistant as well as glue and gives your painting a good finish. Even you can frame the painting without putting glass in front of it and this will make it easy to dust.
  • If you want to seal your diamond paintings well then put a cloth on it and rub on the cloth with some relatively heavy material. This will help the diamonds to set well on the canvas.
  • Put the brush on sealers on your painting with broad strokes. It is fine to put a thick coat of the sealer on the painting.
  • One more thing is available in the market as the sealer. Aerosol spray sealer preserves the shine of the diamonds. It is also useful to keep your diamond painting safe from moisture. Similarly, it stops the yellowing of the diamonds. It dries very quickly and thus you can roll up the canvas quickly.

Easy Ways to Frame Diamond Paintings

Finishing and sealing are not all to display your diamond painting. You need to frame it well so that you can make an exhibition of it too. If you will not frame a diamond painting, then it may get damaged and diamonds may come out from the painting. So here are some tips to frame your diamond painting.

  • Buy stretcher bars for your diamond painting. Put the painting on a frame made with this bar and you are done. This will give your painting a professional as well as a gorgeous display.
  • You can mount the painting on a foam board to keep the tension of the canvas intact. Measure the foam board as per the specifications of the painting and fix it on the board with some glue. These boards are easily available in hardware shops.
  • Poster frames are equally handy to frame your diamond paintings. You can get the poster frames in the craft stores. Now put your painting inside the frame and shut the plastic cover down. Your painting is framed properly now and it is ready for the exhibition.

Go Shopping for the Frame

Visit the nearest thrift shop to get your frame. Second hand and antique frames are easily available there. You can choose a beautiful and simple frame to show your painting off.

  • There are various types of photo frames available in the market. You can easily buy any one of them as per your preference. You can have a plastic frame or a wooden frame with fine designs on the bars. Take one of these frames to frame your diamond painting. It will provide a different level of look at your painting.
  • Since diamond paintings are heavy, you need to paste them on the frame to prevent it from slippage. If you won’t paste them, then the painting will come down within the frame and will cause you to work again on that.
  • When you are mounting the diamond painting on cardboard or on a normal wood sheet, then you can use Velcro to keep it set at its place.
  • Other than all these methods, you can finally visit a professional for the best framing experience of your diamond painting. It will cost you some money but you won’t have to put any effort into this.

What to do with Finished Diamond Paintings?

If you have finished your diamond painting, then it is the time to preserve it. You can easily seal the painting with a brush on sealers. This will prevent your paintings from decay and the diamonds will not come out easily. You can also frame the painting as well as sell them for exhibitions. The diamond paintings are a very handy and beautiful looking craft to decorate your home.

How to Frame a Multi-Panel Diamond Painting?

Press the paintings with a wooden roller and make sure that the diamond bids are properly pasted on the canvas. Now cut the paintings as per the size of the frame or you can make the frames in accordance with the size of the painting. Put the side of the painting by side on a piece of wood sheet or plywood. You can also use a foam board to make the framing more accurate. Now frame these paintings on a larger frame board to make it look like a scenery.

Should I Seal My Diamond Painting?

Yes, you need to seal your diamond painting; otherwise, the diamond bids may come out of the canvas and spoil the painting for which you have put so much effort.

How do You Frame a 5 Panel Diamond Painting?

A five-panel diamond painting means five paintings to make a meaningful scene. Since the diamond paintings are very heavy to carry, so you can’t carry a single painting of a bigger size. This is why the painters make smaller painting sheets to complete a bigger painting. Put the paintings on the foam boards and put them in a single frame. Your 5-panel diamond painting is ready.


  • Diamond painting is a newer technique of painting using smaller bids of different materials.
  • You need to paste them on the canvas to make the paintings.
  • Frame and seal these paintings well to make them stay longer.

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