Chapstick is the name of a brand that manufactures leap balms. This company came into the market in the 1880s and the current owner of it is Pfizer. This product is like a lipstick but it also gives nourishment to the lips. It also contains sunscreen to stop tanning.

Can You Remove Chapstick Stains from Clothes?

Though the chapstick gives you so many benefits, you need to stay cautious all the time when you use it. Due to your carelessness, it may leave stains in your clothes. This can be really hectic to clean as these types of stains don’t leave easily. It is not necessary that it will get on your cloth from your leap, but sometimes it may open accidentally in your pocket and may cause heavy stains. Not only on your clothes, but it may also get on the carpets as well as the couch covers and sofa covers too.

  • It is really hard to clean the stains of chapstick but not impossible. So if the question is to clean the stains of the chapsticks, you don’t need to get upset about it. First of all, you need to understand that the chapsticks have two things in it, the staining material as well as the grease. Here we are presenting you with some of the proven steps to get rid of the stains of the chapsticks.
  • The first thing you need to do is to scrap the chapstick material from the cloth as much as you can. You need to do it very carefully so that it doesn’t make any stain on your cloth.
  • You know that the dishwashing soaps are the best thing to clean the oils. So the second step will be applying some dishwashing soap or liquid on the stain.
  • Now after some time, rinse the stained portion of the cloth so that you can wash off the oily portion from the cloth. The next step is to pre-treat the stain with the help of a stain remover that the laundry people use.
  • After you put the stain remover, you need to keep it aside for some time. Now launder it into extremely hot water so that you can get rid of the stain.

Use Chlorine Bleach

Another easy way to wash off the stain is to use chlorine bleach. But in that case, you need to know whether the fabric can tolerate the bleach solution or not.

  • Now before you put your cloth into the dryer for drying, you need to make sure that the stain is gone perfectly. Otherwise, you may have to repeat the steps if you feel necessary.
  • You can also use a dry cleaning solvent if you see that the stain is not gone altogether even after all your efforts.

How to Remove Chapstick Stains from Couch?

Rinse as much extra chapstick off the fabric as conceivable, without discrediting it further. For the chapstick still lasting take an unspoiled white fabric and scrub the tint with a dry cleaning flush.

  • First, be certain to test this flush on an ordinary area of the material to be certain about the safety. Next, splotch at the stain till the solvent is engrossed. Repeat phases 2-3 until the dyes are detached from the material.
  • If that is inconvenient for you then make a mixture of cold water and a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid, and sponge the dye with an unsoiled white cloth, soaking at the mixture until it absorbs the fluid and removes the stain.

How do You Get Melted Chapstick Out of Clothes after Drying?

Many times, you forget to take out the chapstick from your pocket when you put your dresses to wash. You don’t only wash them in the machines, but the dryer dries them also. But what if you see smears of your chapstick on your favorite clothes, and then what are the ways to clean them? Here are some ways through which you can easily cleanse those clothes.

  • We have discussed previously that the chapsticks contain mainly 2 things, one is the coloring material and the other is the oily material to protect the moisture of your skin.
  • Now until you can clean both these materials up, your cloth will contain stains. There are some detergents and soaps which can clean the chapstick stains very well but first of all, you need to check whether it discolors the color of the clothes or not.
  • The first step of the cleaning process is to scrape off the greasy or semi-solid wax material from the surface of the fabric. A spoon or a dull knife is the best thing to do this work.
  • Then check the areas where your chapstick left a stain and put any of the enzyme-based stain removal material on it. Other than that you can also use any heavy-duty laundry detergent that contains these types of enzymes.
  • Now leave the cloth for some time so that the enzyme can get enough time to work. Most people leave clothes for 30 minutes and then wash the particular place well. If the stain is not fully gone, then repeat the steps.

Best Solution to Remove Stains

The best way to get rid of any stain is to break down the molecules of the staining material present in the chapstick. This is the easiest work that oxygen bleach can do.

  • It breaks down the staining materials by oxidation and banishes the stains. You need to make an oxygen bleach solution which will work as the oxygen brightener.
  • It is better to use warm water to get the best result out of it. Now put the cloth completely into the solution and let it soak into the bleach.
  • The minimum time requirement for this is 2 hours. If you can leave it overnight then it will produce the best result.
  • Now the next morning brings the cloth out of the solution and washes it properly. Your cloth will get the old glow back.
  • Generally, bleach solutions take out the color of the clothes. That’s why people use a bleach solution to lighten the color of their jeans and other clothes.
  • Use specially made stain cleaning bleach solutions for your clothes as they don’t harm the color of your cloth.

Can You Remove Chapstick Stains from the Clothes?

Yes, removing chapstick stains from clothes are not those much hard jobs. You can use a liquid detergent or dishwashing bar soap to clean the stains. Since you can use dishwashing liquids to clean stains of oil and other spices, it is very helpful to clean the stains of semi-solid wax or the grease in it.

  • If you have a dryer then you can set it in high heat and put the cloth into it. The heat will melt the wax and then you can clean it with distilled vinegar. Once you clean the oily substance from the cloth, then you can rinse the cloth.
  • Now use some dry cleaning material for the coloring material. You can use a spirit or petrol to clean the staining material. These things work as organic solvents and thus they have a special capacity to dissolve those things which are non-soluble to water.


  • Chapsticks have two things in it, the staining material as well as the grease.
  • Scrap off the greasy or semi-solid wax material from the surface of the fabric.
  • You can use a spirit or petrol to clean the staining material.

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