Having a leather shoe that complements your fashion outfit is breathtaking.

How about waking up one day and finding you leather shoes have developed creased lines? This can throw you into a world of frustrationHowever, you should know that even though crease lines are unpleasant, they are quite normal.

With time, creasing can get worse, and your shoe may not look that good. Fortunately, you can get rid of those creases in seconds. The process is quite simple and straightforward. Read through this article and follow the guidelines provided, and you will appreciate the effectiveness of the methods provided herein.

How to Get Creases out of Leather Shoes with Iron

1. Items needed

When using an iron box to get creases out of leather shoes, you may need other items as well to make the procedure more effective. These materials are readily available, and you don’t have to worry about running around to get them. Here is the list of items you need;

  • Iron box
  • A bottle of water
  • Cardboard or newspaper for packing/stuffing the leather shoes
  • Washcloth

2. Preparation

You must begin the process by preparing the shoes in readiness of the procedure. To start with remove the shoelaces if your shoe has one. Fold and roll the newspaper  and slide it inside your shoe. This helps in straightening out the creases.

Next, wet the washcloth using a bottle of water and place it over the creased section. We recommend that you fold and double the towel. The towel prevents direct heat from getting to your shoe. This is because too much heat might end up damaging your shoe. That’s not your objective. It would be ironical that you want to get wrinkles out of your leather shoes, but you end up damaging it.

3. Getting Into Work

Get the iron box and connect it to the power socket. Set the iron box between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit. After that, iron the towel placed over the shoes for a few seconds. In between the passes, lift the washcloth to check the progress to ensure there is no damage. What happens is that the combination of moisture and heat will slowly get creases out of your leather shoe. When carrying out this procedure, ensure that no direct heat comes into contact with your shoe. Religiously repeat the process until all the creases disappear.

Once all the wrinkles/creases disappear, turn off the iron box and remove the wet washcloth. However, do not be tempted to remove the newspaper inside your shoe. This is because they help significantly in the retention of the leather shape as it cools. You can use foot tree as well to help the shoes maintain rigidity when the cooling process begins.

Tip: Do not be tempted to go beyond the temperature readings we have given you in this article. The key idea here is to keep the temperature low. If you find that the low temperature is not sufficient, you can gradually increase the temperature to a point where you feel the heat is good enough to remove the creases out effectively.

How to Get Creases out of Leather Shoes without Iron

If you don’t have an iron box, there is no cause to worry there are other ways to remove creases out of your leather shoes without a struggle.  There are several ways in which you can remove wrinkles out;

1. With a Heat Gun or Blow Dryer

You might be accustomed to the fact that blow dryer is only used when working on your hair, but that’s not true. A blow dryer can do other tasks, including getting creases out of your leather shoe. However, unlike the method we have discussed previously, this procedure is a bit risky. This is because direct heat from the blow dryer may cause permanent damage to your shoe. Therefore, you should be extra cautious when undertaking the task.

To carry this process, begin by inserting shoe trees to the leather shoe. By filling the shoe with shoe tree, you are molding the shoe to develop the ideal shape that can accommodate your leg.

Connect the blow dryer or heat gun to the power and set it to a low setting. Ensure the heat gun is 8-10 inches away from the shoe then bring it back and forth above the crease line. When you are sure that the leather is warm, take the blow dryer or heat gun down. Then, gently massage the leather against the shoe tree.

If you feel that the leather is not warm, you can change the settings of the blow dryer to increase the heat. As we mentioned earlier, direct heat may not be suitable for your leather shoe since it is capable of causing permanent damage. The downside of this method is that it may dry out the leather. But there is no cause to worry as we have a solution for that. We recommend that you apply some polish or conditioner once you are done with the process.  For even distribution of the color of your leather, apply the polish or conditioner on the whole shoe.

2. With Conditioner or Oil (no heat required)

Leather conditioner and oils may work best to remove creases. This procedure does not require you to use any heat. To test the effectiveness of the leather conditioner or oils, you may apply it on one spot then proceed to apply it on the whole shoes. This ensures even distribution of the leather color or finish.

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