Gum is a fun thing to consume.

You can chew on it for hours and hoursThis source of enjoyment for your mouth can be disastrous as wellThere are lots of times when we find gum in weird placesWhether it is your hair, your clothes, or your furniture, getting rid of gum can be a tricky businessMany people try many different methods but always end up ruining the entire thing in the long runThe worse situation can be if you have gum on leather surfacesThis leather can range from your furniture to your clothes.

Below we have come up with various elements and items that you can use. These are the easiest and safest methods to get rid of leather surfaces. Keep reading to a glimpse of how to tackle gum disasters.

Usage of Heat

The first and foremost method to get rid of gum is by using heat. If you have gum stuck to a leather jacket or your leather couches then use heat. The safest way to use heat is by using a hairdryer. Hairdryers are extremely easy to operate. Turn the heat setting on moderate to high and aim it at the gum. Keep it aimed at the gum to soften it. As a little time passes, the stuck gum will get loose. Touch it and try to see if it will come off with your fingers.

If fingers don’t do the job, then use some other object like a card or the back of a spoon. Gently but firmly nudge at the gum to pluck it off. Make sure not to scratch too hard or you might end up ruining the material. Repeat this process twice or thrice for maximum results.

Use soap lather to get rid of any gum residue if there is any.

Ice Usage

You can also use ice to get rid of gum. This method is widely known because you are bound to get easy and efficient results. All you have to do is apply some ice on the area that has gum on it. Direct application of ice or water on leather can ruin it. Try wrapping an ice cube in a cloth and then gently rub it over the gum. You can also put a few ice cubes in a plastic bag and rub it over the gum. This will help in hardening the gum. Once it is hard and firm, you can simply pluck it off using your nails.

If that doesn’t work, use a credit card or any other spare card. Make sure not to use any functional cards. Similarly, you can also use the back of a spoon to remove the gum.

There might be some gum residue left once you have plucked it. To get rid of that, get some soap and make lather. Rub it on the gum reside in a circular motion.  Wipe the soap suds away with the help of a damp cloth. Don’t directly put water on it or you might ruin the material.

Usage of Food Items

Peanut butter:

This might come off as bizarre but it works! You can certainly use food items such as vegetable oil or peanut butter to get rid of gum. The reason why both of the food items work is because they have greasy elements in them. The oil from vegetable oil and the oil in peanut butter will both work wonders.

Take some peanut butter and mix it well. This is done to make sure that it is smooth and easy to apply. Once you have a smooth paste of the peanut butter then apply it on the gum. Before proceeding with this, try putting on peanut butter in some obscure part of the leather. If it doesn’t discolor then you can apply it to the gum area.

Rub some creamy paste of peanut butter on the gum make sure that there are no chunks in it. Let it stay on the gum for a while. The oil from the peanut butter will help in making the gum softer. As it becomes soft, the gum is bound to get loose as well.

Use damp clothes and rub it in circular motions. You will see that the gum will start to come off. Continue until you completely get rid of it. Again, use soap and damp cloth to get rid of any residue.

Vegetable Oil:

Vegetable oil works similar to peanut butter. Take a bowl and put some soap in it. Mix it well to create a lather. Now add some drops of vegetable oil in it and mix t well. Put a damp cloth in the water, squeeze the excess water out and then rub it on the gum. Repeat this twice to thrice for results.

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