Got some permanent marker ink on your plastics and it seems impossible to take it off? Well, worry no more! Here are a few do it yourself tricks that you can use to get sharpie off the plastic!

1. Try rubbing alcohol with a cotton swab

Alcohol has solvents that help to dissolve the chemicals in permanent ink.

The more concentrated the alcohol, the more effective it will be in removing the stain off from the plastic. Thus, rubbing alcohol is the safest and suits best if the percentage is above 90% at least.

Dip some cotton swab or paper towel in rubbing alcohol and rub it over the stain. However, it may not come off immediately and you may need to try it a few times before it does the trick!

2. Dry erase marker

This works well, especially on smooth plastic surfaces. Try covering the stain by writing with a dry erase marker and clean it off quickly with the help of a paper towel.

Try to use a darker colored erase marker ink. A few tries might be required for the complete removal of the stain.

Moreover, it is particularly effective for removing permanent marker ink from whiteboard surfaces.

3. Baking soda and toothpaste

Take equal parts of baking soda and an abrasive white pale toothpaste and mix them into a paste.

Put this paste over the stain and rub it with your finger or a toothbrush. Remove it off with a paper towel or a cloth. Try some rubbing alcohol to remove the residue stain.

However, make sure that the added toothpaste is NOT of gel nature.

4. Hand sanitizer or acetone

Acetone and hand sanitizers are also effective in taking permanent ink from the surface of a plastic.

Hand sanitizers are better for curved surfaces and help in reducing the size of the stain but acetones are most effective for this purpose.

However, a drawback of acetone is that it can affect the color and texture of the plastic. Dip a cotton swab into some acetone and rub it over the stain. Make sure it is not too strong as that might distort the plastic.

5. Sunscreen or hair spray

Spray some hairspray over the stain and clean it with a paper towel or clean cloth while it stays wet or you can also dampen a clean cloth with hairspray and rub it over the stain.

Try rubbing some sunscreen over plastic totes and remove it with a clean cloth.

6. Tea tree oil

Soak some cotton ball or a cotton swab into tea tree oil and rub it over the stained surface and remove it with a clean cloth.

Moreover, it shows better results and also smells a lot better than other alcohol hacks.

7. Acetone free nail polish remover

You can use acetone-free nail polish remover for non-porous plastic surfaces.

For this purpose, pour a few drops of the nail polish remover on some clean towel and pat firmly on the surface of the stain. Then gently wipe it off with a clean towel.

Moreover, this method is particularly effective for removing sharpie stains from plastic laminated surfaces.

8. Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide among other cleaning household agents is pretty effective in removing stains from hard plastic surfaces.

Moreover, other cleaning agents may include bleach, vinegar and baking soda etcetera.

9. Magic eraser sponge with cleaning agents

They are easily available at your local grocery stores. Look for a clean white brick-shaped magic eraser sponge without bleach or any other additive. Cut it into smaller pieces and dip in water or rubbing alcohol.

Next, clean the stain in small circular strokes and wait 5-10 minutes before results appear. However, make sure not to use the magic eraser on glossy surfaces as it seems to fade the glossy finish.

10. Pencil eraser

It is effective for stains of lighter nature on smooth plastic surfaces. A better-quality rubber eraser shows better results. Simply rub it over the stain until it starts to fade.

Some other items effective in how to get a sharpie off plastic:

You can also use a glass cleaner for this. Cleaning creams and gritty hand soap can do the trick as well.

There is a sharpie approved product, Amodex Ink and Stain Remover which can be bought easily online.

Goo gone is also shown to work in removing sharpie stains from plastic. Moreover, you can try rubbing it with some lemon juice.

Additionally, an abrasive pale toothpaste can do the trick on a plastic surface. A WD-40 can be sprayed on the stain and cleaned with a cloth. Lighter fluids can be used along with air fresheners containing alcohol in them.

So, what are you waiting for? Go try these life hacks and recover your favorite plastic items without wasting another minute!

How do you remove permanent marker from plastic?

To remove permanent marker from hard plastics, follow these simple steps.
  1. Color over the permanent marker you wish to remove with a dry-erase marker.
  2. Wipe over the area with a rag, and the permanent marker should come right off along with the dry-erase marker.
  3. Repeat if any permanent marker remains.

Will Sharpie stay on plastic?

And the answer is yes and no. Sharpie Oil Based Markers can be used on plastic. The traditional alcohol based Sharpie Markers are not ideal for plastic. They will smear and ultimately fade over time.

Does Windex remove Sharpie?

Cover sharpie spots with dry erase marker. Spray with windex and wipe with paper towels. Wipe over with paper towel.

Does WD-40 Remove Sharpie?

All you need to do is wet the magic eraser slightly, then use it to scrub the permanent marker stain from the surface. Use some WD40. WD40 is a commercial cleaning product with multiple uses in the home. Simply spray some WD40 directly onto the marker stain then scrub it with a clean cloth to remove.

Does acetone remove Sharpie?

Acetone and nail polish removers containing acetone can strip away most paints and dyes, and the dye in Sharpies is usually weak against it. Rub the portion of your cloth soaked in nail polish remover on the stain. You should notice the stain lifting out with only moderate pressure.

Does nail polish remover erase Sharpie?

If permanent marker ends up on one of your glass items, such as a window or mirror, you can remove it with nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol by doing the following: Apply remover of your choice to a cloth. Rub the strain. Use a clean cloth and a multipurpose or glass cleaner to wipe away.

How do you remove black Sharpie?

Using a cotton swab, dab rubbing alcohol onto the area with the marker stain. Add some water to your cleaning cloth and then dab the same area to remove any remaining rubbing alcohol. If the marker is still present after you’ve repeated this process a few times, then repeat step one with nail polish remover.

Does toothpaste get rid of permanent marker?

Rub the toothpaste into the entire stain using a circular motion. As the toothpaste disappears, the permanent marker should as well. If the marker doesn’t completely disappear after the first attempt, repeat the process with a new damp cloth and another dab of toothpaste.

Does vinegar remove permanent marker?

Common household products such as toothpaste, hairspray and vinegar can be used to remove permanent marker stains. Here are tips to remove it from various objects and surfaces. Carpet- White vinegar and Dawn dishwashing detergent.

Does sharpie work on teeth?

Using things like a permanent marker, nail polish, or certain types of makeup are not good options to layer onto the teeth.

How do you get permanent marker off a Barbie face?

Moisten a cotton swab or cotton ball with rubbing alcohol. Rub the alcohol over the marked surface. If the doll has other paints and colorings on the surface, use the cotton swab for better accuracy. Nail polish remover is another great at-home product for removing permanent marker.

How do you get sharpie off of a Barbie doll?

Apply acetone to your doll’s marker spot using a cotton pad.

Pour either rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover into a dish, and dip your cotton pad into it. Rub the cotton pad over the marker spot on the doll. Your marks should start to fade away.

How do you clean a Barbie face?

Answer: Once you’ve tried the suggestions given in the article and Barbie is still stained, try a cotton bud and a little rubbing alcohol. If that doesn’t work, gently rub a little undiluted dish soap on her face with your finger. Wait for three minutes and then wipe off. Wipe again with a clean damp cloth.

How do you clean plastic doll skin?

Use Toothpaste to Clean

A tiny dab of the whitening toothpaste should be applied directly to the doll’s skin where the dirt and markings lurk. Afterward, a cloth, which has been dipped in warm water and wrung out so it is not dripping wet, should be used to gently rub away the stain.

How do you clean an old hard plastic doll?

Dip a soft cloth in warm, soapy water. Wring it out until it is just damp and rub the plastic. Use a damp, soft toothbrush to scrub the doll, especially in places the cloth could not reach effectively, such as the fingers and toes.

How do you clean old hard plastic dolls?

Everyday cleaning of plastic dolls only requires mild soap and water – with caution. Candler recommends first making a solution out of clear dish soap and water for the unpainted parts of the body. “Soak a cotton ball in the soapy water and use this to clean the doll’s body.

How do you clean cloudy doll eyes?

Fixing cloudy doll eyes

So, all you do is make a cone from card stock paper or light cardboard. Make sure the opening is the size of the doll’s eye. Put the cone on the doll’s eye and use a hair dryer to blow hot air into the doll’s eye. This works because “The cloudiness is caused by a hard waxy film that…