If toothpaste falls on your shirt, there is no reason to fret. You can easily learn how to get toothpaste out of a shirt with designated methods for each type of clothing.

How to Get Toothpaste Out of a Shirt for Dry Cleaning Only

Step 1: Do not panic. Yes, this is certainly the first step for when you have accidentally gotten toothpaste on your favorite shirt. Stay calm and composed and follow the next steps to find out how to get toothpaste out of a shirt meant for dry-clean only.

Step 2: Place the shirt on a table or straight surface. This shall make it easier to get the toothpaste out.

Step 3: Grab a knife, preferably a butter knife. Grip the knife tightly and scrape off any excess toothpaste from your shirt. While some of the toothpaste shall have penetrated to possibly form a stain, some of the toothpaste would still be wet and on the top of the shirt. Therefore, it can be easily scraped off.

Note: Use your finger and thumb to scrape off excess toothpaste only if a knife is not available.

Step 4: Get a hold of a cloth that you can dampen. This can be a common cloth used for dusting surfaces, or any another piece of cloth.

Step 5: Make a liquid cleaning solution. For this, you will need about one cup of warm water, and laundry detergent. Add one teaspoon of the detergent to the water and stir until it completes dilutes.

Note: The measurements are only approximations and can be changed according to the amount of toothpaste that has fallen on the shirt.

Step 6: Soak the cloth in the cleaning solution you have made.

Step 7: If you want to learn how to get toothpaste out of a shirt meant for dry cleaning – this step is where the magic happens. Gently scrub the area of the toothpaste with the cloth. Since excess toothpaste has already been scraped off, the remaining is what has seeped into the fabric. Scrubbing with the cloth allows the toothpaste stain to come out of the fabric.

Step 8: Grab another cloth and wet it with water.

Step 9: Scrub the area of the now-cleaned toothpaste with the wet cloth. This step is crucial because we are learning how to get toothpaste out of a shirt meant for dry-clean. Since the shirt cannot be wet washed at home, this is another way to get the diluted detergent to do its work and come out of the shirt easily.

Step 10: Finally, leave the shirt on the rack to dry. Do not apply heat to the area or put the shirt in the dryer. The heat bakes the stain inside the fabric – making it a difficult stain to get out.

How to Get Toothpaste Out of a Shirt allowing Machine-Wash

Step 1: Take your shirt off and change into another set of clothes.

Step 2: Place the shirt on a straight surface. This can be a table, the wash basin, or the floor.

Step 3: Take a knife from the kitchen and carefully scrape off the remaining toothpaste from the shirt. Since toothpaste is a paste and not liquid, it doesn’t immediately seep through the fabric. Therefore, when a blot touches the shirt, some part of it remains on top and can easily be scraped off.

Step 4: Next, grab the shirt in your hands and make your way to the laundry room. If you don’t have a laundry room, go to wherever your washing machine is.

Step 5: Prepare your washing machine for a wash. Fill one-third of the machine with water. Add bleach. Adjust the load size of the machine depending upon the number of clothes you are going to water. You can easily wash the single toothpaste-laden shirt or wash it alongside other clothing items. add the required amount of detergent in the water. Stir the water so that the detergent dilutes easily in the water.

Step 6: Here is the simple yet crucial part: put the shirt for a wash. To learn how to get toothpaste out of a shirt that isn’t strictly dry-clean only, you can easily throw it in the wash and the stain will not develop. This is because most laundry detergents we use have the enzymes and surfactants required to cleanse the toothpaste stain.

Step 6: When the washing machine beeps that the load has been washed, take the shirt out of the machine. Lay it on a clothing rack to dry. Or, if you do not own a clothing rack, simply lay it on the table and switch on the fan. The shirt will dry up in no time, without a toothpaste stain. Your desire to learn how to get toothpaste out of a shirt that allows machine-wash is now complete.

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