Sometimes, people don’t want to take phone calls.

Most often, they switch off their phonesAt the same time, they feel worried about receiving important calls, such as from the family or officeOne way to avoid unnecessary calls is to make them straight to voicemailHowever, not many people know about this methodSo, how to do this? Let’s find out!

Go straight to voicemail

There are several ways to send calls to your voicemail. You can do this by quickly switching your phone to silent mode. However, this feature is not available on Android. It means you can apply this method on your iPhone.

So, toggle the ring and silent switch on your iPhone. It is the switch located on the left side of the phone. The switch is above the buttons that you use to control the volume. Here, you will see a tiny red strip located next to the switch. It shows that your phone is now in silent mode.

Depending on your phone settings, you can see incoming calls. However, you won’t hear the ringtone. Well, you will feel the vibration if your phone has this setting as default. So, when you hear the vibration, you can turn it off to avoid distraction.

It is simple to switch from ringtone to silent. Go to the settings and then to the sounds and haptics. Now, toggle off the vibrate mode on the silent switch.

Sleep/wake mode

When you have an incoming call, you can use the sleep/wake method or mode to silence the ringer and send it to the voicemail. It is a single button located on the right side of the iPhone.

Remember, if you have an older model, such as iPhone 4 or iPhone 5, then you will find the button on the top. Now, pressing the button will silence the ringer and send the call to voicemail.

Airplane Mode

Putting your phone in airplane mode is a great way to block your phone activity. When you turn on this mode, all calls will go straight to the voicemail. However, you will not know about the caller or who is calling.

Also, you can’t receive it until you open the phone and check the history. It is an excellent option for those who want to avoid distractions while working. The caller will think that your phone is off. So, when it comes to turning this mode, simply swipe up on your screen and then tap the icon “Airplane.”

Use the “Do not disturb” feature

The “do not disturb” is an excellent feature that you can use on your phone. It helps send all incoming calls to the voicemail automatically. Not only is the option workable for silencing phone calls, but it also stops other types of notifications.

Remember, you will still receive popups on the phone’s display screen. The calls will appear on display. However, they won’t make sounds and go straight to the voicemail if you don’t answer them.

If you want to receive certain calls while turning on this mode, then you have to adjust the settings. You can do this by going to the setting and then to the “do not disturb” option. Tap on the callow calls from the button and choose from the options.

For example, you can select no one, everyone, favorites, or group. Swipe up on your phone’s screen and tap the moon icon to turn on this feature.


Have you ever heard of Slydial? Well, it is a new service that allows the caller to go directly into voicemail. The service comes in different packages, and the basic one is free for everyone. It means you won’t subscribe to it. Also, there is no need to sign up for the service unless you require more advanced features.

It is easy to use Slydial. For instance, dial 267-Slydial and then 267-759-3425. When the service allows you to enter, then you will input the U.S mobile number that you are trying to call. The service will connect you and leave your voicemail. Then, it will hang up.

Moreover, you can use the Slydial app on Android and iOS. It is easy because you just have to create a free account with the Slydial service. Next, you will have to choose a contact using the app. You can even enter the mobile or phone number manually. After the app works to connect the call, you can leave a voicemail and hang up once you have finished.

The downside of this service or app is that you can’t dial all phone numbers. The service does not work with phones that use landline technology.

It also does not work with VoIP numbers, third-party voicemail service, and prepaid mobile phones. If you choose the premium package, you can remove the ads. At the same time, you can send messages to multiple people simultaneously.

How to call through voicemail

Previously, we had voicemail services available that offered the feature of calling through voicemail. However, the feature is no longer available due to a visual voicemail facility. So, if your phone lacks the feature of visual voicemail, you can then use this feature.

Make sure you check with your carrier on details. However, the option for sending a message is available, which you can select from the voicemail menu. So, this way, you can send a voice message from voicemail to the inbox of another person without making a phone call.

Remember, you can use the feature to send messages to your contacts. Thus, you can send voice messages to people who are using the same service. Otherwise, it has a limitation of not sending the message to those who are using a different carrier.

Final words

You can use the methods explained above to go straight to the voicemail. Besides, there are many messaging apps, which offer the feature of sending voice messages to your contacts. These apps are specifically designed to send messages without making a phone call.

So, you can use this method to bypass a phone call or voicemail entirely. However, it will serve the same purpose. These services are Telegram, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and other voice messaging apps.

In general, you can send a voice message using any of these apps. You can do this by opening a conversation and hold down the mic button. Then, you will let go of the button to send the message. Likewise, you can swipe the screen to delete the message.

In general, we recommend using Slydial because it comes with a wide range of features. The interesting this is that you can use the basic package for free. For more advanced features, you will select the premium package. But, we think the basic package will get the job done.

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