Are you tired of the same boring old look and want to have a new unique style? Then the handlebar moustache is the right choice for you.

To grow a handlebar moustache is a bold move. It gives men a new dapper look along with a sense of confidence that you’ve never seen before.

Moreover, the handlebar moustache gives you a new quirky approach. If you’re one of those people who want to experiment with long facial hair, here’s the perfect chance.

Once you’ve decided that you want to go with this look, the next question that comes to mind is “How long will it take for me to grow one?”.

Growing a basic moustache generally takes a couple of days, but growing this unique design might take a few months. It’ll require a lot of patience on your part and a lot of trimming as well. Mind you, those long hairs will certainly try to creep up to your upper lip.

When people usually hear that it’ll take a couple of months for them to grow a handlebar moustache, they generally tend to get a bit disappointed with the news. But the fact of the matter is that a couple of months doesn’t mean that the moustache will look bad till the very end. In fact, there is a high chance that it might start looking good after a couple of weeks.

It all depends on how well you manage to groom and maintain it; this growth is not in vain. Just like the hair on the head or the beard hair, your moustache has a particular growing pattern and this period will allow you to recognize that pattern and perhaps alter it to suit your needs.

During this time, two important things will happen, firstly it will give time for the inner hair to catch up to the outer hair. Secondly, it will give you the required time for you to curl it and shape it in the direction that you want.

During this period, there will be many days where you’ll be having the urge to get rid of your moustache completely but what we want from you is patience, patience and patience.

Now, as we promised, here are 5 steps you need to follow to successfully grow a handlebar moustache:

Step 1: Making A Firm Decision

Just like any other decision in life, make sure that you’ve thought this through before going ahead and growing it. It’ll take a lot of commitment and you’ll have a lot of urges to get rid of it. Be sure you’re aware of this before making a decision and once you’ve made a firm decision, only then start growing it.

Step 2: Regularly Comb It

Once the moustache gets long enough, start combing it. Comb it once a day and start by making a partition in the middle. This step may seem unimportant; your moustache will be all over the place otherwise. You won’t be able to get the desired results no matter how long you wait. A simple plastic comb will do the trick when you’re on the route to grow a handlebar moustache. If you want to go for a fancier, approach you can use a wooden moustache comb.

Step 3: Waxing It

After coming out of the shower, take advantage of your wet moustache. Use your fingertips to apply a small amount of wax on the upper edge of the hair. Then, use a comb and spread it towards the edges. If you have a wirier, thicker moustache, apply more wax till it gets a bit smoother.

While removing the wax, do not take it on your life to remove it completely. You are obviously supposed to keep it hygienic but usually, some of the wax is bound to get stuck. When this happens, use beard oil to remove it as it will make the wax much easier to get out.

Step 4: Twisting and Shaping

To grow a handlebar moustache with the unique curl on the edges, apply some wax on your fingertips and then twist the edges. Then curl the twisted hair upwards and inwards. This can also be done by winding the hair tightly around a writing pen.

Step 5: Maintaining It

Lastly, here is the step that might sound the easiest, but in reality, it’s one of the most difficult ones on this list. Maintaining your beard and moustache both requires a high level of dedication and commitment.

After all, you will have to watch it, wax it, curl it and trim it every other day. However, when the day comes and you find yourself looking in the mirror and see the next sheriff staring back at you, the only thing left to do then would be to get yourself registered at the handlebar moustache club.

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