Mushrooms are one of a kind where they don’t need sunlight to grow.

Keeping a bunch of spores dark in nutritious soil will give rise to white growth soon, in a matter of daysPortobella, in that sense, is one of the easiest of all types of mushrooms to grow and it is also the best for indoor cultivationThere are other simple mushrooms too such as the Wine-cap species, and these are best for both indoor and outdoor growth.

Portobello Mushrooms Growing Kit

Supply of Portobello mushroom kits for DIY cultivation at your home or in the backyard is abundant. Just hit the online search and you will find tons of organic stores where you can grow them in your home, and even give them to someone. Portobello or portabella are the species of mushrooms that field mignon of fungi. Using these kits, that can vary from one online vendor to another, you can easily get them growing in no time.

  • Growing mushrooms is a delicious and nutritious plant or fungi, and good for food. It is a specialty indoors so; you can grow them well for consumption. A foolproof kit shall include stuff like base, container, spores, and soil. Just add water, and it is all set for the day. Such kits make it very easy for you to get them growing, aesthetically inside your premises without having to leave for anything else.
  • These can yield up to four pounds of 2 KGs of mushrooms from a single kit, and are of the gourmet quality, because of which you can consume them on a regular basis. As they are not wild, they are free from any kind of toxic substances as well.

How to Grow Portobello Mushrooms Indoors?

Portobello is one the most flavorful and freshest fungi you can eat after growing indoors. It is fun and organic, so you know that there is no adulteration here. The setup takes a couple of minutes with these kits.

  • By daily misting, harvesting portabella will grow into a hefty 5” across a span of just four weeks, that is, a month. So, you are all set to consume and cook them within a month. Most kits will list how many pounds they can yield. And, they come in packs of four pounds usually.
  • If you mist daily, they can grow right inside the provided container, and during transit too, they keep on growing in the dark. In some kits, they will give the spores separately or will ask you to get from a nearby organic store.
  • It is important to maintain a temperature of around 75F to maintain the ideal growth, which is a little on the cooler side. Also, check the expiration date on the package. Because, most boxes will instruct growing these mushrooms within 30 to 45 days of delivery, so be careful.

How to Grow Portobello Mushrooms in a Bucket?

An old and unused bucket is a great container to keep and grow the mushrooms. You can save some bucks and also space. Reusing a bucket is also an eco-friendly way to recycle plastic. So, before you get started, you must know some basics of growing mushrooms, and plants in general. First, you have to prepare the bucket. Starting with the size, take a 5 gallon, to begin with.

  • Water is essential for growth. Plants can grow without soil but not without water, mostly. In this manner, mushrooms, Portobello are not that aquatic and dry wither, so they need a daily mist. To keep this intact, you have to drill some holes at the bottom of the plastic bucket, as well as outside around its sides.
  • This also allows extra water to come out and air to get in. Also, the mushrooms can grow from the sides of the bucket if you want to use it as spores, and this is often a good idea as well. For example, check this video to get a hang of what it would look like. A plastic paint bucket leftover from your previous DIY project is a great start.


The next step is the pasteurization of wood chips. You can get aspen wood chips and use them as a substrate layer on which the mushrooms will grow. Remember that wood is organic, and you can use any such ships and wood from your nearby growth. Else, get some from your local pet store.

  • Pasteurization can occur in full or partial mode, with the goal to make them moist. Try to keep the water temperature at around 65 degrees, and then allow the wood chips to soak in them for like 6 to 8 hours or so. This not just kills bacteria but also makes them a good bed for mushrooms to start germinating.
  • You need to soak them in hot water and keep them ready. Mushrooms need the moist ground to grow. Then go for the main ingredient, the spawn. You can use premade spawn and they usually stay good in the fridge, but it is best to use them fresh. Mushroom grain spawn such as blue oysters is a great variety.
  • Remember to spread these spawn only when the wood chips have completely cooled off. Adding grain-spawn to the hot chip will kill the mycelium; ensure that is cool in touch.

How to Grow Portobello Mushrooms Commercially?

The art of growing Portobello mushrooms is the same whether you grow them indoor or professionally for selling in the market. You just have to scale up your DIY project, get more space, and have an adequate supply of premade spawn, mycelium, wood chips, manure, if you like, and so on. Also, you should ensure the right temperature for these to grow to their fullest size and give a great yield.

How to Grow Portobello Mushrooms Without Manure?

It is easy to grow Portobello mushrooms even without manure and soil. For example, we have already listed above a method where you can use any hardwood chips to start growing these mushrooms, they grow pretty well too. Just keep the right temperature, and allow the moisture to stay in. These mushrooms grow in a cool and dark place, and a bucket is all you need. Using the organic bed as the substrate is a great idea.

Are Portobello Mushrooms Easy to Grow?

These mushrooms are very easy to grow, and they can be great for indoor aesthetic plantations too. You can easily control their size, space, and don’t have to work much on getting the right sunlight. Just make sure the temperature is right. In November, it is a great time to grow these outdoors.

How do You Get Portobello Mushroom Spores?

You can buy them from your local store. You can use premade spawn and start right away. Or, you can use the stem and use scissors to pull them off.

  • Without damaging the gills, turn the mushrooms upside down, and the Portobellos have dark spores that will show up right away.
  • Just shake them on a white paper, you can collect them.

How Long does it Take for Portobello Mushrooms to Grow?

With proper humidity, they can start to grow in a matter of a few days. The pinning happens in a matter of 8 days, and the Portobello mushrooms can grow to their fullest in four weeks or so. You can know that your hard work paid off when you see a pinhead appear in 8 days or so. They are visible on the surface like white spots. By day 12, they are mature enough to pick.


  • Always drain off excess water from the container. The moist earth or wood chips should be misty and not dripping with water.
  • Growing mushrooms using a kit is the best idea, but if you do want to be more involved, use a DIY technique like collecting earth, wood chips, preparing the substrate, pre-made spawn, and enjoy.
  • Portobello mushrooms are very affordable and their accessories like containers and stuff can all be collected from recycled materials.

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