In Bengali, there is a common saying that ‘Walls Have Ears’. It isn’t literal but it is possible that people can listen to your words through walls. Since sound needs any medium to travel, a solid medium like a wall can be the best medium for it.

How to Hear Through Walls with iPhone?

Listening to confidential matters is a natural instinct of the human race. People generally do what you forbid them to do. This is why they have invented various ways to listen to the discussions of others, sometimes without having the authority to hear it. There is a different kind of excitement in listening to the forbidden discussions. In this article, we are discussing the various processes to hear through the walls.

  • A question may arise how can someone listen through a wall while staying at the opposite end? Let me tell you, this is purely scientific and you can listen to any sound through the wall even better than you hear normally.
  • The scientific way is that sound needs any medium to travel through. This is why we can hear on the earth and not in space. Earth has air as its environment and thus the tiny particles in air help the sound to travel from one place to another.
  • In the same way, sound travels through the solid medium, and not very surprisingly, it travels very fast indeed.
  • In the modern professional world, professional spies have made spying as an art. They have invented several ways and devices to make spying more secret as well as safe.
  • You may take many precautions, but professional spies are always having a bit upper hand on you. Nowadays, they are using iPhones to listen to the sounds through the walls.

Using any Smartphone

Smartphones are a very good device to record audio, video, music, and other digital entertainment things. The iPhone is one of the best devices among the so-called smartphones and it has an inbuilt feature to hear through the walls and record the audio.

  • As you are recording audio without any authority and secretly, then you need to be a little tricky on that. There can be questions about the legal aspects of spying but sometimes somewhere you need to be innovative in order to accomplish your job. To listen to the audio from the other side of a wall, you need to change some settings in your iPhone.
  • Navigate to settings into your iPhone and touch on it. Go to the ‘Control’ center and press customizes control. Now tap on the ‘+’ icon which you will get next to the screen recording option.
  • Through these steps, you will get the option to record audio and voice files

Other than these, there are some more apps to record and listen to the secret conversation on the opposite side of the wall.

How to Hear Through Walls with Android?

In today’s world, Android phones are necessities rather a luxury. You can get your entire working place in your feast with an android phone. If you want to continue your office work while you are even traveling to any other place, you will get the assistance of this phone.

  • With all other works, your android phone can work as a spying device too with the help of certain apps. These apps are easily available in Google play store and you can download them at ease.
  • Google play has an app as Headset Remote which turns your android device as a remote microphone. You can listen to the conversation of other people while you are not present in front of them.
  • This app gives you the facility to listen to a voice that is approximately 10 meters away or till the Bluetooth connection works. Now to use the app you need to turn the device on and then turn on the Android Bluetooth in the device.
  • As you turn the Bluetooth on, you will connect to the Bluetooth headset. In the app, there is a live listen option through which you can listen to the audio of the place.
  • There are options to record these audios too and you can share them through email as well as social networking sites.

Can a Parabolic Microphone Hear through Walls?

A parabolic microphone is the best audio device to listen to sound from a particular source. It has a dish-like structure with it which we call a parabolic reflector, collects the sound waves, and converts them into a transducer.

  • It works much like a parabolic antenna which is efficient to catch the radio waves. These parabolic microphone dishes have a great sensitivity to sound and can detect the direction. It also reduces noise and gives you the best audio experience.
  • If you want to hear the sound from the opposite side of the wall, then you can easily use this parabolic microphone. You just need to place the microphone correctly so that it can catch the sounds through the wall. You can also use an amplifier to increase the frequency and pitch of the sound to have clear audio. It will be more helpful if you can drill the wall and put the microphone into it.

Can You Hear through Walls with a Stethoscope?

A stethoscope is an instrument that helps you to listen to the sounds of the heart through your chest. As per the law of sound frequency, you can listen to the sounds through any medium. The compact the medium will be, the sound will get more frequency and you will be able to hear a clear voice. This method can be useful in case of listening sounds through the walls too. If you have a stethoscope, then you can easily listen to the sounds coming from the opposite side of the wall.

  • Buy a typical stethoscope from the local drug store which the doctors generally use.
  • Arrange for some microphones to add with the stethoscope. Stereo multimedia microphones are the best options for that as they will give you the best sound experience.
  • Now get an MP3 player so that you can record the sounds and to listen to them get a stereo Y-adapter cable. The MP3 player must have the recording option as well.
  • Cut down the microphone from the middle to disassemble it. Get the wiring out of the device and remove the tops. Now insert the microphones into the earpieces of the microphone.
  • Now comes the listening part. Put the sound catcher disc on the wall and now you will be able to listen to the sounds through the earphones that you have connected to the Y-adaptor of the stereo player.

Listen Through Wall Device?

Since sound travels much faster through the solid medium, you need to get some hard and solid devices to hear the audio through the walls. You can normally attach your ears to the walls and can listen to the audios. But they will not be that much clear. So there are certain devices to get clear audio through the walls. You can use wine glasses to listen to the sounds as they will concentrate on the sounds coming through the walls. On the other hand, stethoscopes are very much useful to listen to the sounds. There are electronic devices too through which you can amplify the sounds and listen to them.

● DIY Wall Microphones

DIY wall microphones are the homemade devices through which you can easily listen to the sounds coming through the walls of a closed room. For this, you need to connect a piezo mic, most common to use to make acoustic devices. These piezo mics are very sensitive to catch the slightest sounds and amplify them.

Can Listening Device Hear Through Walls?

Yes, the listening devices are able to listen through the walls even if they are more than 10 inches thick. These devices contain high sensitivity microphones along with capacities for fine-tuning which reduces the noise and gives you the facility of a buffer filter. These filters facilitate you to listen to the sounds from the other sides of the walls. You can even record these sounds for your future use as evidence. Mostly these devices contain an amplifier to give you the clearest experience to the sounds.

What is the Best Spy Listening Device?

There are many spy listening devices in the market that are available at a cheap cost. But the best device should definitely facilitate you to listen to the lowest frequency sounds as well as the clearest one. To be the best spy listening device, a small microphone with Bluetooth connectivity and a remote headset is enough. On the other hand, a stethoscope connected with an amplifier is the best device to listen to sounds through the walls.

How do You Eavesdrop?

Eavesdropping is the act of hearing something through a closed door or through a wall. So if you want to hear about anything secret, you can eavesdrop through a closed-door by putting your ear on any area through which the sound may come out. Follow the underwritten tips for that.

  • Don’t act in a suspicious manner if someone comes during the process. Act normal and pretend like you were just going to knock the door to get the permission to get in.
  • You can listen through the keyhole of the door by crouching down. Drop anything near the door and if someone comes, act like you were taking it off the ground.
  • Thin glass is always the best weapon for the act as it concentrates the sound to your ear.


  • Sound travels through any medium, especially solid hard mediums.
  • Take a stethoscope and an amplifier to get the clearest audio.
  • Pretend normal if someone sees you eavesdropping.

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