To hide pregnancy may be one of the hardest things to do, but it will surely save you a lot of trouble. Most women prefer to hide pregnancy until their first trimester passes safely.

Bearing a child inside you is not an easy job. You are threatened by various complications. Especially in the first 12 weeks are very crucial since any blunder or negligence can lead to miscarriage.

So, this fear of miscarriage or any kind of possible complications in the first trimester often motivates women to hide the pregnancy from their friends and family.

Therefore, to ease your worries about how to hide pregnancy in initial days, we have brought all the amazing tips and tricks for you that will help you conceal your pregnancy signs, without being caught:

Conceal the baby bump by wearing loose dresses

Although the first trimester does not result in a huge baby bump, especially when you are expecting your first child, a slight bulge is easily noticeable by the end of the first trimester. So, the first and foremost way to trick your friends is to start wearing baggy or flowing dresses. Ruffles can help you a lot in your mission to hide pregnancy bump.

Colorful patterns and layered tops are your best friends as they draw attention away from the belly area. You can also add a jacket or even a large-sized sweater during winters.

Always keep some freshening lime drinks/candies with you to help with morning sickness

Morning sickness is the real nightmare for you if you’re really trying to hide pregnancy since morning sickness is obvious and never goes unnoticed. The best way to tame it is by chewing on ginger candies or sipping lemon-flavored drinks.

Crackers and snacks can also help but make sure to eat them in minimal quantity as moderation is the key! Also, keep yourself hydrated by drinking water throughout the day. Add a few drops of honey or lemon if you can’t drink simple water much to hydrate yourself. Taming morning sickness is the real deal if you want to hide a pregnancy for a long time.

Claim to be on a diet to avoid alcohol and dairy products

Merely the sight of eggs and milk can make you nauseous when pregnant. The best way to avoid them during office parties and joint lunches are by claiming that you’re on a diet. Whether someone offers you a booze or egg sandwiches, this excuse will help you to get out of the situation pretty quickly. Stick to detox water or non-alcoholic drinks during parties.

Keep an air freshener to help with nausea and suffocation

You know you’re pregnant when your smell sense becomes so strong that you cannot even ignore the faintest smell around you. Due to this, you can get caught and this will fail your attempt to hide the pregnancy. Even your own sweat can result in severe nausea or vomiting right then and there. A crowded place can make you feel suffocated in a matter of seconds.

In such situations, always carry an air freshener or a body spray that will help you to feel good before anyone notices your obvious signs of pregnancy.

Exercise lightly when fatigue hits you hard during office time

It is quite obvious that expected women face tiredness every now and then. Fatigue hits them hard at any time of the day. So when you feel less concentrated during official timings and you don’t want people to figure out that you’re hiding a pregnancy, get up and walk a little around. Talk to your friends, bend a little, exercise lightly, and get some fresh air. It may not completely treat your fatigue, but help you to finish the day without getting unnecessary attention.

Visiting the doctor frequently and taking an off from job

During the initial days of pregnancy, you often visit the doctor for regular check-ups. taking an off from your job frequently raises certain suspicions around your colleagues about your health situation. So, you can trick them by making stories like you are getting a detailed dental treatment that might answer many questions since dental treatments take time and demand a lot of sittings.

Confide in a friend that is trustworthy enough to keep the news

Such big news is often hard to hide for long. It is always better to select a trustworthy friend who will not only celebrate the big GOOD NEWS with you but also help you to keep it a secret.

If you find one in your office, it is the best bet. They can also help you in difficult situations you come across during official hours. They can be your accomplice in making excuses when you face morning sickness, vomiting, or fatigue in office.

Final word

We are quite sure these tips and tricks will help you to accomplish your mission with a 100% success. It is you who will decide when to break this news because it’s a very personal business of every mom-to-be. Cheers to you for being this strong!

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