Homeowners now prefer to install fashionable accessories in their home to elevate the look.

The sliding screen door is one of such accessories that provide a modern look to the home interiorDue to the advantages, there is a huge demand for sliding screen doors among homeownersBut, before going ahead, you need to know how to install a sliding screen door in the home.

The Process to Install a Sliding Screen Door

While you are going to install the sliding screen door, first loose the screws. Then, lose the bottom of the adjustment channels.

  • After that, place the door handle on the same side as the patio door glass handle. Properly put the operating handle to the inside.
  • Easily snap small plastic top guides into adjustment channels near each end. This step needs proper care while performing. Place top of the screen door in a groove or on the fin.
  • Then lift the bottom of the screen door and place it on the bottom track. Properly align the leading edge of the screen door jamb and then tighten the screws in the bottom channel.

What Tools are Required for Installing a Sliding Screen Door?

If you have decided to go for a DIY for installing a sliding screen door, it is important to come with the right kind of tools for doing this task. There are several tools that are required to perform this task.

  • These tools include a screwdriver, metal putty knife or flat head screwdriver. There is no need for any kind of manual handling equipment, they may create hurdles later.
  • So, use a cordless drill that will be easy to handle and easy to operate. You have to also use a pencil to give some marks while doing the holes.
  • These tools are basic requirements while you are going to install a sliding screen door by yourself.

How to Adjust a Sliding Screen Door?

If you are going to adjust the sliding screen door, it is important for all to know the basic things while going to adjust it. Slide the door back as much as you can. There are several debris fills the track and they eventually prevent the door from moving smoothly. Make sure that you have properly cleaned the tracks every six months. Properly clean the gunk out of the track with the help of a brush. You can use a vacuum cleaner if the brush is not working well. Now, you can slide the door on the track to properly fix the issue. If it is still not working, you can loosen the tension screws to easy the door operation.

Best Lubricants for the Sliding Screen Door

Sliding screen doors need to work well by sliding on the track. So, it is important to apply proper lubricant to smoothen the sliding screen door.

  • There are different types of lubricants available to properly smoothen the sliding doors. According to experts, grease is one of such lubricants.
  • While going to choose the proper grease, make sure that it is white lithium grease and it will work excellently. And, this lubricant also comes in a spray.
  • These are also very popular to apply with door tracks as they won’t attract any kind of dirt from outside.

How to Remove the Sliding Screen Door?

If you are the owner of the home and you have sliding screen doors, chances are, the doors develop problems. Sometimes, they don’t roll smoothly as they should and it could be due to any accumulation of grime in the tracks. Sliding screen doors are made of fragile parts. While you are going to clean the track, you have to loosen the entire screw and other holders, clippers that are important to hold the door rightly. While going to remove the door, make sure that you are using the right tools and smoothly loose the screws and clippers for a perfect disassemble process.

How to Remove Sliding Screen Door Wheels?

Sometimes, sliding screen door wheels are not working finely. In such a case, it is important to replace them with a new one.

  • However, it is important to remove the existing wheel and then replace that with the new one. Use proper tools to remove the sliding screen doors.
  • First, loosen the screws from the bottom of the door where the wheels are attached. Once you’ll remove the screws, the wheel holder can come out rightly.
  • Once the holder will come out, it will be easy to remove the wheels by loosening the screws in the holder. In this way, you can remove the old wheels and install the new one.

Sliding Screen Door Kit

Some people prefer to go in DIY mode to install a sliding screen door kit. It is the best way forward not to spend more money on the installation professionals.

  • Most of the manufacturers that are providing a sliding screen door kit; they do prefer to use aluminum as the basic metal for the door kit. Some of them also want that, they can easily customize the door kit by ordering non-standard and larger sized kits.
  • While purchasing the frame, screen, roller, hinge, sliding bar, make sure that they are meeting the door size accurately. A measurement fault for the sliding screen door may not deliver the desired result.

Sliding Screen Door Installation Problems

There are a number of problems that arise while installing a sliding screen door. The main problem is assigning. If the measurement of the bars is not accurate, it will surely create hurdles while using the door. So, it is important to come with the right kind of measurement of the bottom and sidebars rightly. In this way, you can easily get the door with the right function. While sliding, that shouldn’t stop in the middle, to ensure that you can apply lubricant and sliding wheels. These are working excellently and in this way, you can easily get the desired result.

The Adjustable Sliding Screen Door

There are dissimilar types of door points for different homes. When you are going for a readymade sliding screen door, they may not fit perfectly with the measurement of your doors.

  • So, in this case, the adjustable sliding screen door is the best way to go. These doors will fit any size and these are excellently made from aluminum.
  • So, the users will get the best result from these doors. These doors are popular for their outstanding performance.
  • If you are going for a DIY job to install these doors, you should go to hire a professional who can easily carry out this task properly.

How to Install a Sliding Door Latch?

Latches are an important part of the sliding screen door. They need proper installation. While you are going to install a sliding door latch, make sure that you have proper tools and the skill to do it. First, make holes in the door bar. These holes should properly meet the square hole made at the sidebar of the door. After making all these things sure, now tighten the screws with the latch holes. Before going to do that, you should check whether the latch is working excellently or not. If that is malfunctioned, you need to replace that immediately. In this way, you can easily attach a latch with the door.

The Sliding Screen Door Track

Sliding screen doors mainly slide on tracks. While purchasing tacks, it is important to come with the right kind of tracks by which you can easily enjoy the function of the doors.

  • There are mainly three tracks available for the screen doors. These include top track, jamb track, and bottom tracks.
  • While talking about the materials, there are a number of materials that are being used to make these tracks.
  • These include stainless steel, vinyl, and aluminum. While purchasing these doors, you need to properly purchase the right metal according to your use. While purchasing these door tracks, you need to emphasize on the quality.

Sliding Screen Door Parts

Sliding doors come with a number of hardwired. If you don’t have full knowledge, it may hamper your door and its functions. Here is the list of the sliding screen door parts. These doors come with top tracks, jamb tracks, and bottom tracks. They also have latches, strikes, and keepers, roller assemblies with steel or nylon wheels. Stainless steel and aluminum screen. They also come with Insect screening material and bug seals to keep the outside bugs out of the home. In this way, the home will stay safe from these unwanted insects and bugs.


  • While purchasing the sliding screen doors, always emphasize on the metal from which it has made.
  • The entire weight of the door will be on the wheels. So, while purchasing them, make sure that they are strong enough to carry the weight of the doors.
  • Always prefer the light-weight sliding screen doors. These are easy to install and easy to function.
  • Tacks of the door need to be cleaned 2 times in a year. In this way, you can easily get the best function from these doors without any hurdles.
  • Always make your purchase by reading the reviews posted by the previous customers. In this way, you can get the best doors for your home.

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