Perler beads are one of the best assets that maximum children have. These are popular for their multiple colors and they are perfect to create a different type of art and craft. So, it is important to know the use of Perler beads. According to experts, these beads will multiply the intellectual power of the kids.

How to Use Perler Beads without a Pegboard?

It is important to know the use of Perler beads without a pegboard. These are mainly used on the pegboard.

  • A butterfly or flowers are three of the four boards included and the fourth one is a plain board that kids can use to make their own designs rightly.
  • It is also one of the secrets to ironing large Perler bead designs. With the use of the tape method, users can easily use Perler beads.

How to Melt Perler Beads without an Iron?

If someone wants to melt the Perler beads without an iron, they should follow this procedure. Just spray a layer of cooking spray in the bowl. With almost 5500 beads in the bucket, a kid can easily make so many designs including reusable pegboards. This is one of the secrets to properly ironing large Perler bead designs while featuring iron on letters, characters, shapes, and more. They will look like an amazing piece of art. This kind of an assortment of twill denim and corduroy patches can easily be attached to the garments. In this way, you can use this for a casual look.

● Perler Beads Heat Press

There are some Perler artists who prefer the tape method to rightly avoid seams that can sometimes appear between connected pegboards or the chance of beads springing off the peg boards during fusing of a large project. There are different art pieces that can be made if you’ll really follow the techniques. Therefore, it would be the best way forward that would make someone clear to use the iron to save the art pieces for a longer time. So, it is true that, if you are not using iron, it may go destroyed in seconds but with the use of iron, you can use it later too.

What Setting do You Put the Iron on for Perler Beads?

Take the parchment paper and it is also known as ironing paper. Place it over the beads on the pegboard.

  • You need to be careful while doing all this because it shouldn’t accidentally knock any beads out of the place.
  • Use dry iron for this job. Put that iron to the medium setting and then slowly run it in a circular motion over the parchment paper.
  • You have to do this for 10 seconds. In this way, the beads will steak together and it will easily create an art piece. This piece will showcase your creativity.

How Long should You Iron Perler Beads?

If you want to keep the Perler beads art pieces for a longer time, it is important to iron them in the right way and it will stick with the paper by which you can get the piece of art forever.

  • However, it is important to know how many times you have to keep the iron on the Perler beads to properly get the effect of the art piece.
  • After covering the beads with a sheet of ironing paper, you need to slowly move the iron in a circular motion and it needs only 30 seconds while pressing beads very smoothly.

Can I Use Aluminum Foil to Iron Perler Beads?

If someone is asking, whether he can use aluminum foil to iron the Perler beads instead of papers, the answer is yes. Aluminum foils are a solid choice to properly iron the Perler beads and it will always come with an anticipated result as the iron papers.

  • You can tear off the aluminum foil and spray some vegetable oil on it to make it greasy. Make sure that you have formed that into a dish shape.
  • Now, place the Perler beads in the foil dish and arrange them according to the desired configuration. When you start ironing, press the beads firmly against the bottom and sides perfectly.

Can You Melt Perler Beads without an Iron?

If someone is asking whether he can melt Perler beads without any iron, the answer will be yes. Instead of iron, he can use a pot and heat that for a minute. The bottom of that pot will work as an Iron and you can apply that instead of iron. After using some time, the temperature will reduce but you can reheat that for use.


  • While using iron, make sure that it is not overheated. This is because the Perler beads melt very shortly and if the iron is overheated; you can’t get the desired shape.
  • Always press lightly in order to get the desired shape of the Perler beads. In this way, your art piece will be beautiful and intact.

What setting do you put the iron on for Perler beads?

Heat your beads.

Heat a dry iron to a medium setting, then slowly run it in a circular motion over the parchment paper. You‘ll have to continue this for about 10 seconds for the beads to stick together.

How long should you iron Perler beads?

Basic ironing technique

Cover the beads with a sheet of ironing paper. Keep the iron level and slowly move it in a circular motion for about 30 seconds while pressing the beads very gently.

Can you iron Perler beads without parchment paper?

Tin Foil. Another popular substitute for parchment paper is tin or aluminum foil. Just cover your design with this before ironing out your pegboard. To melt your Perler beads with an iron, make sure to cover your creation with masking tape.

Can you use tin foil to iron Perler beads?

Place the Perler beads in the foil dish, and arrange them in the desired configuration. Place the foil dish on a cookie sheet, and bake it in the oven for about ten minutes, checking it every two minutes to prevent the beads from melting completely. Take the dish out and allow it to cool.

What can I use instead of ironing paper for Perler beads?

Either parchment paper or wax paper work well as reusable ironing paper. Perler beads wax paper substitute.

Can you melt Perler beads without an iron?

1 – Use a Hot Pan

Using a hot pan to melt perler beads is the most similar method to using an iron. Cover your perler bead design in parchment paper and place the hot pan over it, making sure not to press down and flatten the beads.

How do you melt Perler beads perfectly?

How do you keep Perler beads from breaking?

Another way to ensure that your perler beads don’t break apart is to provide them with a strong base like a canvas, a strong board, or a durable foam. After completing and ironing the perler beads, stick the pixel art on your base material, cut out the outline, and preserve it forever.

Is Melting Perler beads toxic?

Is Melting Perler beads toxic? Perler Beads fuse through the process of melting with a regular home iron, then cooling. — The plastic and color dyes used to manufacture the beads are all non- toxic.

Can you melt Perler beads with a heat gun?

Heat beads with heat gun

With heat gun on high, rotate gun over beads until beads begin to melt (three to five minutes depending on bead composition).

What temperature do plastic beads melt?

Ideally, you want to use pony beads , because those have a standard melting temperature (around 400 degrees), but with our mixed assortment, the kids used only mostly pony beads, with others included as they struck their fancy.

Are Perler beads Food-Safe?

Yes, they are made of foodsafe Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE).

Are Hama Beads and Perler beads the same?

Perler beads, also called Hama beads (in Japan) or melty beads, are small, plastic beads. You arrange them on a special pegboard to form a design. Then, using an iron and wax paper, you melt the beads together.

Are Perler beads BPA free?

【Safe & Non-Toxic Material 】- This water fuse beads are made of 100% environmentally PVA; BPA free, completely non-toxic, certified by CE,ASTM.

Are Perler Beads safe for birds?

Beads: Plastic beads are fine for small birds, but should never be offered to large birds. leather can be toxic. Select non-tanned or vegetable tanned leather.

How do you iron large Perler bead projects?

Place ironing paper over the section of the design you will fuse. In a circular motion, begin to iron the project. Beads need heat for about 10-20 seconds per side to fuse evenly, but it’s possible additional heating time may be required.

Do you iron both sides of Hama beads?

However, if you would like to keep your design, the Hama Beads can be ironed together. This slightly melts each Hama Bead to the next at one end, so the complete design can be removed from the pegboard as one. Remember, both pegboards and Ironing Paper can be reused.

What can be used instead of ironing paper?

Either parchment paper or wax paper work well as reusable ironing paper.