Mice are the most notorious creatures that can cause damages to your camper.

They will chew anything in your camper from the rubber lines, wires, and plastic, which will cause you expensive and severe damagesMice enjoy taking shelter in your camper during winter seasons when the camper is less occupied, giving them enough space to roam around and find warm places to shelterDo not let the mice ruin your camper-use the following tricks to deal with them.

  1. Check Your Camper And Take Note Of Potential Entry Spots.

The first step to keep mice out of your camper is to check it regularly and find spaces they can use to get in the camper. This process is going to make you dirty and greasy, but worth a try. Start inspecting under the camper, focus on areas where wires and pipe enter the camper. Later check the exterior of the camper whether there are gaps around the windows and doors.

Finally, get inside the camper and look around for any spot; it is best to do this on a sunny day as it will be easier to identify the spots as the light will be emanating through them.  Remember to check the cabinet, storage areas, and drawers, you never know the target entries.

  1. Seal The Gaps And Spots With Caulk

After your thorough inspection around the camper, it is now time to seal those entry spots with wire mesh or caulk. Seal all entryways including door cracks, floor gaps, and the camper’s pullout sections.

  1. Clean Your Camper Properly After Every Camping Trip

As you store your camper for any time, no food items should be kept there. It doesn’t matter whether you have canned the food well to be safe. Mice will always find their ways to reach the food by chewing the can or the plastic bin. As you break for the season, clean all cans and food out.

The same thing you should do immediately you come from a camping trip. Make sure you clean up any crumbs, sticky spots and spills thoroughly in your camper-refrigerator and microwave should be in the list too.

  1. Maintain the Cleanliness of the Camper

It should not always be about cleaning the spills in specific areas, especially after camping with kids. Make sure you inspect and clean up the camper pull out couches if it has any. Remove the couch, sweep and vacuum the surface.

In cases where you have young kids, it is best if you go down on your knees and survey all areas where there may be food leftovers, until then will you consider your camper clean and ready for the next trip season.

  1. Use A Mice Repellent

Many camper owners prefer the use of homemade mice repellants to keep mice off. Mice hate strong stink, use pungent and robust scent to scare them off. Peppermint oil soaked in cotton balls and placed in pathways around the camper is an accurate and sure method used by many. It is also important to remember; cats are most significant to keep mice off in the camper.

  1. Camper Stored On a Hard Surface, That’s the Way to Go.

Store your camper on a hard surface, do not keep it near woody or grass areas as it is mice roaming areas. Remember to check it regularly while it is on storage. This way, you will act if you notice any signs of mice.

How to Keep Mice Out of Camper while in Storage

When your camper is stored for the winter season, it is likely mice are going to invade it and find warm places to take shelter. How best you take care of your camper depends on how you use the following tips:

  • Limit the access to camper; however, how difficult it can be.
  • Your camper need to be thoroughly cleaned before storage.
  • Check the underside of the camper for any loopholes and fill them with expanding foam or wire mesh.
  • Take out all foodstuff from your camper before storage.
  • In case your camper is motorized, start the engine regularly to put off any mice trying to make it it’s a permanent home.
  • Spread dryer sheets or Irish spring soap all over your camper when storing it. This will help keep the mice away as they are not attracted to a strong smell.
  • Place mothballs at the passageways to hinder the mice from getting inside the camper. B cautious when using the mothballs around pets and children as they are dangerous.

How to Keep Mice Out of Camper Home Remedies

In the case of mice problem in your camper and at home, home remedies are the way to go. There are several mouse trap alternatives to select from and which are also non-toxic. They include:

  • Peppermint essential oil is soaked in cotton balls and used to cover entryways in the camper. Mice hate strong smells, and this is an excellent home remedy to keep them off.
  • Steel wool; used to cover holes through which the mice pass through.
  • Bounce sheets which are used to cover entryways.
  • Mice repellants like wall plugins
  • Covering the passages with aluminum foil and metal materials
  • Use an Irish spring a bar soap with a strong scent to keep the mice off when used to block gaps in your camper.

How to Keep Mice out of Camper during Winter

There are three main ways in which you can keep off mice from your camper during winter;

  • Take Away All Foodstuffs From The Camper

Mice being opportunists who consume a wide variety of things, they may take advantage of any source of food available for them. When doing cleaning in your camper, be extra careful not to leave crumbs around. It will attract them, and that’s how they will make your camper their sweet home.

Other food sources for the mice include pet food, vegetable gardens, nuts, and grains. Rats also love water sources like leaky pipes, hoses, birdbaths, and tires. Getting rid of these mice friendly habitat will help you keep them off.

  • Keep The Camper Well-Sealed

Mice are the most excellent climbers and chewers because of their incisors which keep on growing and nesting habits. With this, it’s recommendable to check camper often for any holes, cracks, or gaps under or across the camper. Then seal them completely.

  • Please Do Not Leave A Nesting Place For Them

Since your camper might be packed with couches, products, and cushions, it is best to remove the cushions and store them well in hard and tightly sealed containers where the mice cannot access. This way, the mice won’t have anything for nesting.

Mice will want to build their nesting place where they will start to make other mice, do not leave papers, towels, clothing, straws and cardboard boxes around the camper, these are perfect mice nesting materials.

Keeping your camper mice free will give you peace of mind. You are also sure to get all things in your camper safe and the same way you left them after your last thorough cleaning and check. When you get a better solution to handle mice, it relives you the yack factor they create in your camper.

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